California bar finds John Eastman culpable for misconduct — setting up possible disbarment

The California State Bar has found pro-Trump attorney John Eastman culpable for ethics violations and misconduct in his plot to help former President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 presidential election, reported MSNBC legal analyst Tristan Snell on X.

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The next phase is determining penalties for Eastman, which could range from a suspension to permanent revocation of his law license.

Eastman, a far-right former law professor, was the author of an infamous memo laying out a six-step plan to throw out electoral votes for then President-elect Joe Biden and kick the election to Trump — even while he purportedly privately admitted the plan was against the law.

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All of this comes at the same time Eastman is facing criminal charges in the Georgia election racketeering case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, which also charged Trump and several other GOP attorneys and party activists.

While all this has been going on, Eastman also got more bad news this month, as the Supreme Court declined to vacate court rulings that resulted in Eastman’s emails being turned over to the former House Select Committee on January 6.


  1. This is not what did John Eastman in. He went up against the omnipotent Kamala Harris correctly, saying because of her personal situation, that she should NOT have been

    eligible to become President of the United States. Since he “messed” around with her, the DARLING of the left who had LESS THAN 1% of the delegates/ interest, they had to get him out of the way no matter what. When John Eastman was dean of Chapman college, he knew exactly what the Constitution said, and he tried to apply it and the media and the left immediately attacked him. This is really retribution for that.

  2. Who is Matthew Chapman, and why is California Political Review giving him a platform to spew his Communist, anti-American propaganda – in this case against the redoubtable, unimpeachable John Eastman?

  3. Jack Q Public says

    This is a travesty of justice. John Eastman is a man of integrity who did NOTHING wrong. The California Bar is a corrupt, incompetent, politicized institution and what they’ve done to Eastman is proof.

  4. Michael Silva says

    I hope he appeals the determination and as an attorney providing legal guidance to his clients moves past this hoax. There have not been any charges of insurrection activity or over throw of the election process.

    If we want to continue to have the ability to ask the government to be audited or checked when we see something which appears to not be right— we need to support John Eastman now.

    Michael Silva
    Stuck in California

  5. Compare with the punishment meted out to lawyer Kevin Clinesmith who lied on a FISA document which allowed the govt to listen in on conversations with then-President Trump and his closest circle of advisors.
    A one-year suspension BUT “applied retroactively to August 19 2020, so actually only 7 weeks suspended. Except it won’t take effect until approval at a hearing scheduled for July 19th, so just 4 weeks.”

  6. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    This is another biased article that erroneously calls John Eastman “far-right.” The reporter, Matthew Chapman, should also add that about half the United States is “far-right.” In fact, the new Speaker of the House is “far-right.”

    And what does “far-right” mean? It means believing in the U.S. Constitution and that includes a justice system that is NOT pro-Democrat and anti-Republican. It means that if the U.S. Capitol Police open doors during a rally that had obtained all necessary permits and say (with words or actions), “You can come into the U.S. Capitol,” you won’t find yourself bankrupted by the biased court system and then sent to prison for months or years. It means that if you are a House Representative (Rep. Tlaib) and lead a pro-terrorist rally into the same U.S. Capitol and disrupt proceedings, you will get the same punishment as the J6ers.

    (There were 22 feckless Republicans who didn’t even have the guts to censure pro-terrorist Rep. Tlaib!)

    I can go on about the bias in our two-tier justice system starting with President Trump. John Eastman is one of many Patriots who deserves our support. If America loses outstanding attorneys like Mr. Eastman, we have lost our republic.

    To donate to John Eastman’s Legal Defense Fund by mail: PO Box 32654, Santa Fe, NM 87594

    He is on GiveSendGo. Search “John Eastman.”

    • Nancy Cochran says

      How quick the cabal/gang of dems are to scream extremist. Anyone who advocates our country’s laws is anathema to them. Dems are flat out anti-U.S.A.

  7. Frank Schubert says

    This report from MSNBC is false. The trial is still going on. It’s being livecast this very minute. Written closing arguments are not due until Nov. 22. Perhaps the reporter got a scoop that Dr. Eastman WILL be found guilty, which has been obvious from the start in watching the Democrat-donating judge handle this case. There is little question she will rule against him, but she hasn’t yet. It will be up to highers up in the State Bar, the CA Supreme Court and, if necessary, the US Supreme Court to deal with this gross abuse of process.

  8. Kelly Hubbard says

    Objecting to an election and believing voter fraud took place, whether right or wrong, IS NOT grounds to take someone’s law license away or to indict them. The Left is using the law to punish any Trump supporter who sincerely thinks voter fraud and irregularities took place in the 2020 election. That is what Stalin use to do and that’s what banana republic dictators do to their opponents who they disagree with. In this country, we have the first amendment and we don’t wage law fare against our political opponents who we disagree with, but that is exactly what Biden’s DOJ and the Democrats are doing to anyone who has questioned the 2020 election. Plenty of Democrats over the years have objected to the results of the election and we don’t try to disbar them or throw them in jail over it. Hillary Clinton and plenty of other prominent Democrats said that Trump was an illegitimate president in 2016 and claimed that election was rigged. Should she and others have been indicted or had their law licenses removed? These indictments, disbarments, and punishments are all politically motivated and the courts should throw them all out!

  9. Frank Schubert says

    Actually the ruling was preliminary, not final, one required by trial procedure in order to hear additional witnesses. The trial is ongoing and is being livestreamed right now. Written closing arguments are not due until 11-22. That said, there’s little question that this biased, Democrat-donating judge WILL find Dr. Eastman guilty and seek to disbar him. It will be up to appeal efforts to stop this lawfare abuse being waged against him.

  10. Sue Taylor says

    The Latest
    The disciplinary trial against Eastman proceeded June 20-23, June 29-30, August 24-25, September 5-8, September 12-15, September 26-29, October 3-4, October 6, October 17-20, and October 23-24 in the State Bar Court of California. Trial will resume on October 30 at 9 a.m. PT and will continue on November 2 and 3. Post-trial briefs are due November 22, 2023.

  11. There will be justice.

  12. Just verify all the REAL law breaking Hillary and the DNC did before, during and after Trump was elected.
    By comparison Trump and his attorneys are pussy cats.
    The best thing about all this obvious Marxist democrat election interference is that Donald Trump gets more support every time they dream up new charges.
    Love it.

  13. How can plan be against the law? Who heard him admitting it? What difference did his admission make? All John’s suggestions were according to the US Constitution which means – it was according to the Law.

    The paper-pusher who wrote this pathetic lie he called – an article, is definitely the one in the group of “useful” idiots who try to buy this way – some kind of an indulgence from the Communist government without realizing that he and others in his group will be the first to be put against the wall when their short-lived usefulness wears itself out.

    Shame on you, Matthew Chapman!

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