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Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 11/1/22 



On October 24, 2022 the President of the California Federation of Republican Women received a notice from nine rogues members of the organization.  She was informed shew was to hold a meeting on October 29 for the purpose of removing her from office.  No reason was given, no illegalities were stated or implied.  Leave or else.

Unbeknownst to most of the CFRW members, CRRW President Price was not allowed to have her name on the bank accounts, access to the ZOOM or Constant Contact accounts.  The CFRW webmaster was informed that unless she gave the rogue nine the password to the website, she would be sued.

This with the backdrop of the major loss of members and clubs.  One club, East Valley Republican women (in the Palm Springs area) left—and took 1400 members with them—more an 14% of all the CFRW membership.  Over the past month I have to numerous clubs around the State that are preparing to leave the Federation.

Those involved in this rogue group include Past Presidents of the CFRW and others who prefer power to winning elections.  This is not the first time this group tried to overthrow a CFRW President.  They tried under Nam Yong—and she refused to be bullied—though at a CFRW meeting she was physical attacked-but too much of a lady to turn the person in to the police.

Over thre past weekend, Republican County chairs turned out the Chairman of the County Chairmans Association—a sychphant of CRP Chair Jessica Patterson and installed an activist, aggressive leader in his place.  In this case, the leadership of the rogue group can also be traced back to Patterson.

Remember Patterson does not run candidates for office (22% of the legislative races on Nov. 8 had no GOP’ers on the ballot) does not believe in voter registration.  All of our statewide candidates received between 40-41% of the vote, except for Chan, who received 44%.  No matter how much or how little our candidates spent—the votes came out the same.

As of this writing we have 16 Assembly members—we started with 19—though we do have one candidate a former chief of staff to NPP Chad Mayes is 12 votes ahead.  We have 8 State Senators, had nine and it looks like we have 12 members of Congress, we started with 10—though Patterson is taking credit for the work of Kevin McCarthy, volunteers and the NRCC.

All of this goes to the goal of closing down the Republican Party in California.  Now the California Federation of Republican Women are being attacked.  Instead of trying to win elections and help candidates prior to the November 8 election, the Rogue Nine preferred campaigning to close down the CFRW.

The Rogue Nine need to read the CRP by-laws, Section 3.09: (B) All delegates or Committee-chartered organizations with any dispute or conflict

subject to this section must first exhaust their administrative remedies pursuant to

subsection 3.09(C) and if still unsatisfied, then subject such conflict or disputes to

binding arbitration pursuant to subsection 3.09(D). This section constitutes the sole

source of legal or equitable relief for all disputes subject to this section.

Literally if the sue they could be thrown out of the CRP.  Of course this did not stop Jessica Patterson from protecting Mike Madrid, the Lincoln Project founder who used his title as a CRP delegate to denounce President Trump, campaign against him and seven GOP incumbent Senators.  Her “investigation” lasted over none moths, till the term of office was over.  So, if you are working to defeat our candidates, expect her to be protective.  She even used the Board of Directors to smear our nominees.

Prediction:  If this is not resolved in the next two weeks and the President of the CFRW is not allowed to be the real President, I expect at least half the clubs in the State will leave and either go independent or join another organization.  In the past week I have spoken to numerous club leaders around the State and they are disgusted with the power play inside the organization.  Did I mention that the Rogue Nine has a Southern California attorney?   This is getting very ugly. 

How corrupt are these folks?  They submitted a list to the National Federation of Republican Women of new “officers”.—even though NO meeting or election was held—these nine just appointed people.

  1. In February of 2019 Mike Osborn left as Chair of the County Chairman’s Association.  Since then he has refused to turn over the password to the Associations web site.  He is the Parliamentarian for CRP Chair Jessica Patterson.  Another example of the attempt by Patterson to end GOP organizations and activism in California.
  2. Question of the day:  Which major County Chair actually lives in Washington State?  Apparently they commute to monthly meetings.
  3. After the County Chairs meeting on Saturday, the new Chair Michelle Guerra informed CRP Chair Jessica Patterson.  In return she got an email from the CRP ED, Bryan Watkins, on behalf of Jessica, asking for lots of documents.  Now, I have only been involved with the CRP since the early 1970’s—this is the FIRST time such a request was made.  Wonder why?  On Tuesday all the requested documents were sent—now just waiting for the acceptance of the legal meeting—or is Jessica Patterson going to be like Hillary Clinton, who to this day denies that Trump won in 2016.  Will Patterson also be an election denier?
  4. I am told the LAGOP and attorney Chair Tim O’Reily have received an attorney letter that they are violating the State Election Code by not allowing ex officious that live outside the County, but represent districts that cover part of LA County, from their lawful right to vote in the County Committee.  I have also heard that a complaint to the California Bar Association is being drafted, since he is an officer of the Court and should not be knowingly violating State laws.

(Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to

keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my

mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the

“Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Sad.
    CA GOP is a Black Ops, false flag operation.

  2. Colleen Waugh says

    Steve, I need to share with you as a President of a Republican Women’s group, actually up in the northern area, as well as a conservative CAGOP Delegate, and the 2nd VP to the County Republican Party organization, the information shared in this article concerning the CFRW is inaccurate. It was not a rogue group of 9 CFRW members that told the President that she had to call the meeting to remove her. She had been given many examples of her reasons and given many opportunities to correct the activities that she did that were not procedural correct and did not follow bylaws. A zoom meeting was held on Nov. 29th that was will attended by a quorum of the executive committee and Board of directors along with 75+ presidents of local clubs throughout the state. A full explanation of the due process and reasons for the unfortunate decision that had to be voted on to remove her from her position was given. For sake of Janet’s privacy and reputation, I can not or will not expound on those reasons here. Feel free to call me if you would like specifics. After everyone’s questions were asked and answered thoroughly, and every single question that the participants wanted to ask were given the opportunity to do so and were answered. The election of the new President was held. Those voting gave their yes, no or abstain voted by voice to the entire group on the zoom meeting. It is very unfortunate that this situation took place, put being out of the center of the situation taking place until it was announced that it became necessary for the President to be removed and that all would be explained in full detail at the Nov. 29th Board Zoom Meeting, I only had the information that the President and her supporters sent me which had about 8 or 9 signatures on it to defend her position, I was quite interested in why the CFRW Board and Executive committee felt compelled to remove the President. I guess one of the positive things about being up in the northern area is that you are out of all the politics and rumors that seem to fly around the close knit clubs that are abundant and fairly close in proximity in the southern area. I feel that not knowing that anything was happening over the course of the last few months, I feel that I am an objective participate, weighing everything that the President sent out in her defense and explanation and then attending the Zoom EC/BOD Meeting and seeing and hearing the process and the inappropriate actions that the President felt she had the right to do, but were not the proper procedures, bylaws, protocol and customs of the CFRW and after having been given many opportunities to correct her handling of her inappropriate ways, it became necessary to remove her. I am in agreement after listening to both points of view that the way it was handled meet all the proper procedures, bylaws, protocol and customs of the CFRW. I hate what is happening to our CFRW organization, but Steve, a lot of facts that you have mentioned are not accurate and in fact exactly the opposite in some of the cases mentioned. We now need to move on as a united group for the good of the organization and maybe the President Price should resign without cause for the good of the CFRW. Please, Steve, feel free to contact me.

    • Celeste Greig says

      As a very long time Conservative Republican Activist, donor, past President of 2 Federated Clubs, past CRA President, elected to the CRP Board of Directors, media spokesperson representing the Conservative point of view, past President of the L.A. County Commission FOR Women, and the L.A. County Right to Life, I feel it gives me right to give my opinion in this sad mess, and blatantly debacle that the end result will be the destruction of the CFRW.
      For transparency purposes, I do happen to support President Janet Price 100%, whom I’ve known as a first-class LADY, with a great track record of fairness and leadership, I also know by personal experience one of the culpable, as someone who misconstrued the facts, mean spirited, with a personal agenda, has no problem with making false accusation and to get naive people join her, is NOT the first time that this woman has try this type of wickedness.
      Perhaps Steve Frank was in a hurry to write his acclaim daily Newsletter that some typos were filled, but the content is accurate.
      Membership is shrinking, and it will continue, sadly the CFRW organization that I joined as a young idealistic woman, is no longer there, egos have corrupted people, electing and re-electing Constitutional, Conservative republicans, and preserving our Judeo-Christians principles have taken a back door.

      • We have a great team of women here, Celeste. Its just that the rogue group are hog tying them and trying to take over. Thank you for your many years of service.

      • Celeste, I agree with you. Janet Price is a first-class LADY. I support Janet Price 100%. This rogue committee is nothing but a mean girls club. You have to know them and then you will agree! All of them are power hungry and have their own agenda.

    • Colleen, I was at the same Zoom meeting as you and I came away with a completely different perspective.
      The 79 Club Presidents in attendance were not allowed to vote. If the Club Presidents had been asked their opinion, I’m curious as to how many would have been in support of Janet Price. Also, there is no mention of the number of yea’s and nay’s in the vote, nor was it mentioned after the vote. It was not unanimous but there was no dissension expressed from those same voters. Why? The CFRW is a great organization and I’m proud to be a Club President, but this is a very sad situation we find ourselves in.

    • Jeanne Solnordal says

      Collen, this is exactly correct. Steve has misstated facts as he has done in other recent articles. Seems Steve and friends are on a rogue crusade of their own. This is very sad because articles like this cause people to jump ship.

