Canfield: Glossary: The Green Regime’s Eco-Speak.

I used to think that the word “woke” meant just getting up from sleeping.  Now I know it is an ideological term.  Words we thought we knew have new meanings, even if spelled the same.  Dr. Roger Canfield has created a glossary of terms for the tin foil hat crowd—the AOC Green Dream folks—commonly known as the Green Nightmare.

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“Access. Freedom is Mobility Denied.Access to high-density, high-rise (Soviet style) housing and public transit is virtuous. Actual access to cars, parking, single-family homes, commuting and designated “public” areas is prohibited, restricted or limited. Environmentally correct access abhors excessive mobility, freedom, and automobiles. Promoters of “access” routinely deny humans access to the safe spaces and habitat of other species in public forests, parks, monuments, wildernesses and scenic areas.”

The past few days the Cajon Pass, the Grapevine and the 166 have been closed due to climate change.  Opps, no, not climate change, because of snow.  If you would like to buy the book, it is a great read:

Glossary: The Green Regime’s Eco-Speak.

By Dr. Roger B. Canfield, 12/28/19 

excerpt from Death by Ecology; Killing California, America Next

The Green Regime has its own language, a politically correct distortion of language and reality to fit its ideological war on western civilization and capitalism. It is a language of ignorance and deceit, just like Orwellian Doublespeak and Newspeak. In Doublespeak, language is deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure. Newspeak is doublespeak carrying political propaganda. In Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth promoted lies. Orwell’s ruling one party state declared War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. Dissenting ideas were thought crimes.

Similarly, the language of the Green Regime strays far from logic, facts and reality. Ordinary words take on new meanings. Criticisms of the ideology rise to the level of thought crimes, religious heresy, disaster denials, or even hate speech (Environmental justice).

Below an alphabetical sample of eco-speak.


Access. Freedom is Mobility Denied.Access to high-density, high-rise (Soviet style) housing and public transit is virtuous. Actual access to cars, parking, single-family homes, commuting and designated “public” areas is prohibited, restricted or limited. Environmentally correct access abhors excessive mobility, freedom, and automobiles. Promoters of “access” routinely deny humans access to the safe spaces and habitat of other species in public forests, parks, monuments, wildernesses and scenic areas.

Big. Big is Evil. In environmental usage Big is a euphemism for evil as in Big Business, particularly Big Oil, Big Chemical, Big Pharma, Big Pesticide, Big Lumber, Big Diaper, Big Beverage, etc. Big is synonymous with corporate, capitalist, e.g. corporate agriculture. Big is the code name for the most evil thing, capitalism.  

Biodiversity. Biodiversity Excludes Humans. Biodiversity seeks a large, unchanging, and static number of biological species except for one species, human beings. Biodiversity seeks to minimize human presence, habitat, mobility, health and existence. Advocates of biodiversity ban killing mosquitoes, expand species populations, limit family sizes, and control human populations–abortion, infanticide, gendercide.

Manmade biodiversity, horticulture, animal breeding, hybrid plants, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), e.g. productive agriculture feeding billions of human beings, is bad.   

Capitalism. Freedom is Slavery. Capitalism is a stale and stagnant thing poisoning air, water, land and species for profit at the expense of the common good. Key elements of capitalism, individual freedom, private property and profits ought to be limited, confiscated, fined and taxed. 

Eco-speak turns upside down the wisdom of Frederick Douglass, to whom individual freedom was the answer to the real stagnant thing, slavery.  

CARB. All There is to Fear is Air Itself. California Air Resources Board is an Air Force, militantly exercising extreme prejudice against industrialization, manufacturing, irrigation, and small business. Carbon, methane, ozone, and just plain dust make virtually all air dirty and subject to CARB regulation.

Air is no longer free. It must be paid for in taxes, fees, property and regulations. 

CED. Tyranny is Democracy. Campaign for Economic Democracy is socialism by another name advanced by reducing capitalist plunder on the planet. Eco-tyranny will replace capitalist imperialism.

