California Is Headed Into a Very Dark Pit

california-flagAs California still continues thumbing their nose at the brute, non-global-warming believing Donald Trump, we the people may need him now more than ever. After eight years of doing away with 70 years of post World War II deterrence, realpolitik, balancing hostile nations and leading the world, supposedly California voters thought it was more prudent “to lead from behind.” And now the price to restore global deterrence that will protect California is being paid.

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These actions, where elections have consequences, now find California in the cross hairs of North Korean nuclear missiles. Global warming, human rights (whether gay rights or religious freedom) and despising Donald Trump/Republicans won’t take precedent when the threat ignored by “strategic patience” takes aim at Los Angeles and San Francisco for nuclear annihilation. Eight years of hand wringing and indecisive rhetoric has produced North Korea, Iranian, Chinese and Russian belligerence. Each of these war-seeking nations will strike California (the heart of the U.S. economy) if and when they are given the chance.

None of these issues are crossing the California Legislature or Gov. Brown’s collective minds at this time. If that’s the case then what is the state of the state? We’re on our way to passing the largest transportation tax in the history of California, according to State Senator John Moorlach, that will do nothing to alleviate the current transportation issues, address concerns about former transportation taxes that were appropriated elsewhere or address Cal Trans union-led inefficiencies, instead of accounted for transparency. Additionally, CalSTRS continues missing investment return rates, and the unfunded liability will drain state, city and county finances in only a few years. Other California pensions aren’t doing much better, and these workers who were promised one thing will more than likely never see there money in the coming decades.

Something will have to give – pensions to public employee unions. The promise was, we (the Democratic controlled state), will promise you hundreds of billions of taxpayer money, if only you keep electing us without ever actually asking how that plays out in the real world of diminished returns, an aging society and an already overtaxed electorate. California is also trillions in debt along with almost a trillion dollars of infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams, canals) work that needs to be done immediately.

Through this maelstrom, Gov. Brown is leading in polls to replace Senator Feinstein if she retires and the California Legislature has solid approval ratings. Yet crime soars in all major California cities after the passage of anti-cop, anti-incarceration propositions (47 and 57) and AB109. Democratic voters, moreover, allow the governor to reign over a “green clergy or green clerisy state,” says Joel Kotkin, to the detriment of the very constituents he claims to help with his anti-carbon, non-negotiable environmental policies.

Now cities such as Hermosa Beach want to be carbon-free without ever asking the economic, long-term, scalable viability of renewable energy to replace coal or gas-fired power plants. With the difficulties imposed by environmental mandates, (which do nothing to offset coal-fired carbon use by countries such as Germany, the U.K., China, India, most of Asia and Africa), the U.S. Census Bureau now reports housing permits and construction have slowed in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles, where I am based, continues to pass higher taxes while flouting federal immigration law. When does the madness stop? Or does it ever, particularly if Prop. 13 is overturned and state revenue would soar. That is an ever-looming possibility to solve budgetary gaps, but California continues voting for Democrats who govern this way.

What California has become, moreover, is a paradox of dysfunctional Republicans and Democrats who aren’t the kind of Democrats our parents grew up under – Pat Brown, FDR, Truman and Kennedy – men who cared about middle class prosperity and jobs, instead of billionaire Tom Steyer’s environmental edicts. Which is ironic, since he made billions off fossil fuels. We also lead the nation in illegal immigration, increasing welfare recipients, decreased incarceration causing skyrocketing crime rates and a overregulated middle class that is fleeing the state. But this is good for Democrats since the arriving poor take their place hoping for generous entitlements, service jobs or some type of government employment that benefits the California Democratic Party. It’s a perfect storm of how California is headed into a very dark pit of titanic proportions.

According to a Social Science Research Council report California has the most un-equitable levels of income, education levels and standards of living between coastal and inland communities. But as Joel Kotkin states: “Our emerging republic of climate” will only exacerbate these problems while tech, entertainment and media companies keep headquarters in California, but the real work is done in Texas, Nevada, North Carolina and other low cost, low tax states. California, however, was once the heart of the American dream, but the Democratic Party and apathetic, longing-for-Reagan-Republicans have killed that dream until voters change their patterns.

California losing its manufacturing base, aerospace and military industries is analogous to the U.S. losing deterrence; seeking to recapture that lost spirit is among the most dangerous moments when great powers lose their way. California and the U.S. will find this out at their peril whether this year or in the near future – but we will find out.

