Aloe Vera Added to Prop. 65 List

Aloe VeraThere are two very different types of actors in the realm of making our economy tick. Entrepreneurs wake of every day trying to think of new ways to innovate, to expand, and thus create new jobs. Then there are the regulators in Sacramento who wake up every day thinking of new, creative ways to add burdens and barriers to operating your business in California and beyond. Their latest regulatory red alert: Aloe vera.

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You read that correctly: Aloe vera. In December of last year, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) published its intent to list Aloe vera, whole leave extract to the Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer. Despite the widely accepted extensive health benefits of Aloe vera, an unelected regulator in Sacramento can now tell you and all consumers it will cause cancer, even if no cases of cancer from Aloe vera exposure exist.

The problem is that the 800+ chemicals listed in Proposition 65 are not devised to protect consumers, but rather serve as a cash cow for private trial lawyers to sue small business and reap the hefty settlement payout. Since 1986, nearly 20,000 lawsuits have been filed, adding up to over half a billion dollars in settlement payments by business owners.

Unfortunately, the most profitable thing regulators give to trial lawyers at the expense of job creators is confusion. Recent Proposition 65 proposed regulatory revisions create compliance difficulties, increase frivolous litigation, and add consumer confusion.

Included in these proposed revisions are additional Prop 65 labeling requirements on the immediate container or wrapper of products containing at least one of the twelve chemicals listed by OEHHA. However, the chemical(s) only need to be listed if it exists at a “level that requires a warning.” Which products need a Prop 65 warning label and which do not? A lawyer only needs to know the chemical exists to take legal action; the costly burden to prove it exists at a safe level falls on the business owner.

Beyond package labels and chemical lists, new proposed regulations seek to further specify even the acceptable font size for Prop 65 warning signs. Most business owners would not know that the font on a Prop 65 warning must be “no smaller than one half the largest type size used for other consumer information.” The average small business coffee shop owner is likely unaware that he or she may be at serious risk for a frivolous lawsuit because of a minor font size error.

Confused yet? The bottom line is that these regulations exist to cause confusion, and the latest addition of aloe vera to the list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer only further confuses both consumers and small businesses. Every time a chemical is added to the Prop. 65 list, it simply creates one more avenue for trial lawyers to sue.

If our regulators and legislators in Sacramento spent half as much effort thinking of ways to support small business as they do devising new creative ways to regulate them, perhaps California would not be ranked dead last for its business climate by CEO Magazine ten years in a row, nor would we be listed as the #1 Judicial Hellhole by the American Tort Reform Foundation.

Small businesses reflect the lifeblood of every community across California and the nation. Each day, entrepreneurs struggle to thrive in spite of additional mandates and regulations—now small businesses can add aloe vera to their list of things to worry about. Let’s instead focus on policies that support small business, not regulations that add to the cost of doing business in California.

CA Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business.

For more than 70 years, the National Federation of Independent Business has been the Voice of Small Business, taking the message from Main Street to the halls of Congress and all 50 state legislatures. NFIB has 350,000 dues-paying members nationally, with over 22,000 in California. NFIB annually surveys its members on state and federal issues vital to their survival as America’s economic engine and biggest creator of jobs. To learn more visit


  1. Oops….Progs pissing away the Hippie/Organic vote.
    I suppose next they’ll list Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO).

    • At this stage in the game, they just don’t care anymore who votes for them.
      It’ no longer matters who casts the votes, but who counts them.

    • They may have gone too far with this one. There many large companies that put Aloe Vera in their products that have the resources to fights these idiots in Sacramento. I suppose the other solution is do what they do with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), label it as a industrial solvent, not for human use and continue selling it to those of us that know first hand of it’s many benefits. Thanks for noting DHMO, that’s something I wasn’t aware of.

    • Oblamo binLyen says

      Oh heavens yes, it’s been known to cause hundreds of thousands of deaths per year.

