CA Will Give Free High School Diplomas To Kids Who Flunked Out

The state of California is poised to award thousands of high school degrees to dropouts by passing a new law retroactively removing the requirement to pass a high school exit exam.

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college graduate student educationThe California High School Exit Exam (CASHEE) was created in 2004, and is intended to make sure that students have a rudimentary grasp of English and mathematics before being awarded a high school diploma, and to counter the phenomenon of students receiving passing grades while learning almost nothing. The test is hardly complex. The math test, for instance, only covers 8th grade-level material and can be passed if students answer 55 percent of questions correctly. About 80 percent of California high schoolers take and pass it on their first try while in the 10th grade, and overall passage rates for the class of 2014 were above 97 percent.

But now, a bill passed Thursday by the California legislature, which Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign, suspends the exam through 2018, while also retroactively suspending it back to 2004. That means thousands of students who failed to ever pass the exam but otherwise completed all other requirements will now be able to receive diplomas.

According to SFGate, about 40,000 people will benefit from the change by becoming newly eligible to graduate. The number could be higher, though, as249,000 students failed to pass the test by the end of senior year from 2006 to 2014.

CASHEE was already scheduled to be on hiatus for several years while educators created a new test more in line with Common Core, which California has adopted. But the exam caused a ruckus over the summer when the state abruptly canceled a summer administration of the test and left several thousand students unable to graduate. Lawmakers moved quickly to let 2015 graduates receive diplomas without the test, but Brown then urged them to go further, and allow all prior students to receive a diploma as well.

Opposition has come from California Republicans, who argue that the test is remarkably easy and giving diplomas to those who can’t pass it will simply devalue California diplomas in general.

“It is not that rigorous,” Sen. Bob Huff told SFGate. “At least it’s something that we have a measure that they met some educational requirements. I think it’s a dumb move.”

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  1. Looks like another liberal, graduate all students whether they learned anything or not. What a joke. What is there future going to like if can’t do math and fluent English.

    • More dumbing down of the population.. this is to prepare them for dictatorship, what they don’t know or can figure out will not hurt those in control, IE.. The corruption filled liberal demo-rats..

  2. Well CA did make the movie “”DUMB & DUMBER” . A VALID HS diploma should be a REQUIREMENT FOR COLLEGE ENTRY. EVERY COLLEGE. Otherwise we’re paying for all those remedial courses for IDIOTS who didn’t pay attention in HS.

    • I didn’t finish High School because of other things, like drugs and crime. I later went on to get a GED and a college degree, and later worked as both a software and systems engineer.

  3. Teeia Chambers says

    Excuse me, I never dropped out of high school…I completed high school but failed the math part of the CAHSEE by seven points and being called a drop out like you’re some kind of idiot just went too far.. If you actually read the bill it only awards diploma’s to past students who “COMPLETED ALL REQUIREMENTS TO GRADUATE” meaning they had already finished high school but didn’t pass whatever part of the CAHSEE they needed to pass. So how could they have dropped out if they completed high school besides passing the CAHSEE? Who wrote this article? Nobody has a right to judge other people, they’re thousands of different reasons why someone doesn’t pass it, it varies from student to student. I’ll admit I’m not the greatest at math yes, I can do basic math and basic algebra but numbers was never my thing I was always strong a reading and writing then math, plus every time I took the math test I had extreme anxiety of not passing cause of the pressure that was put on me to pass. I passed the English part the first time with a very high score, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to judge for their individual situation. But keeping someone’s life away from them cause of missing a few points or even one point is unfair.

  4. Come now comrades, it isn’t fair that legal citizens get a diploma just cause
    they know and are able to comprehend basic English, reading and writing along with basic arithmetic. Why should illegal invaders be unfairly discriminated against for not knowing the basics. The funda-MENTAL rules of commie-core says everyone gets a trophy for participation. Friends and comrades, we must be fair as everybody is the same.

  5. Looks like the dumbing down of America continues in great haste. Everyone gets awarded whether they succeed or not. We penalize those who accomplish tasks and are contributing citizens and award those who are leaches on society. Way to go America. What a bright future we have.

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