Allowing the North Koreans to develop an ICBM or signing a nuclear agreement with the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism – Iran – or letting the Chinese militarize the $5 trillion a year South China Sea while backing down to Assad continuing to gas his population are the same as California wholeheartedly believing in climate change/global warming without ever asking the consequences of your actions? California and the U.S. are on a sure-fire path to war – militarily and economically – because what was once normal (deterrence and middle class prosperity) have been replaced by fashionable, progressive policies. The false canard of sloganeering has taken over from that passé, dullard way of studying how economies grow, jobs are created and families being at the epicenter of public policy is no longer in vogue.

I implore California voters to begin asking themselves, their families and friends why they keep voting for the same public officials while expecting different results. Further, President Donald Trump doesn’t need us – and would beat Hillary Clinton again if the election was held today – so the Legislature and Gov. Brown should make nice immediately. One strategically placed nuke flips California’s massive electoral college votes to the next Republican running for president. That’s not made up scenarios, but realpolitik at its scariest. So stop the nonsense and imprudent hatred of the president. Our lives and state may depend upon it, quicker than we want to believe.

While elite, California enclaves decry high crime rates, they voted for the very people who put in place the propositions that treat criminals the way a parent treats a child who takes an extra piece of candy. Deterrence works – for societal criminals, murderous, nation-state tyrants and for California policymakers – but for now, sticking our heads in the sands and hoping for the best while Senator Kevin de Leon and Gov. Brown shove climate change legislation down our economic throats won’t stop North Korea or the downfall of California.

Todd Royal is a geopolitical risk and energy consultant based in Los Angeles.


  1. Bonnie B. Raisin says

    Spot on article and let’s hope it generates indignation. The Golden State is losing its luster and apathy reigns supreme! We can make our case at local meetings of city councils and county supervisors who, unfortunately, are on the side of the elite liberals!

  2. Victoria Smith says

    Absolutely true on all counts, except that God is still in control. However, He allows us free will to vote for these self serving, egomaniacs, whose only thought is to maintain the power and wealth they have amassed at our expense. The answer is for us to be on our knees praying that hearts will be turned to or back to God.

    • Emanuelle Goldstein says

      I’m beginning to think it may take a surprise package from Kim Jong Un to turn anyone in this state around. Or, a major dam collapse to prove to the puffed-up mental midgets in Sacramento that they aren’t as smart as they think.

  3. askeptic says

    “… in the cross hairs of North Korean nuclear missiles …”
    Several years back, when the Norks first announced their “development” of an ICBM capable of reaching North America, CNN breathlessly reported on this event by showing a graphic depicting a missile path from North Korea to its impact point in western North America… a point that appeared to be Sacramento. Many of us cheered!
    Why does CNN hate Sacramento?

    Many of us stopped voting for these Richard Craniums long ago, as if it made any difference in this one-party state.

  4. retiredxlr8r says

    Thanks, great article! There’s a lot in this article. A thinking persons essay on California’s blind legislature and governor. I believe that California is already lost. As a Citizen of California I don’t see a solution to the debt this legislature and the governor ignore. The stupidity of Brown and de Leon along with Feinstein and Harris is immeasurable when their comments and conduct are placed in the real world. Flat out scary!

  5. JLSeagull says

    North Korea doesn’t need an ICBM to hit the U.S. The mobile missiles they are now testing have a range of 500-600 miles. Armed with nuclear warheads and loaded on to freighters they can sit off the West, East and Gulf coasts and wreak havoc on a huge portion of the US manufacturing, agriculture and population right now or in the near future. Duck and cover anyone?

  6. The schools are brainwashing a great number of people.I look at television advertising and think how stupid. I wonder who their target is as it certainly can’t be anyone with any common sense. Today the light bulb went on.

  7. Mounteer says

    The effects of a nuclear strike on LA or SF would not just be felt in those cities. Much of the state would lose power, access to fresh water and food.

  8. Patton'sGhost says


    Meanwhile, the movers will be here in two weeks…

    Self preservation instincts are kicking in…

  9. I think we have millions of illegals voting in our (California) elections. Moonbeam gave all the illegals drivers licenses and they are voting. Why are the elections results not being challenged? Put Brown and his Dumbocratic Legislature in jail. Let’s get our state back!

  10. It’s too late Baby

  11. Remember what the queen said in “Alice in Wonderland” I think of 100 impossible things before breakfast. Does this sound familiar?

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