    • that would more accurately be Hydrogen Hydroxide … H-OH

  2. Aloe Vera must work otherwise the drug company controlled govt could

    care less. Drug companies and doctors do not like it when people fix

    their own health. Aloe Vera has been used literally thousands of years

    for many ailments both in humans and animals. It must work for Cancer

    that is usually the controlled disease that enrages the drug companies

    God please help us from $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ changers.

  3. Yea let’s build that Border wall around California instead.

    • Betty Dieterle says

      Let me escape first.

      • Yes! There are still so many good people in California. The not so great ones just make way more noise. I lived in LA briefly as a kid, and we loved it. I’m especially sorry about your current Governor. Not that anything great is happening here in flyover country… 🙂 We will leave no one behind, that’s my promise as an Oklahoman.

  4. OK guys/gals, what is the name of this idiot? He and his boss needs to feel fury over this bullshit. I have 2 aloe vera plants on my patio. Do I have to publish this in the Desert Sun newspaper? I always liked the “once a year” ad from the refineries that told us, if you drink gasoline it could be hazardous to your health!

  5. BS been taking aloe Vera for 40 years. 70 years old and no medical issues very healthy and no meds

  6. Brenda Torres says

    Kinda’ like “Political-Correctness”, once you get the lid off it is hard to get it back in the jar….EVERYONE is Offended by Something now days!!!

  7. It is a tool of fascism and socialism, which are really the same thing in terms of concentrating power, fascism from the top down and communism from the bottom up, to control truth: What leaders say is true and what they say is not is false. Example: “anthropogenic (man caused) global warming.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  8. Letitia Pepper says

    If you are concerned about small businesses, AND about natural remedies, be very, very concerned about the next “legalize marijuana!” initiative being circulated for signatures. It’s the “California Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) sometimes called the Sean Parker initiative. (Parker is the Napster and Spotify guy who’s made millions helping people “share” (steal) artists’ work.)
    AUMA is 62 pages of dense legalese that creates a bloated bureacracy to “control and regulate” the “cannabis industry. And where is all the money from legalizing marijuana supposed to go? Not into the General Fund, but it is to be used only for the bureacracy it creates. It specifically says none of the money from marijuana is to go to public schools or community colleges – so it will stay to pay the salaries and pensions and perks of the uber class it hopes to create. The worst thing about it (there are so many!) is that it treats marijuana like a dangerous drug (like alcohol and tobacco), creates new felonies, misdemeanors and infractions, and is designed to let the big boys take over the cannabis industry. Plus, it specifically allows the Legislature to change ANY of its provisions!
    I spent the President’s Day weekend reading the whole thing and annotating it with comments. As an attorney since 1982, who spent many years doing statutory analyses for the California Courts of Appeal, I can say that this is a TERRIBLE initiative. If anyone wants a free, e-mailed copy of my annotated review of AUMA, just e-mail me at

    • Bev Pattenden says

      The stupidity of the experts and the gaul of the bureaucrats with their idiotic laws, political correctness, is becoming boring, not only in California, but worldwide. How long do they think they can continue on their plan to destroy freedom trying to make everyone reliant on the corrupt system? Not long boys and girls. It’s over, and you will be held accountable, God willing.

  9. Aloe vera must have extraordinary healing benefits beyond what we’re already aware of.

  10. Rich Brooks says

    I’m a small business owner, and totally support small business’s.

    Proposition 65 is nothing more than a label on a product. This >enables Californians to make informed decisions about protecting themselves from exposure to carcinogenic chemicals.<
    What's wrong with that?

    US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
    Database: (and other researchers) show clear evidence that Aloe Vera causes cancer in the colon, and goblet cell hyperplasia of the large intestine:
    Clear evidence of carcinogenic activity by a whole-leaf extract of Aloe barbadensis miller (aloe vera) in F344/N rats.

    If you personally want to keep consuming this product go ahead, no one is stopping you….

