Bill to Ban Ballot Hand Counts Signed By Governor Newsom

Shasta County Board of Supervisors Chairman Patrick Jones said they will be suing to block the bill if signed into law

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A bill to end the manual hand count of ballots in elections with more than 1,000 voters was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, going into effect immediately after signing.

Assembly Bill 969, authored by Assemblywoman Gail Pellerin (D-Santa Cruz), will specifically prohibit an elections official from performing a manual vote count in a semifinal official canvass held on an established election date where there are more than 1,000 registered voters eligible to participate in that election, or in any contest held on a date other than an established election date, where there are more than 5,000 registered voters eligible to participate in that election. The bill will also now only allow an elections official to conduct a manual vote count for a semifinal official canvass in a precinct  if the count is approved by the Secretary of State, with state approved machines being utilized to do all county in elections above the minimum voter threshold.

In addition, AB 969 is an emergency statute, meaning that it went into effect immediately upon being signed into law.

Assemblywoman Pellerin’s bill is in response to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors voting earlier this year to do away with machine counting and instead move back to hand ballots. The decision was divisive, passing 3-2 in March. Supporters cited cyber threats as the major reason for wanting to return to hand counting, to avoid any possible electronic miscounts or cheating. However opponents fought back that hand counting would be even more prone to error and at risk of possible cheating, as well as being more expensive. The fight in Shasta County has been ongoing for months, all the while with AB 969 advancing through the legislature and threatening to make a state law on it.

AB 969 largely passed on party lines throughout the year. In April, the bill managed to pass in the Assembly 62-9 with 9 abstaining; the Senate vote in early September came in with a similar with a 31-6 with 3 abstentions vote. Due to multiple amendments since May, the bill was then sent back to the Assembly last month for a final Assembly vote, where it passed 62-14 with 4 abstentions.

“The bill, if it becomes law, would make it very clear in our elections code that counties are to use state-certified, federally qualified voting systems for tabulating their voting results,” said Pellerin following the final Assembly vote. “We are definitely going to be reaching out to our supporters, getting letters to him, that we experienced a rogue board of supervisors that attempted to derail elections and that is something we can’t tolerate and accept in the state of California.”

With Newsom not indicating which way he would go, many Shasta County officials attempted to dissuade Governor Newsom from signing AB 969. Some, such as Shasta County Board of Supervisors Chairman Patrick Jones, went so far as to say that they will be suing to block the bill if signed into law. Despite this, Newsom signed the bill it into law Wednesday.

Following the signing, Jones added that Shasta County would continue on with hand counted ballots until at least the 2024 primary election.

“I’ve asked legal counsel to weigh in on this. And I believe that it does not affect Shasta County,” said Jones. “We already made that decision to get away from machines in January and February. We have been waiting this entire time for the Secretary of State, which she said she would approve a hand tabulation plan. She has yet to do so. So she’s simply dragging her feet on this. But we have already made our decision. And a majority of the board has already spoken.”

“Filing a lawsuit may not even be necessary anymore. As far as I’m concerned, we push forward. The state may want to sue us.”

Experts told the Globe on Wednesday that a lawsuit blocking the now-law could be expected soon.

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    welcome to COMMUNISM………

  2. Guaranteed election results law! Tyranny at its communist finest hour! When you know you cant convince the real voters, this is a sure path to retaining power, and command.

  3. Newsome would happily ban any and all means to make voter fraud more difficult to expose. But hand counting isn’t particularly effective; if you have false ballots they count the same. Only thing that can definitively show fraud is by taking random sample ballots out to the address to see if the person who voted really lives there and confirm that the ballot selections were his/her own. It is otherwise impossible to catch hordes of ballot harvesters out raiding the nursing homes and dementia facilities getting blank ballots signed, to be filled out by the harvester for the Democrat candidates.

  4. Rottweiler says

    It is a one-party state, what does he have to fear? Just like the progressive, anti-American, racist, Marxist, party of the originators of the KKK, people who scream for tolerance but have none, the DNC party of hate says it all. What a sleaze ball this bag of hot Trudeau air is. All of the Californians who voted for this pig and Gascon after they ruined San Francisco jointly get all they voted for, the cowards. I just want them to be forced (something they do well) to stay in this state they wanted as a “sanctuary state” and not be able to move to a red state. They should send all of the 5 million illegal aliens and divide them between the blue sanctuary states and ship them there. Enjoy what you vote for but live with your vote.

  5. Sad…..isn’t it??? Global elitists are having the last laugh – they took down the USA with enemies within!! When will everyone learn the a 3rd party will become as corrupt as the existing two parties. All I’m hearing is no one will be voting this year…. sad day GOP are bending to be defeated and not making a stand. Very SAD….

    • Most CORRUPT democratic party in history. California has more homeless, illegals, and dead people to vote then any State. Newsome believes this will make him strong, but I sure hope people in other states wake up and see how he has destroyed California. Run by total communist control.

  6. How about a mandatory thumb print on each ballot? A scanner could accurately eject duplicates in seconds and be designed to maintain honest voter privacy at the same time.
    California Mass Mail Out Monstrosity is perfect for cheating and everybody knows it. “It is not who gets the votes, it is who counts the votes”.

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