CA Lieutenant Gov. Aims to Destroy Democracy to ‘Save It’ – Wants Trump’s Name off Ballot

‘She’s running for Governor so she does exactly what the radicals tell her to do’

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California’s Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D) is terribly proud of herself for sending a letter “urging” California’s Secretary of State Shirley Weber (D) “to explore every legal option to remove former President Trump from CA’s 2024 presidential primary ballot.”

Kounalakis, who announced in April she is running for California Governor, is calling for destroying Democracy by removing Donald Trump’s name from the ballot, so she and those on the left can claim to “save it” from boogeyman Trump.

“This decision is about honoring the rule of law in our country and protecting the fundamental pillars of our democracy,” Kounalakis claims.

“…this is not a matter of political gamesmanship. This is a dire matter that puts at stake the sanctity of our constitution and our democracy,” according to Kounalakis.

Many Constitutional scholars and attorneys weighed in – including legal scholar Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax:

“The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to disqualify former President Donald Trump from next year’s presidential ballot ‘is so anti-democratic,’ constitutional expert and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Wednesday.”

“The court’s 4-3 decision Tuesday made Trump the first presidential candidate in U.S. history to be deemed ineligible for the White House under a rarely used provision of the U.S. Constitution that bars officials who have engaged in ‘insurrection or rebellion’ from holding office.”

“In the 60 years I’ve been practicing and teaching law, I’ve never seen a decision that’s so anti-democratic and so unconstitutional; it is absurd,” Dershowitz said. “The idea that the 14th Amendment was supposed to substitute for the impeachment provision, carefully drafted by the framers, is wrong.”

In a NY Post article, George Washington University Attorney Jonathan Turley said, “The Colorado decision should be unanimously overturned.” Turley said the Colorado decision to bar Donald Trump from the ballot “is wrong on the history and the language of the 14th Amendment – Dead wrong.”

Twitter/X was all atwitter with responses – most of which eviscerated the California Lieutenant Governor.

The favorite of the Globe, was former Ambassador to Germany and Trump Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell’s response:

“Eleni attacks our Democracy because the Progressive Left tells her to do it. She’s running for Governor so she does exactly what the radicals tell her to do. She doesn’t have the backbone or the intellect to say NO to them. They control her. She thinks this move will help her in a primary but she looks like a clown…again.”

To Grenell’s response was this reply by another Richard:

“Donald Trump was never charged with insurrection because Merrick Garland’s DOJ knew it couldn’t win that case. Liberals think “Trump is an insurrectionist” because their bullshit echo chambers are repeating it all day.”

Replying to Kounalakis’s Tweet was this insightful reply:

“Eleni Koinalakis is just proving President Trump was right about how rigged the system is and how Democrats will cheat at every opportunity they have. She’s also helping make Trump even more popular. Trying to remove Trump from ballots is dumb. Eleni is not a smart person.”

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. Oh dear Eleni – you can RUN – – – but you cannot hide from your stupidity. You will NOT be elected – well, unless Mr Piglosi “fixes” the machines to guarantee you get the votes. Else – believe me – I WILL be one of your biggest hurdles! I WILL expose your stupidity at every chance!

    • Leo of Sacramento says

      No Jersey, she WILL be elected, regardless of machines, of fixes, or stacked odds or anything else you’re describing. When SHE’S the only one who shows up, she’ll win.
      You want to talk about ‘the FIX’ is in? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Leo of Sacrmanto says

    The man was not charged for any ‘insurrection’; the man was not CONVICTED for any ‘insurrection charges’;
    Yet, the man is found GUILTY of ‘insurrection’, because THEY said so. Again, insert Black, Hispanic, Jewish, name-your-ethnic-group into that slot to fulfill what your outcome will be.

    This is WHY, I am railing against the REPUB establishment, on WHY haven’t they, challenged this woman for CALIFORNIA STATE GOVERNOR. Why? What on fricken EARTH, are you waiting on? Money? Opportunity? A golden boy/gal candidate, with ZERO blemishes, TONS of money, HOARDS of political experience, VAST connections and above all, believes in Jesus?? WHAT, THE F_____. That person doesn’t exist, in THIS world.

    So, what do you have? Can SOMEONE, please explain WHY these opportunities are being passed by:

    1) Challenge the D candidates on California Population lost, 1.4 Million and growing;
    2) Chinese Bio Lab allowed to flourish near Fresno County, and the public was not informed;
    3) Growing homeless populations after 30+ Billion spent on the issue;
    4) From 90 BILLION surplus to 68 BILLION Deficit in one year!;
    5) High gas cost for ga STILL prevalent;
    6) High cost of Utilities;
    7) High cost of homes;
    8) Over 20+ Major companies have left our state;
    9) Over 40 BILLION in taxes left with the 1%ers
    10) Crime that’s out of control, under the guise of Prop 47.

    What in the WORLD, are people who supposedly are GOOD at this, doing?
    I’m irritated at the lack of leadership. I’m irritated at the lack of response. I’m irritated at the lack of quite frankly, the inaction of our side in the face of obvious reasons to run!
    If THIS is the best the DEM’s can do, and she WINS without challenge? What’s that say about US, as a Party? That when the going got tough, we ran? When adversity reared it’s head, we hid? When stuck in a politically BLUE area, we retreated because it was TOO difficult to change people’s minds? TOO difficult? TOO hard? TOO much work?? Wow. smh.

    MAY 2024. (praying)
    PLEASE, give me the strength to DO what others are afraid of DOING.
    PLEASE, grant me the opportunity to provide a CHOICE for the people of this State.
    PLEASE, enlighten those who support our party, to also support my campaign.

    (Matthew 17:20).

  3. This is how California is ran…BY FASCSIST NAZI’S….Democraps are USING HITLERS PLAYBOOK…


  4. What a stupid BIMBO

  5. Obviously she’s not a leader, but a follower who wants to get in on the blue tide. Hopefully the Supremes will weigh in on this quickly and squelch it. I am not a Trump supporter, but do not sanction this horrible effort to interfere with the ballot. Every one of those cities, counties or States who have filed suit should be sued for malicious prosecution and for interference with the election process. Sadly, they all voted themselves complete immunities for lawsuits like this, so we are limited to hoping the Supremes will do the right thing. I suspect many anti-Trump conservatives would be on the bandwagon against this travisty of justice, not just against Trump, but against all the voters in this great country.

  6. Can we just call dems the Communist Party, which is already banned BTW?

    Looks like we are all headed back to Pennoyer v Neff, or something even more savage:

    The rationale of law is POWER.

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