The groomers blitzkrieg against California families | Andy Caldwell

Instead of teaching math and science, teachers are using class time to confuse kids about their sexuality—and hiding the perversion and grooming from the parents.

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It is time for parents to sue for child abuse.  Until then Educrats will feel free to undermine the emotional of our children, undermine parental rights—and use government to take kids away from parents for the “crime” of believing science, there are two genders.  This is how the National Socialists did it in Germany.  This is how the Communists did it in the Soviet Union.

Now, the National Socialists Democrats are trying to take children away from their parents.

The groomers blitzkrieg against California families | Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell, Lompoc Record,  9/21/23

Last week, I warned readers about the clear and present dangers presented to parents and their children by the California State Legislature led by Sen. Scott Wiener.

How bad is the situation? Another state senator, Scott Wilk, as reported by the Daily Signal, told a gathered crowd of parents at the California Senate Judicial Committee to flee the state on June 13 during a hearing on a bill which would put parents who don’t affirm their child’s “gender transition”, in danger of child abuse charges.

That bill was Assembly Bill 957, which I wrote about last week.

Unfortunately, AB 957 was only one in a series of bills that represent a blitzkrieg against parental authority and common sense and decency.

Thankfully, Katy Grimes, who is the editor of the California Globe and a weekly guest on my radio show, along with the Heritage Foundation (who is also on my show biweekly), have detailed the bills that would completely upend traditional values in the home and in our school system.

So, as previously mentioned, AB 957 would create the potential for child abuse charges for any parents who do not affirm their child’s sexual identity by way of gender or gender transition.

But that is only half the story. AB 5 would mandate online delivery and online training curriculum to support LGBTQ competency training for teachers to enforce transgender ideology among educators to among other things, profile parents who are “anti-LGBTQ,” ostensibly to get them charged, according to AB 957 to force the kids out of the home.

Another bill, AB 655, allows children as young as 12 years of age to consent to mental health treatment or counseling without parental involvement or consent. So, you will have schools and “professional” counselors creating a tag team to affirm the trans ideology without parental knowledge, up to and including, taking the kid out of the home without the benefit of a court hearing.

Where will the kid go? To a foster home, however, SB 407, will ensure that no foster parents in California will be allowed to foster kids unless they are willing to affirm LGTBQ gender and sexuality, up to and including gender transitioning.

Another bill, AB 1078, will take care of those pesky parents pressuring local school boards to remove pornographic books from the local school classroom and library.

The bill aims to prohibit school boards from refusing to approve or prohibit the use of any textbook, instructional material, or other curriculum or any book or other resource in a school library based on the fact the books proselytize transgender ideology and teach sex acts to underage children.

The author, Assemblyman Corey Jackson, specifically called out “Christian white supremacists” as the reason the state legislature needs to make it harder to ban books which are extremely graphic, X-rated in fact, from children.

The satire site, the Babylon Bee, commented that pornographic bookstores are going out of business because they can’t compete with local school libraries.

Grimes, who has been warning parents about these trends in education for years, writes that the California sexual education curriculum includes lessons for children as young as first grade to begin indoctrinating them.

For instance, first grade vocabulary lessons include the words trans, queergender, gender fluid, and bigender. First graders are also being provided with detailed descriptions of sexual intercourse along with offensive “slang” words for male and female body parts.

By the time kids are in fifth grade, they are being taught examples of same sex activities, including anal sex.

If you are disgusted, you should be. If you are outraged, you should do something. If you are not willing to flee California, then I suggest you join the fight to save your children from these groomers.

Andy Caldwell is COLAB Executive Director and a local radio talk show host.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Leslie C Blenkhorn says

    Who could have predicted how far this silliness, yes silliness, would have gone when a mere 20 years ago marriage between the same sex was not recognized by the federal government or the states. The flood gates certainly did open. It will be further decades before these children who have transitioned realize how disastrous this has been to their lives and society finally gets the picture. Every new generation has to learn their lessons the hard way.

  2. Lucky us!
    Sort of….

    Though, to be fair, maybe we just are too hard on Newsom?

    Newsom could have just hired the wrong people and took bad advice for YEARS.
    It works for Trump…Newsom should try it.

    Watch us ‘vote’ for Newsom, like we ‘voted’ for Biden.

  3. We will fight them on the land; we will fight them on the sea; we will fight them in school board meetings; we will fight them at the ballot box, And we will pull them out of public schools.

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