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Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  9/28/23     www.capoliticalreview.com

Did Word Salad Kamala Harris or Karine Jean-Pierre, the chief liar/propagandist in the White House Write This Anonymous Email Promoting the GOP to Support a Democrat Lite Platform?

On Tuesday CRP delegates again received an anonymous blast email, sent from an address that does not exist (123 Main St. Sacramento).  A few days ago the California Political News and Views asked who paid for it, the California Democrat Party.  As expected, they are honorable and did not lie—they refused to answer the question.

Now they are making ridiculous statements and outright lies about the proposed Draft Platform.

For instance:

“Fact: The CAGOP Bylaws state that any person can submit a proposed platform amendment.

Draft amendment #10 doesn’t appear to have been submitted by a Republican delegate.

A convicted felon is advocating that we readopt the old platform.”

Re they accusing Congress Members LaMalfa, Kim or Steel, to be felons?

Are they accusing Dobler of Riverside, and the others of being felons?

Their crime?  They support keeping the current Platform.

Or are they accusing National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon the lead signer of the support our Platform or Ted Gaines, GOP member of the Board of Equalization of being a felon.  Which one of these people are these folks claiming to be a felon?

“Fact: The Spring 2024 Convention in San Jose will be even busier than this convention! In Spring, we will be voting on candidate endorsements, which will extend our general session voting by several hours already. Not to mention that there will be even more committee meetings and party business to conduct than in Anaheim.”

What endorsement?  The San Jose convention is the week bfore the March 5 Primary.  Any endorsement at that time is worthless. Most activist will not even attend that convention—expect 7-800 proxies.  Real activists will be working for their candidates for the Primary, not spending time at a convention.

Oh, these anonymous Democrats claim we will have committee meetings and Party business to conduct in San Jose.  Guess they have not looked at the agenda for this weekend convention—we will also have committee meetings and Party business to conduct.  That is a lame excuse.

Then you have this:

Fact: Vigorous debate is one of the hallmarks of the California Republican Party. The old platform rests like an albatross on the necks of our candidates, who will be divided in how to use language from 20 years ago to appeal to new voters today.”

Sounds like a lie that Karine Jean-Pierre would make.  The current Platform that is supported by the folks mentioned above and hundreds more is NOT twenty years old. It was passed in 2019—four years ago.  Why are they making up stories, lying about how the CRP operates, why are they trying to claim it is criminals supporting a GOP Platform?  They are anonymously supporting a Democrat-Lite Platform, we deserve a Republican Platform.

(Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “TomTom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    Freedom of speech is alive and well, even in California. If the Republicans wanted to know just who is sending those emails, they have the Tech ability to zero in on the culprit. But should they care?

  2. I bet Gavin Newsom sent that!

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