California lawmakers weigh bill to ban cities from requiring voter ID for local elections


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California cities would be prohibited from establishing voter ID requirements in local elections, under a proposed law being considered by the Legislature. SB 1174 is intended to preempt the City of Huntington Beach, which is set to vote this March on whether require that voters present identification before voting in city elections.

It would also affect other city government considering implementing such a policy, according to a statement from the bill’s author, Sen. Dave Min, D-Irvine. California voters are not required to present ID in most circumstances during state elections. However, state law leaves it up to local jurisdictions for local elections. “Healthy democracies rely on robust access to the polls.

That’s why in California we follow the facts when it comes to the overwhelming body of evidence that voter ID laws only subvert voter turnout and create barriers to law abiding voters,” Min said in a statement.

Huntington Beach Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark is a proponent of voter ID requirements, and in an interview with Spectrum News 1 said, “If asking for an ID makes people feel more secure and brings back their faith for our voting system, then why not?”

Min pointed to the success of California’s COVID-19 motivated push for universal mail-in ballots, and that proponents of voter ID laws have not produced any evidence of voter fraud.

“At the same time, we know that voter ID laws can make it more difficult for seniors, people of color, young people, and other historically marginalized groups from participating in our democracy,” he said. The bill has not yet been assigned to a committee for consideration. Civil rights groups and others have long been wary of voter ID requirements.

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A League of Women Voters report said that “not only do these measures disproportionately impact Black, Native, elderly, and student voters, but they also fail to effectively address any real issues related to election integrity — the very thing advocates say these measures are designed to do. “ Min is running to succeed Rep. Katier Porter in Congress.

This bill will not affect his race.

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  1. Disgusted CA Voter and Tax Payer says

    Seriously – ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, Dimwits??? YES – I mean the Dem party!!!! What the devil ails you??? You have NO respect for our country, NO respect for our laws, AND – apparently, NO respect even for your tax-paying citizens that are your constituents!!!!

    You WILL be held accountable – if not in this life – then in the next step!!! May you rot with Hitler and Soros and the rest of them – in a very hot place!!!!!

  2. There goes democracy.
    I need a drivers license to buy liquor, cash a check, board a flight to prove who I amand something as so important to provide who I am when voting and avoid election fraud and make it easy tor non-citizens to vote in elections?
    You can’t make this stuff up

  3. Have you noticed how the impact by requiring voter ID is never defined? You need ID to do so many things such as using the library, entering a building, flying, getting medical treatment, etc . Why not to vote? How does requiring an ID intimidate people from voting? Have you ever seen a person identified who stated they refrained from voting because they had to identify themselves?

    • Anybody that refrained from voting because of an ID requirement was probably about to commit a felony and vote illegally.

  4. So what are they afraid of???? can’t control the corruption??? Amazing isn’t it … that ID is required in other countries!!!

  5. Michael Flynn says

    Better get this passed, use voter ID, before the presidential election!

  6. Even backwards nations of the world require strong voter integrity. Some use indelible inks on the fingers, others more sophisticated. However, CA demorats need no integrity to win because that allows them to cheat if they are to win.

  7. Disgusted CA….. this is the problem…. there are few true Americans left that truly understands humanity and creed!!! The 3rd world leaders have penetrated our soil and know how to create HELL that they came from. Really makes a lot of sense doesn’t it!!???

  8. Ronald Hamby says

    Next , look out they will push for no- vote- ID nationwide even for national elections. California is a 3rd world country all on its own. The state of New York is a close second …

  9. Was Drunken Dave Min sober when he submitted this bill? The Commiecrats in the SacraMoskow Duma will do anything to undermine voter integrity. It’s the only way they can insure their continued election.

  10. These communist fascist racist satanic woke slave-owning democrats will do anything to allow them to continue they’re voting FRAUD practices…….it’s the ONLY way they can keep their agenda and policies in a Republic nation!!

  11. Just another way the Fascists nazi democrap party tries to
    Keep their hold on power. Let’s face it…DEMOCRATS SUCK

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