Clean. Green is Clean. Clean is no detectable level of any suspect mineral, chemical or substance in parts per trillion. Clean is cleaner than nature’s own river or spring water. Sewage water is cleaner than municipal drinking water. Summarily convicting corporations for poisoning clean air and clean water generates fear, hysteria and a straight path to political power of the accuser.

Climate. Weather is Bad. Manmade climate change causes undesirable dynamic changes in temperature, sunshine, wind, precipitation. See also the old school term extreme weather

Conservation. Less is More.Scarcity is Good. In California, conservation turned abundance resources into scarcity by prohibiting, reducing or rationing water, timber, minerals, e.g.  California’s 55 gallon a day ration of residential water use. Growing food wastes water. Conservation justifies stopping the building of roads, bridges, dams aqueducts, and suburban housing.

Diversion. Diversion is Theft. Diversion is the illegitimate excess human use of water that might otherwise rightfully passing through the gills of fish or the intestines of other wildlife. Humans divert water from suckerfish, salmon and Delta smelt.

It is considered an outrage that in some years, 90 percent of the Tuolumne River is diverted [to San Francisco], leaving only 10 percent for salmon and the Bay-Delta.

Equity. Some Are More Equal Than Others. Equity is dividing water equally, half to 40 million human beings, half to a few protected fish species. Trillions of gallons of “scarce” precious water equivalent to billions of dollars, are flushed past human uses to save handfuls of Delta Smelt. It would be far cheaper to construct fish hatcheries for all DNA varieties of salmon and smelt.

ESA. TheEndangered Species Act(s) of California and the USA are absolutist laws demanding the preservation of hundreds of species and their habitat from humans accused (with scant science) of threatening or endangering them. Environmental researchers typically down play the impacts of such forces of nature as weather and predators upon species and their habitats.  By law, the economic impact of the ESA upon human well-being or property rights may not be used in species preservation decisions.   

Facilitator. Censored Speech is Free Speech. A facilitator is a well-paid manipulator of stakeholder discussions toward a preconceived consensus.

Gas Tax. Grand Theft Auto. A highway user fee collected from those promised to benefit from spending the collected revenue on roads and bridges. Yet over some decades, California, has spent 80% of gas taxes, tolls, sales taxes on gasoline on “public” transit, bike paths, pedestrian crossings, curb cuts all benefiting very few at the expense of the many.  

Green House Gases (GHG). Deadly Vapors.Gases allegedly destroy the ozone layer subjecting human beings to sunburns or skin cancer (over a lifetime). The State of California has “determined” the guilty “greenhouse gases” are Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous oxide (N2O), Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), Perfluorocarbons (PFCs), and Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

Regulators have left no suspects, from manufacturers to farmers, bakers, and hair salons, free from conviction by accusation. 

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Food is Unsafe. Man’s domestication of wheat, corn. rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables and cattle, has modified them genetically. The war on GMOs is actually a war on Big Food and Big Chemical. To sow discord, the Russians have widely disseminated anti-GMO propaganda in the USA.

Green. Red is Green. Humpty Dumpty said, “When I use a word ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” What’s now called green was once openly authoritarian socialist, communist party red, and Nazi red and black. The Old Left red remains under green camouflage.

Irrespective of facts, the green regime arbitrarily defines what is green and what is not. Hence, the low emissions of natural gas compared to coal or oil and the actual zero emissions of nuclear power and of hydroelectric power are arbitrarily rejected as green or clean by the Green Regime. Facts do not matter. 

Habitat. Private Property is Theft. Air, land and sea is set aside for species to insure their protection from human beings. Designated species, given habitat, receive it from human housing, farming, lumbering, mining, and recreation. Habitat for humanity is condemned and limited

Housing. Do Not build It and They Will Go Away. Human housing is an unfortunate human desecration of soil, land and wildlife habitat. Suburban housing also violates the most enlightened aesthetic and enlightened sensibilities– e.g. ticky-tacky suburban housing tracts. Further, no growth, low growth and slow growth, and restrictive zoning have spectacularly succeeded in reducing housing supplies, making housing unaffordable for most Californians and stimulated mass evacuations.

