About Us

For over 20 years the California Political Review has been one of the most influential and respected publications for California political discourse sharing both news from around the area and original pieces. Founded by the late John Kurzweil, CPR has been one of the state’s leading outlets for thoughtful, innovative political news and commentary.

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Our content that is shared is meant to be hard-hitting, solution-oriented and aims to hold legislators throughout the Golden State to higher standards and good governance principles to rebuild a vibrant economy, protect individual liberties and make California as business friendly as possible.

The California Political Review is a website advancing innovative thinking on CA public policy issues. Bill Saracino, who passed away this past year, had been with CPR since its inception in 1990.  Recently, Pasquale Talarico became an editor of the California Political Review in 2022, sharing his passion for the political landscape of California and selecting stories from around the state. James V. Lacy, author of the book “Taxifornia,” first published by Post Hill Press in January, 2014, is the publisher of the California Political Review.

California Political Review Publisher James V. Lacy