House Democrats Threaten To Keep Government Open

In May McCarthy and the Democrats passed a short term budget, with the stated purpose of holding down the deficit.  How successful?

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Since May, the national debt has gone UP by $2 trillion.  A total disaster.  As we face a government shutdown we need to make a decision, pretend to cut spending (as the May agreement did) or do a real job of cutting spending and ending any further debt increase. 

Yes, this will be painful—fewer government employees, fewer corrupt deal for donors and friends.  Less money to buy votes.  Finally, would you rather government to shut down or keep it open so inflation can continue to grow?

House Democrats Threaten To Keep Government Open, 9/15/23

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid a looming government shutdown now only days away and Congress returning home for the weekend, the Democrats spoke to the American people and threatened to keep the government open.

“Look at me, this is my serious face,” said Nancy Pelosi showing her serious face, which is identical to her happy face, her surprised face, and all her other faces. “We aren’t messing around here. We will keep this government funded to the tune of five-leventy trillion thousand dollars of your hard-earned tax money if it’s the last thing we do. Don’t test us.”

Americans across the country are terrified that the dysfunction in Washington might come to an end, allowing the government to run smoothly and efficiently as they steal every last bit of wealth from this generation and all generations to come. “Someone needs to stop these Democrats before they fund the government again,” said one local steel worker to reporters. “I can’t take much more of this.”

At publishing time, Republicans had joined with the Democrats in their threat, although they threatened to keep the government open with a few minuscule cuts that wouldn’t make any difference.

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  1. They have a really good plan – 12 bills that allow discussion and cutting for each of the main elements of the budget. No more hiding all the spending inside a 3,000 page omnibus bill no one can read. Cutting takes work and I wonder if they are really willing to do it or will it be business as usual?

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