Management. The Memo is Everything. The administration of processes and people contemplating problems, solutions and alternatives, but doing little about them, e.g. flood management displaces the actual building of flood control projects. No dams, levees, weirs, or flood plains, protecting human life and property, are built. Ideally, human habitat is prohibited or people are relocated from low ground where water flows. Human civilization has long been located close to water on flat ground and swamps were drained and filled in accommodate human habitation.

Forest management does little to manage the forest except to lecture and blame others for how little is done. 

Mitigation. Theft is Justice.Those presumed guilty of damaging the environment are required to mitigation, make amends, for their alleged violations of the environment. Mitigation is usually takes the form of taking cash or property in the form of extortions of high fines, fees and taxes and the taking of private property often without due process or compensation. 

Natural. Nature Good, Chemicals Bad. Environmentalists have a static, fixed view of nature whether it climate, species, foods and human bodies. Human modifications of climate, species and foods are dangerous.

“Natural” foods are free of chemicals and processing. Yet natural foods are not nutritionally different from other foods. Of course, all food preparation is some form of processing—washing, slicing, dicing, spicing, culturing, fermenting, cooking etc. Because foods are mostly safe and nutritious, the Food and Drug Administration sees no need for health standards for foods with tiny traces of chemicals.

Organic. Safe Food is Chemical Free. All things, animal, vegetable and mineral are chemical. There is no such thing as inorganic food. Lifeless dirt in inedible. All food is organic. Food designated organic is largely a consumer fraud detrimental not only to one’s pocketbook, but also to the health and nutrition of people terrified of safe food. Heavy regulations born, like Rosemary’s Baby, out of the anti-pesticide hysteria campaigns insured fresh fruits and vegetables became too expensive for poor people to buy.

Planning. The Plan is Final. Environmental planning is typically consumed in the writing of massive environmental reports, process memos, and the building of bureaucracies to achieve some ideal of things seldom possible or lethargically done, e.g. super fund cleanups, supposedly presenting great dangers to human health, take decades to cleanup, but provided long careers for a few bureaucrats.  

Progress. Progress is Moving Backwards.Progress demands halting industrialization, manufacturing, mining and farming and limiting growth, automobiles, suburban housing, water, and electricity. Going nowhere really slow is progress, a bullet train from Bakersfield to Merced.

Public Transportation. Neither Public Nor Transit. The public writ large avoids it and it transports close to no one.   

“Pure Water.” The Pure Water program recycles toilet water, both to replace water from Carmel River to save species and as an alternative to desalination polluting the salty Pacific Ocean. 

School Bond. Grand Theft Schooling. Money, collected and promised to build or repair student classrooms for schools with declining enrollments, is used instead to pay and office bureaucrats and to fund bankrupted teacher retirement systems. California has the best-paid teachers and administrators and the worst schools dedicated to environmental and progressive indoctrination.

Science. Science is Religious Orthodoxy. Science is whatever research governments, NGOs and foundations decide to fund. The 99% science occurs where the money goes. The Green regime deems, declares, denier and capitalist scientific research is just heresy. 

Smart. Stupid is Smart. Smart on crime means releasing all criminals or redefining down, decriminalizing, murder, rape, assaults and theft. Similarly, smart environmentalism opposes housing, the automobile, dams, aqueducts, roads, bridges. The smart environmentalist deplores all the advances of human civilization from agriculture to logging, trade, money, mining, industrialization and manufacturing.

Stakeholder. Crony Consensus. A stakeholder is a person or an organization selectively invited to participate in amicable rule making and in administrative law decisions. Those who might object, ordinary citizens or their elected representatives, are not informed of or not invited to help decide. Tight agendas and long meetings discourage and exhaust those who show up uninvited.

