Katie Hill Sex Life Financed by Campaign Dollars, FEC Complaint Charges

I live in the 25th Congressional District.  While the District is close to Hollywood, our Congresswoman is acting like an out of control pleasure seeker—in drugs or sex.

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The revelations of the past couple of weeks makes it clear about Congresswoman Katie Hills. 

  1.  She is immature and is acting like a teenager with hormone problems.
  2. At best she is acting based on her hormones, not her common sense or maturity.  At 32 she wants to be taken seriously as a member of Congress—yet for years her nude photos have been circulated on the Internet at Reddit.com—and maybe other places.
  3. She has used her campaign funds and her congressional budget to keep her bed warm at night.  These are violations of the laws and the rules.  Maybe she is too immature to care.
  4. I would not be surprised if sooner rather than later sex tapes are published, not merely nude picture of her with other people (not her husband)
  5. If any one wants a copy of the FEC complaint, email me at stephenfrank@sbcglobal.net and I will send it to you.

Katie Hill Sex Life Financed by Campaign Dollars, FEC Complaint Charges

For Immediately Release

For further Information:

Stephen Frank  805-795-1271 stephenfrank@sbcglobal.net

Simi Valley, CA…Today, Stephen Frank, a 31 year resident of Simi Valley filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, charging Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill of the 25th congressional district of California with using her campaign funds to finance her sex life.

“I am embarrassed to see that our Representative in Congress has used money supplied by donors to get her elected, to put on staff a very young girl, for the purpose of having sex with her—and apparently her husband.”, said Frank.   Hill is already under investigation by the House of Representatives Ethics Committee for using tax dollars to finance her sex life with congressional staff members.

From the complaint:

“The media reports, confirmed by Rep. Hill, of an improper relationship with a member of her campaign staff indicate that this campaign staff member did not engage in sufficient, bona-fide campaign-related activities, but rather was paid to be available for personal and private purposes unrelated to the Representative’s congressional campaign. As such, as a candidate in the 2017-2018 election cycle, Rep. Katie Hill misused campaign funds for her personal use.

LEGAL ANALYSIS The Act prohibits a candidate or any other person from converting “(a) contribution accepted by a candidate, and any other donation received by an individual as support for activities of the individual as a holder of Federal office,” for “personal use.”7 Personal use means any use of funds in a campaign account “to fulfill a commitment, obligation or expense of any person that would exist irrespective of the candidate’s campaign or duties as a Federal officeholder.”8 Commission regulations include a list of expenses which are considered to be per se personal use. For expenses other than those defined as per se personal use, the Commission evaluates on a case-by-case basis whether the expense would have existed irrespective of the candidate’s campaign.”

It should also be noted that the female staffer has continued on the 2019-20 campaign cycle per  campaign reports.  The question to be answered is what did she do for the campaign to earn the money vs. what she did for the candidate to give her the money?

In an era when people have little trust or respect for elected officials, this abuse of power by a legislator in the #MeToo era is disgusting.  Congresswoman Katie Hill disrespected a young girl, a male staffer, her donors and the taxpayers of the United States.  Frank went on to say, “I am looking forward to a complete investigation of this matter.  She has hired the same legal firm used by Hillary Clinton, Perkins and Coie and another attorney, Mark Elias, the facts speak for them themselves..  The people of the 25th District deserve better than an immature member of congress using her hormones instead of her common sense of right and wrong.”

For further information you can reach Stephen Frank at 805-795-1271.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. cynthia s. says

    Sounds like this could be more of the same luciferian pedo sickos that entrench our govt. I pray they are all exposed.

  2. Otis Needleman says

    Best of luck on the complaint. This plus all the pics/stories of Katie in “action” will help primary her out.

  3. Say what you will, the more bad things you say about her, the more she sounds like my kinda’ woman. Cynthia s your prayers have been answered, Katie has been exposed, if you get my drift.

  4. Charles Aranda says

    The hypocrisy is outrageous, the media will down play this or not report it. Thank you for your service to us keeping these so called public servants accountable!

  5. Unfortunately, the increasingly perverted electorate of California will probably think she is “cool” for being a sexual deviant…just sayin’

  6. Louis Pandolfi says

    Excellent job in putting together this complaint. She is an embarrassment to the Congressional District, to the U.S. Congress and to every family.

  7. that’s whorible.. Maybe she should spread for penthouse magazine instead.. I’m sure some low life sex addict may consider buying her nude photos

  8. ExCaliExpat says

    Thank you for taking the steps that most of us in her district wish we knew how to take…
    And this bad judgment plays a key role in Congressional subcommittees….
    No wonder the US & especially CA is in such bad shape, with people like this in office….

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