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Why do they call it “Black Friday”, is it a racist term from the KKK or the BLM?  Either way, I feel uncomfortable with the phrase.  How about “Spend Lots of $$ Friday”, that would be more accurate.

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We are in the giving season—and unlike others who want a bike for Christmas, Rich Eber wants peace—real peace.  Like ending the war on Trump and Robert E. Lee.  Let Hunter Biden be given immunity—if he admits his crime—eventually he will either overdose or an upset husband will confront him.

I hope all my readers had a great Thanksgiving and continue to have a warm and peaceful weekend.  Let us spend the rest of the year in harmony and honesty—enjoy friends and family and ignore the wack jobs and evil people.

Black Friday by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views  11/25. 22

It has been the tradition for the day following Thanksgiving to be the start of the Christmas shopping season.  Merchants discount their wares to encourage consumers to empty their wallets.

Historically Black Friday has been of little interest to me.  Not being a Christian or caring to frequent shopping malls tends to keep me out of circulation.  To make up for this alleged deficiency, I decided for 2022 to offer suggestions on improving society.

Not on my list is celebrating Indigenous Survivors Day.  Can’t we even eat our fill of Turkey without Russian interference, criticism from self righteous jerks, or concern for Climate Change? I am even willing to forgo consuming green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup, if allowed to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving in peace.

As for change:

Stop spending money on the Georgia Senate race:  Does it really matter who wins this contest that seems like it has been going on forever?   Personally, I don’t care much for either of these flawed candidates.  Besides, selecting one of these guys is not my business as I still reside in California.

End the damn war in the Ukraine, even if a deal needs to be made with Putin:  While we all distain this creep who is on about the same level as Hitler, is it worth ending the world to protect Ukrainian sovereignty?  The answer is emphatically “no”.  It worries me that the Ukraine crisis is fast evolving into a Dr. Strangelove situation with the threat of nuclear war growing each week. 

As a footnote can it be asked why should the United States spend so much money protecting a foreign territory when we don’t defend our Southern border with Mexico?  In addition we might ask Congress to administer a lie detector test to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas; who contends there are no major problems with illegal immigration.

Stop prosecuting Donald Trump with all of the investigations of his holding classified documents at his Florida home.  Even if one hates the former President, there is little concern for any of this material seeing the light of day when Trump’s residence is being guarded by the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc.  At the same time I would consider giving President Biden’s scumbag son Hunter immunity to prosecution in much the same way Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon.  It might be time to move on.

How about a cease fire for woke sensors of historical political figures until college courses are taught? My list includes Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Ponce De Leon, the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, his horse Traveller, and a hero to be named later?  Rewriting history should not be the job of woke sensors whose ignorance to the past is on a par with the world being flat and spontaneous generation.

Can we fix the public education system in California? With test results continuing to show students being in the bottom 10% of the country in math, English, and science proficiency, virtually nothing is being done to turn these disturbing figures around.  The opposition of the California Teachers Union (CTA) to Charter Schools and parental choice in curriculum amounts to educational malpractice.  I just wish the public school system might be more interested in reading, writing, and arithmetic than promoting woke cultural values.

With Robert Iger returning to the helm at Disney, please restore this American institution back to its previous glory.  Make up with Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, stop the pronoun transgender stuff, reduce park admission, and promote family life once again.  Disney, with its streaming services, ESPN, ABC, theme parks, and movie making enterprises, needs to return to the entertainment business and let parents call the shots on how their children are to be raised.

Can we put an end to the Bullet Train project in California?  It is completely wasteful of tax dollars and resources to spend another dime on this white elephant.  I might change my mind and allow a Chinese contractor to build high speed rail without interference from OSHA, agencies regulating permits, and environmental impact reports. Since such a move is in the pigs flying category, so let’s just scrap the train to nowhere.

Halt all legislation of Progressives to increase affordable housing in California.  In the past quarter century unnecessary meddling from the legislature has resulted in escalating building costs. Adherence  to often duplicating environmental regulations, unnecessary building permits,  and delays from frivolous law suits, have all taken their toll   Going along  with these added expenses are mandatory Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) that result in higher construction costs of between 20 to 25%.on projects involving government  participation,

Instead of constantly ordering mandatory water rationing, can Gavin Newsom abandon his environmental buddies  to build a dam, water storage facility, or a desalinization plant without experiencing profound guilt? At the same time can these do gooders stop trying to ban natural gas which is one of the cleanest forms of energy around.  They might also consider encouraging nuclear energy which is a lot more efficient than wind turbines and inefficient solar farms.

No host cocktails will not be required following Chairwomen Jessica Patterson’s resignation as head of California’s Republican Party.  I will be pleased to spring for bubbly should the GOP change their path and raise their tent to concentrate on registering new members and winning elections for a change.  It is unfair the present GOP leadership is spending their time worrying about Donald Trump at the expense of implementing sound Republican policies

 Having little chance of being implemented, it is obvious my secret desire for change hovers in the fantasy category.  Such is the plight of Libertarians, Conservatives, and Republicans who tire at their voices being ignored in California. In the meantime shoppers should descend upon malls to fulfill their Black Friday ambitions.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Richard Cathcart says

    Have you not seen all the White exclusion advertising on YouTube. My business is, obviously, undesirable from the WOKE corporatist viewpoint, hence it’s “Black Friday” only shopping. Adios!!!

  2. Yep. Implementation of any of these common-sense remedies is as likely as the wide-spread use of cold fusion. The misfortunes listed in the article are necessary distractions to the ushering of central control and demise of individual liberties. Libertarian, Conservative, and Republican voices have indeed been ignored, since they are not anywhere near as deviously effective or concerted as the voices of the New Progressives.

  3. Steve, the more you opinionate on things where you should just let us know what is going on, the less I want to follow your often interesting and pertinent information on the California corruption. You are moving into the world of media that has long been obviously bent in one direction or another. JUST GIVE US THE FACTS MAN!

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