Eber: Cancel Culture threatening my world

You cannot say you support Donald Trump, the Constitution or Dr. Seuss.  If you ask questions about the November 2020 election, you are called an election denier—and there is a bill in the House of Representative to REMOVE any House or Senate member that did not approve the electoral vote count—meaning about 45 GOP Senators and almost 200 GOP member s of Congress—and their constituents will be CANCELLED for questioning the open corruption of the election.

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“We are silent when schools and churches are closed, when people are fired for supporting the “wrong” candidate for President and children are taught that being white is equal to being a racist—though for some reason Schumer, Pelosi, Newsom and other white Democrats are not considered racist under this definition.

We are too tolerant of bigotry, hate and violence.  Until we become intolerant of these, we will be ruled as if we lived in a province in China.  There is a virtue to intolerance.

Cancel Culture threatening my world  by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  3/11/21

Being a conservative does not mean one is totally against progress.  As Sonny Bono aptly put it in The Beat Goes On, “The Grocery Store’s the Super Market Now.”   With that said the so called cancel culture of today has more than fulfilled the Star Trek tag line “to go where no man has gone before.”

Things have gotten so weird that living and breathing in many quarters (especially without a mask attached) is considered to be a hate crime.  To adhere to PC-Woke norms in California, a proper family should likely:

  • Abandon their single family home in the suburbs and move into crime infested urbanized  Stack and Pack housing in close proximity to government subsidized mass transit systems
  • Dispose of their SUV’s in favor of utilizing bikes and buses for their primary source of getting around town.  If an automobile is necessary, it should be of the electric variety.
  • Insist all members of the household are card carrying Democrats. If kids are exhibiting GOP like behavior such as being independent (non team players) and thrifty, it is best to seek therapy at an early age. This should be at the same time they determine their sexual identities.
  • Organized religion should be replaced in households with obedience to the Green New Deal. If Catholics still insist on going to confession, taking a ride in a gas powered vehicle must be worth several “Hail Mary’s”

It is recommended to enroll all family members in a Woke sensitivity course to avoid hurting the feelings of those whom they come in contact with.  A new unabridged PC Dictionary must be strictly adhered to.  Examples include The Homeless are Outside Urban Dwellers, Perverts are designated to be sexually dysfunctional and robbery is now part of wealth redistribution.  Antifa is considered to be a middle of the road philanthropic political group similar to where the Red Cross was once stood.

Of course junkies are drug dependents and law enforcement officers are criminals wearing a badge. 

Nothing is what it seems. Everything that I have grown up believing has been challenged and debunked by Cancel Culture norms.

Education and literature are at the top of the list. Banning Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are old news.  Now a good number of Dr. Seuss books are considered to be off limits because of alleged racial overtones.  Historical novels such as William Styron’s The Confessions of Nat Turner, Pearl Buck’s Good Earth, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with Wind, and anything authored by Ayn Rand are on the “no fly list.”

My greatest fear is that the works of William Shakespeare will soon no longer be considered to be relevant.

While growing up and later on, I enjoyed all of the literature listed above.  At no time did I ever believe these classics belonged in the Dewey Decimal non-fiction section of the library.

Whether this proves me having good taste or gives credence to Woke sensors desire to crash and burn everything that offends them, is a matter of conjecture these days.

What worries me most about today’s so called ethnic cleansing of books are the similarities to what transpired in Nazis Germany in the 1930’s. I have to ask what is the difference between Hitler’s followers engaged in public book burning as compared to attacking poor old Dr. Seuss and the Muppets?

A  match?

Separating fact from fiction seems to be chronic dilemma in the world of Woke Cancel-Culture we live in.   Blocking historical events is a vehicle used to create a new social order based upon ideological purity. In doing so  taking down statues of Southern Civil War heroes such as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis  have brought slightly less resistance than trying to trash Abraham Lincoln.

Nothing seems to be off limits from these history deniers.

Making Christopher Columbus a villain 630  years after he discovered American makes little more sense than  depicting George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison as  George Orwell’s “Unpersons” characters in his dystopiannovel  1984.

