Newsom Proposes 28th Amendment to Constitution:  Marginalize 2nd Amendment—Take Away States Rights

California, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Portland, Seattle and other cities run by the Democrats have massive crime problems—with leaders that have defunded the cops, taken away their ability to protect the public.  So The Hollywood Slicky has decided he wants a national crime wave, not just in Democrat controlled cities and States.  To do so he wants a 29th Amendment to the Constitution.  He couldn’t convince Dianne Feinstein to give up her gun, so why should you?  Pelosi has armed guards at her home—as does Newsom.

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If he was serious about “gun control” he would have the guns of his security detail taken away from them, until then he is just another Progressive hypocrite (remember the French Laundry, his children going to school while he blocked YOUR children from receiving an education)

The fun part is that the message below was sent by text, not even email—but it does not say who paid for it—Newsom for President, Newsom for Governor, the State of California (the taxpayers)?  Who paid for this?

Newsom Proposes 28th Amendment to Constitution:  Marginalize 2nd Amendment—Take Away States Rights

Gavin Newsom,  6/8/23

“Hey , Gavin Newsom here. Writing to let you know California will be

taking the first step to amend the United States Constitution on guns.

The 28th Amendment will: raise the minimum age to buy a firearm,

mandate universal background checks, institute a reasonable waiting

period for gun purchases, and ban civilian purchase of assault


We need 33 more states to get it done.

That’s why I am asking for your help:

Will you sign my petition supporting a Constitutional amendment on gun

violence? It’s a small and simple act, but will send a powerful

message about the size and strength of this effort.

Add your name here:

Congress has not done enough. The courts prevent Congress and the

states from doing what has to be done.

Given that reality, it’s up to us — together — to act.

The 28th Amendment.

It’s time.

Add your name if you agree:

Thanks. – Gavin Newsom

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