Los Angles County Plan: NO GAS STATIONS IN COUNTY—Seriously!!!

A County that can take away your gas station is a county that takes away your freedom.  If the Planners for the County could implement their plan, L.A. County would be the first county in the nation without PRIVATE transportation, other than a bike or feet.  Think business could survive in that climate?  Does the County even care?  How many jobs will be lost immediately, how many businesses would be forced to close or move.  Think you could like in Santa Monica and work in Pasadena, using government transportation—taking hours to get to work on an unreliable system run by a corrupt government?

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“Oil derricks and refineries would disappear from the region.

Gas stations would become irrelevant.

Streetscapes would be dominated by electric vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

That’s the vision laid out in a sustainability plan that will be considered Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

If carried out, the list of 159 action items included in the plan could dramatically transform LA’s landscape in the coming decades. County officials call the scheme to phase out fossil fuels the “nation’s most ambitious” regional proposal.

“We recognize the climate crisis and the need to act,” says Gary Gero, the county’s chief sustainability officer. “This is going to be a lot of hard work.”

The totalitarian State is based on junk science and a legacy media afraid to report the facts and the implications of ending gas stations.  Until then, the middle class needs to leave as soon as possible before the value of homes and businesses in the County collapse.  And, it will happen.

An LA without gas stations?

A county sustainability plan is the latest framework for a carbon-free LA

By Elijah Chiland, LA Curbed,   8/5/19 

The county’s plan calls on more people to walk, bike, or take public transit. Shutterstock

Oil derricks and refineries would disappear from the region.

Gas stations would become irrelevant.

Streetscapes would be dominated by electric vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

That’s the vision laid out in a sustainability plan that will be considered Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

If carried out, the list of 159 action items included in the plan could dramatically transform LA’s landscape in the coming decades. County officials call the scheme to phase out fossil fuels the “nation’s most ambitious” regional proposal.

“We recognize the climate crisis and the need to act,” says Gary Gero, the county’s chief sustainability officer. “This is going to be a lot of hard work.”

Like the city of LA’s sustainability initiative, referred to by local officials as a “Green New Deal,” the county’s plan calls for complete carbon neutrality by 2050—meaning that carbon emissions would be reduced to zero or completely offset on a countywide level.

By many estimates, that may be too slow.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global warming could reach 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2030, with potentially devastating consequences. But the proposals from the city and county put Los Angeles in a position to honor the Paris Accord, which the U.S. abandoned in 2017.

Many elements of the plan could come together sooner. Gero says a proposal to power all of the county’s unincorporated areas using renewable energy could be realized even sooner than the 2025 goal included in the document.

Eliminating the county’s carbon footprint, even over a 30-year period, will require major shifts in LA’s planning process. Near-term solutions recommended in the plan include elimination of parking requirements for new housing and installation of bus-only lanes throughout the region.

Both strategies could be a tough sell for drivers and those wary of residential density. The reduction—or elimination—of parking minimums was a sticking point in debate over Senate Bill 50, a transit-oriented development proposal that remains stalled in the state legislature.

Meanwhile, multiple Metro plans for new dedicated bus lanes along major corridors like Colorado Boulevard have recently come under fire from some drivers and local officials.

Gero says the county’s strategy for cutting carbon emissions relies on convincing more people to walk, bike, or take public transit when traveling through the region. By 2045, the sustainability plan calls for a 50 percent increase in these types of trips—and a reduction in the number of miles residents drive each day to less than half of current levels.

“We’re going to have to have an open and honest dialogue about what the region needs,” Gero says. “Some people are going to be resistant, but this kind of change is never easy.”

Another likely challenge is the county’s proposal to “sunset” petroleum operations, eventually ending oil drilling and refining in a region that once ranked among the world’s most prolific oil production sites.

California’s oil boom is over, but the petroleum industry remains a major driver of the state’s economy, and Gero says a key part of phasing out fossil fuels will be replacing oil industry jobs and creating opportunities for green energy providers.

One segment of the plan calls for job training and creation of a “just transition” task force to ensure workers aren’t left behind in the pursuit of a greener economy.

As in the city’s sustainability initiative, the plan includes no guarantees that the county will meet its goals. One major obstacle is that the Board of Supervisors has limited jurisdiction over the 88 individual cities found in LA County. That means plenty of coordination between city, county, and state agencies will be required to make any of this happen.

Gero says county department heads will be required to provide frequent updates on progress, with the sustainability goals serving as barometers of success. Ultimately, though, it will be up to residents to see these plans through.

“Ultimately it’s the stakeholders who will hold us responsible,” he says.

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  1. Sounds like horse thievery to me. Are those laws still on the books? Isn’t there a constitutional lawsuit/based on the Bill of Rights lawsuit in there somewhere, for a clever lawyer – beyond the hanging of horse thieves?

    Horses were the same to humans as cars and trucks are. Maybe some enterprising soul will bring in the thousands of wild horses to tame and ride in the streets…talk about poop!

    They are crippling people’s ability to flee oppression everywhere out here on the left coast. Absolutely sick.

    Going from medieval dark ages in diseases allowed to flow in through unvetted borders, to slowing the flow of water through toilets in sewer systems everywhere designed to run at faster rates, to limiting water usage below critical cleanliness values with horrific fines starting in January designed to make everyone a felon (and what will they do next to “felons”?), to throwing away billions of gallons of water a year from the Sierra Snowpack and limiting farming to below sustainable levels and causing critical shortages and the land lowered in feet from wells needing to be dug…..

    I would say some very, very, very sick, mentally ill, deranged people are in government and have come up with very, very evil plans designed to cripple everyone.

    Someone needs to take them out of government by beating them in the elections, before any other legal action is taken…using every legal method available including getting the immigrants being used to destroy to understand how they will be hurt, too, so their illegal vote will be used for good, not bad.