The Fathers of our Country, who defeated the British in battle while writing the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, have been placed on the scrap heap of history by the Cancel Culture. Having slaves in 17th Century Colonial times is too serious an offense for their sensitivities.

With Cancel Culture advocates, what occurred in the past is no longer relevant.  All that matters is what those who interpret history today believe.

In such a totalitarian environment, our democracy has reached such a low point that in order to prosecute Donald Trump for alleged crimes committed as President; the Progressive Turnout Project PAC has organized a petition drive aimed at incoming Attorney General Merrick Garland.  Based upon receiving over 100,000 signatures, he has been directed by The Court of Public Opinion to indict Trump for undefined offenses.

This is how our system of laws works today.  Petitions and polls are supposed to determine how justice is dispensed.

It never occurred to these fruit cakes that if Garland was to do as they asked, he would be breaking his oath of office of administering impartial justice.  Mob rule characteristic of totalitarian governments would be replacing the rule of  law.

Before we get off our high horse it must be realized the Democratic PAC in gathering  signatures to present the A.G. were performing  this task as a fund raising ploy.  It is doubtful their efforts will end up on anyone’s desk. The circular file is filled with similar schemes to raise money for Leftist causes.

Of paramount importance is that opponents of Cancel Culture be them Republican, Democrats, Independents, Green, or Libertarian, Black, Yellow, White, etc., stand up to preserve important American social values.

Somewhere along the line Joe Biden or whoever is running the asylum needs to muster up the courage to say “no” to unilaterally tearing down historical statues.  Stop trying to sensor literature and tell people, (especially school children), what they should be thinking.

Is this too much to ask of the greatest democracy ever created?  Do we need to dispose of Mr. Potato Head and Aesop’s Tables in the name of appeasing Woke sensitivities?

Nothing surprises me anymore. At this juncture I am afraid to answer these questions for fear that I everything I know and love about me country are soon to be on the Cancel Culture chopping block.

Stop the world, I want to get off!

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Wonderful essay! I’m hoping to survive this nightmare until 2022 when hopefully there will be a massive outpouring of rejection for these policies from all states except CA, OR, WA, NY and IL that even their best efforts at giving 4 votes for each Democrat and quietly disposing of Republican ballots will not stop the turnover.

    Where else in the world can we go to be free? Like Ayn Rand can we start a colony somewhere comprised of people who value history, family, meaningful work, production of goods and services, and kindness and tolerance for all?

  2. We can start to end this bull$__t as soon as we recall Pretty Boy Newsom.

  3. Rottweiler says


  4. Excellent article. It defines wonderfully that we are two very different peoples. We as a country have arrived at the point where those two people cannot coexist. The time has come to go our separate ways or, for normal Americans to submit to the tyranny of the leftist democrats. The decision is rapidly becoming clear.

  5. Indeed, great article that sounds the alarm loud and clear. History shows all the ills listed in this article. All ills with bad endings. Shared!

  6. Here we go. In Kalif. unless you are ant-car, refuse to accept clean and efficient natural gas is poison, or state that Socialism / Communism is the “only” path for society you should be locked up or killed.

    Think that this is far fetched? Think about it. The City of Santa Barbara outlawed new gas hook ups in the city and ignored the thousands of dollars of additional costs to build without it. The ignored the science that it is environmentally correct, or that in passing this their demands of “Stack;m & Pack’m” housing makes it a huge and long term regressive tax on those least capable of affording this.

    Imagine 20 years ago that this type of outright political bigotry for political power would be approved by the majority of voters. How did it happen? Simple the majority of newspapers rolled over and reported lies and false science(?) as fact. The major internet sources refused to present both sides. When it came to Al Gore’s failed projections and repeating in a new decade the same things from different sources they did it and puffed up their chests and stated how wonderful and responsible they are.

    Biden stated he would restore the economy ans safety of pre pandemic levels. You voted for him I did not. You voted to give a majority to the Radical Socialists hiding behind the Democrat party label.

    The border is flooding, disease is come from the border, rising oil prices supports Islamic terrorists and Putin’s dictatorship, while forcing the nation to pour billions to them.

    Cancel Culture? You voted for them and are seeing the nation fall …. still think you were so smart?

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