Warren opens big lead in California

According to the UC Berkeley/IGS statewide poll of the upcoming Democratic party primary election in California, Senator Elizabeth Warren has opened a big 8 point lead, at 29% followed by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Home state senator Kamala Harris is flailing at a distant 4th with just 8% of the vote.

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The poll results may be accessed here: https://escholarship.org/uc/item/1m40b114


  1. I would’a sworn that more than 8% of the voting population didn’t have a clue but numbers don’t lie.

  2. Rex Larson says

    Here comes Lying Liz Warren with fictional stories about Native American roots. I’d like to know one person who thinks this woman could ever be this country’s Commander-in-chief. Lying Liz Ms. liberal left herself with her socialist agenda ready to destroy this country in the name of social justice. If it weren’t for Trump manipulating her into taking a DNA test the phony MA senator would still falsely be claiming native heritage. Sorry but even by default Lying Liz Warren could never be president of the US or even Venezuela for that matter.

  3. William Jeffrey says

    It’s not that she has lied ? but the crutch is what she lie for to succeed in her future achievements leading up to her political station in life as a whole .

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