    • Josie Myers says

      Collen, do you know who the rogue nine are? Do you have their names? Probably not. I do. They are the meanest and most vindictive women ever. Years ago when Nam Yong Horn was CFRW they bullied her. You never heard Janet’s side of the story but are willing to believe the rogue nine. This is a total power grab! These women will stop at nothing!

  3. Ronni Redmond says

    I’m also a CFRW President and do not agree with Colleen Waugh’s interpretation of the situation. I attended the same Zoom meeting she references. This is a complicated issue and until it’s resolved, should be left to those qualified to make a decision on what the final outcome should be. CFRW is a great organization with a proud history and I’m honored to be a part of it, but this I is a very sad situation indeed.

    • Jeanne Solnordal says

      I am also a CFRW Club President and agree completely with Colleen. The Board gave many examples of Janet’s failure to lead. The board tried to assist her and she refused. They offered her a leave of absence following her husband’s death, she refused that as well. By-Laws and job descriptions are written to keep clubs organized. If one does not want to follow the by-laws on which a club was founded than they are not the proper leader for that club. A person is always free to organize a club of their own and write their own rules. As you know, we all recently updated our by-laws so we are all uniform and on the same page. A President that ignores by-laws and job descriptions puts the organization at risk and that is exactly what Janet has done here. Her failure to follow the by-laws definitely gave the board the right to ask for her removal. On 11/29 the Board spent 2 plus hours answering any and all questions presented by 97 board and club presidents. When all questions were exhausted, a vote was taken and Mary Ervin was voted in as President by a unanimous vote to be effective 1/1/2023. She will be the temporary president until then. Having friends and colleagues write contrary parliamentary opinions does not make her removal less real. Her bad decisions will have repercussions for our loved club across the state.

  4. It is difficult to take this article at face value when it’s filled with typos and grammatical mistakes.

    As to the article, it appears that a rogue group of executive board members are trying to push out the president of California Federation of Republican Women. Janet Price was voted in by the membership in late 2021 at their bi-annual convention. Doesn’t this sound a lot like what Democrats try to do to Republicans?

    CFRW is in a lot of trouble. Membership is going down but members are not disappearing. They are successfully forming independent clubs. Or joining other organizations or other clubs. All of this whiplash at the executive level just when clubs will be asking for membership renewal is going to be interesting.

  5. Shari Marcia Goodman says

    It’s a Psyop of the UniParty and its national trickledown “controlled opposition” spinning its wheels but going nowhere.

  6. I had to laugh when I saw the first comment on here, which is fully aligned with the rogue group – because this particular person fits right in with them.

    What is it going to be, ladies? Are we going to allow this to stand or are we going to fight it, remove people who behave this way, and rebuild the California Federation of Republican Women from the ground up? We have a great deal of work to do if we are going to salvage our beloved CFRW.

  7. Jennifer McCarthy says

    As a president of an RWF club, I chose not to attend the zoom meeting after speaking with a parliamentarian, who assured me it was an illegally called meeting. However, I can tell you that I cannot in good conscience encourage our members to renew until I know that CFRW is under stable & legitimate authority & has moved back to its stated purpose of helping to elect true & conservative Republicans to office. I imagine many other local clubs feel the same way.

  8. The chaos by this small group of board members trying to throw out an elected president will push clubs to go independent. If you become an independent club you don’t have to deal with all this crap. You don’t have to do reports and pay dues to the state and national. It all stays local. You can also endorse during the primary. There is so much chaos, who needs it from CFRW, too?

  9. Reading these responses, I am appalled at some of the inaccuracies in their response to what they say are inaccuracies in Mr. Franks article. As a long time member od CFRW including a past President of a local club as well as having held other positions at various levels within our Federation and trying to follow the information which we have received I am watching the group which states they have the power to remove a Federation State President and then “elect” a new one irresponsible and against Bylaws and Roberts Rules of order. They seem to make up things as they go along. I also note they listed 2 Past State Presidents on the list of attendees who were not there, These past Presidents have noticed them to remove their name from the list of attendees. They also did not allow, from what I have been told, the ability to see each person in attendance but only “reported” the numbers. This is the first I have heard President Price was notified of what issues they had with her leadership as from what I hear they never came to her and refused for her to hear the causes of their actions and told her she would need to attend the meeting of the Oct 29th to hear them and respond to them. All leaders, good or bad, have people who disagree with their style of leadership. As a team organization we learn to work past those differences with a vision of the goals we wish to achieve. Before Ms. Waugh comes up with such inaccurate statements perhaps she should take the time to read responses which were from more than President Price but were statements from members of the Executive Committee as to the inaccuracies of some of these accusations… At his point in time and until I see other evidence which leads me to a different opinion President Janet Price is still the President of the California Federation of Republican Women.

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