Sustainable. Sustainable is the Unattainable. To sustain a thing is to keep it static, the same. Neither Nature nor economics follow the doctrine of sustainability. Environmentalists dismiss dynamic natural forces such as the sun, earthquakes, and floods.  The dynamics of economic growth and technological innovations are often condemned.

The purest environmentalism is a utopian end state of no species extinctions and the absence of bad weather. The sustainability of species does not include the well-being of human species. The human species is only tolerated living and working at subsistence levels as low- income baristas, maids, chauffeurs, cooks. Such creatures are privileged to serve a leisure class usually given access to nature off limits to most others.

Sustainability was originally a compromise concept allowing “good development” of third world countries, while the rest of the world wound down growth, industrialization, and population.   

Takings. We Shall Steal is the first environmental commandment:. Environmentalists are very concerned with the taking of the lives and habitats of protected species. Such takings of species are ruthlessly prosecuted through the taking of private property with minimal due process under the 14th Amendment and without just compensation under the Fifth Amendment. Radical losses of the value of private property are routine.

Transportation. Going Nowhere Slow with High Costs and Low Benefits. “Public” transit is moving proportionately small numbers of persons short distances by all manner of trains, buses and bicycles, but not automobiles.

The best transportation for the environment is the most primitive for humans–hiking, biking, walking, and busing. California Republican leader Ross Johnson once said he was willing to spend billions on roads and bridges, but not a nickel on “transportation.”

The principal exception is billions spent on a bullet train, if ever built, going very, very fast from nowhere to nowhere, Bakersfield to Modesto.

Visionary. Fantasies are Visionary. The description the California Coastal Commission gave to San Diego’s no parking plan was “visionary,” a delusional fantasy. San Diego is over budgets for bikeways.

Vehicles Miles Traveled. VTM. Have Car Cannot Travel. The ideal is zero vehicle miles traveled. Dense housing, public transit, bike paths and pedestrian walkways replace car miles traveled.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Evil Vapors Are Everywhere, particularly in gas stations, body shops, hair salons and bakeries. VOCsare gases, smells, scents, often formaldehyde, emitted in paints, resins and coatings. Exposure is irritating to the senses and ought to be avoided.

Yet enviros have stimulated medieval fears of unseen things, vapors, as imaginary causes of multiple diseases usually by mere statistical association and over hum,an lifetimes during which other things can happen including nothing at all. 

Water Bond. Grand Theft Water. A promise to build new water storage, with only 12% of bond funds borrowed actually used to store water during wet years and to move water from the wet north to the dry south of California.   

Weather. Old school term used to describe changes in temperature, precipitation, wind speeds etc replaced by “climate” usually modified by cooling, warming or changing. Overlooking sun spot cycles, magnetic fields, volcanos, earthquakes and ocean currents, climate alarmists explain naturally occurring extremes in weather as entirely the result of manmade changes in climate.

Zero Emission Vehicles. ZEV. The Future of Mobility is Immobility. Many are led to believe electric cars are run by “clean” electricity produced by the sun and wind. In fact, electricity generated from natural gas, coal, oil, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants charge most car batteries. Generating electricity from burning fuels produces emissions. There is no such thing as a “zero” emission vehicle, until ancient sailing skills are returned.

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    The Democrats KILLED THE GREEN PARTY with Top Two.

    The Green’s were a constant irritant to the Democrat Dictatorship. Greens pointed out the inconsistent positions of their fellows who would include them only occasionally in the Democrat Party discussions.

    Are you starting to get what you voted for when you voted at any level Democrat? They want to revoke the Constitution. They want to force you to accept anything they propose in Sacramento.

    Anyone see the “new” and supposed Presidential Candidate who is talking about how reasonable he is? Wait until his soft glove gets in office and watch how soon the iron fist will hammer down.

    Understand people the Democrat party of the 1950’s and John Kennedy is a dream that was smashed by the Radical Left now called Democrats.

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