    Where are a group of fighters, who will even take on the DOJ going after Republicans solely in areas in this state when they have had knowledge for years – for YEARS! – of how the Dems “spread the wealth around” in kickbacks from illegally sole-sourced contracts in public work, to “own” the votes and tell people how to vote?

    How did you think they got these evil plans done anyway?!?!?!?!?!

    Yes, that is what is happening….and no one has stopped them. I should and do know.

    No wonder a moving company told me a couple of weeks ago for everyone one person they move into California, they are moving 20 out.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    To eliminate gas stations is as toxic as eradicating the Second Amendment………….

  3. total insanity!..only in california!..these f***** liberals would turn everything they touch in to s*** given the opportunity..who votes this idiots in?

  4. Well ain’t seeing the onslaught and implementation of Communism wonderful . ( Sarcasm for u that don’t know ). We now live under the fully corrupt and anti American regime of Commiefornia and I’m afraid that the ONLY solution is an armed rebellion to preserve our freedoms. Never thought I would say this but it appears that BOTH PARTIES have fallen to the desires of the ultra rich paying to destroy America . They have bought our so called ” representatives ” off and promised that they will not be a slave in the NEW WORLD ORDER but a master so they are all in. Hope you have not forgotten that we are only ” Deplorable’s ” to our ” elected ” ? officials.
    That is why our 2nd amendment has been and is under full attack by our own government, they do not want us to be able to fight back when they come kicking our doors in to take our housing and possessions for ” re-distribution to the illegal aliens who will Never Fight for this country and are simply pawns in a deadly game of Oppression coming our way.
    From the Sword of ——

  5. I have got to get out of this State. The physical state of California and the California liberal state of mind. I am so done.

    • Many are leaving….and taking the same ideas with them that created the mess here……CO, AZ, TN, and TX….which is in real danger of becoming “purple.” Denver, Nashville, and Austin are becoming blue because of the migration from CA and NY, and Tucson is fully gone.

  6. And none of the dumb bastards accept the fact that if the entire USA had no emissions, it would not cause a twit of difference worldwide. Scientifically explain to me how 1/3 of 1% of the atmosphere (CO2) will increase the temperature of the Earth/ atmosphere. The dumb bastards do not realize there are 700+ volcanoes under the oceans spewing out continual emissions of CO2. Nature accounts for most of the slight increase, not man or deadly SUV’s!

  7. LOL – They’re insane!

  8. steven Higgins says

    Like all other government persons, they use their mouth before the brains. Do the have the routes planned, where are the vehicles coming from? where are the parking lots? and what’s the time line. is there a penalty for cost over run. what is it to cost the tax payer per year to run? who is going to get rich on this project? When LA county becomes a ghost town who removes the buildings. LA County could become the largest park in California. Once again people with the glass belly button are in charge, they might want to clean it to clear their view

  9. mike graves says

    What a bunch of clowns. All the happy talk about re-training and not leaving anyone behind; it’s a euphemism for saying this: they intend to destroy the oil industry

  10. So, who is in charge here, voters or politicians? If politicians, OK they do what they think best regardless of what constituents want. But if voters are in charge, then the situation becomes very confusing: Voters complain, but keep voting for the same people for office. Strange.

  11. VOTER FRAUD. That is what gets them there and keeps them in charge.
    They have that down to a “green” science too!

    So – because of corruption and voter fraud, we must leave?
    NO. We Must FIGHT!
    The rest of the world is doing just that, and they do not have as much to lose as we do – especially in the potentially great state of CALIFORNIA.

  12. Politicians are hired to administrate and not to dictate policy at their will. If they do then, they should be removed from office and investigated. There’s so much corruption in the City of Los Angeles that it’s incredible. The feds should really look into this.

  13. This was all planned years ago. Agenda 21/2030. California’s government doesn’t care about the residents. Also, what new tax will they be implementing to make up for the loss of the gas tax they desired so much?

  14. The left/dem’s have come up with a sure fire plan to turn California red
    despite their well entrenched corruption.

  15. LOL…only in California do we allow hippies to run the government. I think it’s hysterical. I don’t live in LA county and NEVER will but it should interesting. How will the trucks bring their Starbucks deliveries? How will emergency personnel get around? I can see calling for an ambulance and a horse-drawn buggy arrives. Yeah that’s gonna work great.

    • Hal Kinney says

      Pure lunacy! I would like to state where I believe these so-called civic leaders have their individuals heads. However, I cannot because I would be subject to censure. I grew up in Santa Monica. I can visualize hitching up my horse to my buckboard and trundling to Pasadena to work. I can imagine with the present day traffic, that commute is a horror story in any event. These people in city and county government are out of touch with reality. The Peoples Republic of California is already a disaster. The State Government is well on the way to return California to the day when Juan Cabrillo “discovered” the “Bay of Smokes” as Santa Monica Bay was known after Cabrillo anchored there in the early 16th. Century. IDIOTS!.

  16. Freedom Fighter says

    Who knew CA would have SOOOO many stupid, uneducated, unthinking idiots in such a short time!!! Agenda 21 – hope y’all are gonna like being totally controlled. I’ll be dead – and laughing at y’all!!! Might wanna read Atlas Shrugged, as you’re getting closer and closer!!!!

  17. Agenda 21

  18. Billy Twoknives says

    Liberalism: When thinking things through is never an option.

  19. My entire household and two electric cars are powered by our PV solar system on the roof of our house. The rest of you can go gas up, get oil changes, tune-ups, emissions checks, transmission and muffler work., but not us.

  20. Even a stupid horse can win a short race if given a big enough lead.

  21. There’s no mention of banning gas stations anywhere in this document. Why lie about that?

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