  11. deanna munson says

    monsanto’s herbicide is soon to be on this list ,finally ,so with adding aloe vera thearth killing profiteers can claim its only as dangerous as aloe .these people are all nuts anymore.i swear ,everybody’s lost their mind anymore

  12. Kevin p. Davis says

    O…mg. when are they going to realize that it’s not the things I. Calafornia causing cancer, it’s California that is causing cancer…

  13. what about potassium sorbate a preservative shown in vitro to cause DNA genetic mutations what a ****ING joke

  14. I love California! Signs everywhere warning of cancer causing elements. What a joke!
    There were many products we used in our business with these warning labels with the health risks in California, but I knew we were safe using them being in Wisconsin!
    I wonder if they are going to put warning labels on Jihadists after San Bernardino.

  15. Real insanity from sacramento (surprise, surprise )
    Granted the whole leaf can give a case of diahhera, can give, but that stuff is great to use for burns, rashes, topical issues, ETC.
    Moving out of this state will not happen soon enough.
    Look up the definition of stupid, stupidity in the dictionary and I am sure the picture of a california politician will turn up…

  16. I agree with you. Herbal products should be carefully analyzed for benefits and risks. Many have effective medical properties but may also have side effects or hazardous interactions with other substances. People need to be able to make informed descisions on what they are exposed to. A warning is an alert to investigate and research what you are using. I have heard that aloe may side effects when consumed so I usually only apply it topically where it is incredibly effective on burns. Likewise comfrey has amazing healing abilities on wounds but sometimes contains a substance that can cause liver damage, so I am very cautious about ingesting it. People should learn more about what they consume. Raw spinach, carrots and many other foods can be harmful in excessive amounts. Even hydrogen dioxide, water, can be toxic when people drink a lot more than their bodies require.

    • William Hepfer says

      The sentence at the beginning of the third paragraph should read “The problem is the Proposition 65 list of 800+ chemicals is not devised to protect consumers etc” The previous wording implies the chemicals are supposed to protect consumers.

  17. ScienceABC123 says

    Any day now California is going to declare H2O a carcinogen. After all, taken is large enough quantity it can cause cancer and even death.

  18. Californians, decades ago, created several air quality management districts. This agency has the power to regulate anything, anything, that might affect the air. The bureaucrats which staff it are well-paid, well-pensioned and don’t want to have to get real jobs like ordinary people.

    The South Coast AQMD is the most powerful. They managed to force car companies to clean up exhaust. Then they went after trucks. They forced those silly gas nozzle sleeves you see on California pumps. Then they drove every company that uses a solvent out of state.

    Remember when paint smelled bad, but lasted long? They fixed that by requiring low – volatile organic compound paints. The rest of the country had to follow suit. They banned the compounds that make deck and fence stains effective. And a couple of years ago, all low-hanging fruit exhausted, they banned VOCs in paint tint–you know, those six drops of colorant they mix into your gallon at the hardware store. Because they could, and it keeps them employed.

    That cost every hardware store thousands of dollars to update displays and equipment. The other choice was to stop selling paint.

    Now every hardware store of any age has a couple of old cans of stain or something sitting on the back of some shelf that they have forgotten. The South Coast AQMD has undercover agents who go out and look for such careless disregard for the air. When they find such evil, they purchase it. Then they come back with a $10,000 fine.

  19. gamingtech 777 says

    How could you be so stupid Mr. Unelected regulator you POS.

  20. So. Frustrating. The list (Walmart links pretty much everything they sell to the Prop whatever number site) seemed reasonable, then ALOE? Aloe was a huge part in my not dying. Aloe is a staple in my home. Seriously doubt it causes cancer – unless something super toxic is sprayed on it… then aloe still doesn’t cause cancer. The thing sprayed on it does.
    Adding great natural healing plants to a list of *chemicals* is just stupid. No wonder Californians are afraid of everything. Someone tells them they should be.


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