California May Be Reaching the Point of ‘Taxuration’

taxesThe phenomenon of “taxuration” occurs when taxpayers are so saturated with new tax-hike proposals that they start to rebel. According to a new poll, taxuration may have finally arrived in California, if hasn’t been here already.

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Last week, the Public Policy Institute of California released the findings of a survey showing that a majority of likely voters in the state aren’t very happy with the tax burdens they are forced to pay. Most Californians say the state’s tax system is unfair, which is a reversal from the same question asked in March 2017. More importantly, a solid majority of likely voters in California think they pay more taxes to state and local governments than they should.

While perception is often not correlated with reality, it appears that Californians have a fairly realistic understanding of the tax burden in the state relative to other states. According to the report, “The public’s perceptions are somewhat in line with fiscal facts: California’s state and local tax collections per capita in 2015 were 10th-highest in the nation,” citing the left leaning Tax Policy Center. Note that another think tank, the Tax Foundation, ranks California even higher in tax burden.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone paying attention that citizens are reaching the breaking point on tax hikes. Every day seems to bring a new big tax-hike proposal emanating from the state Capitol. Just one example that popped up this week was a proposal to bring back California’s estate tax, which was repealed by voters in 1982. Other tax-hike proposals in the mix include higher income tax rates, a water tax, a soda tax, sales tax on services and a so-called “carbon intensity” tax. (Don’t ask.)

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  1. Donald J says

    With the top 1% of California State Income Tax payers paying almost 50 percent of the tax and the balance spread of several million people and the majority of voters putting the same Tax and Spend Politicians in charge of the henhouse it will go on until the Socialists get their way and then it will collapse.

  2. Delbert Tharp says

    They can pass any tax they want and it will not be challenged how do I know this, they had a chance to repeal the unneeded gas tax that the legislature passed but wouldn’t do it. The voters of this state are just plain stupid to the point of being ridiculous, the lower income people believe that these new taxes will be covered by the rich when they don’t realize that it will come back to them when they go to the gas pump, this will be the same for any other tax they come up with. Get a clue and vote these screwballs out and get someone in there that will vote in your behalf.

    • showandtell says

      Voting shenanigans by the Dems in the last election (and before) brought this stuff on. They are seeing to it that as many absentee ballots as possible are printed so they can collect them and skew the vote their way. And that’s just one problem, as you know. Same day registration, provisional voting, motor voter, dead people on the rolls, duplicates, etc. But we must deep-six ballot harvesting; otherwise how can we proceed? The operatives on their side have shown themselves to be shameless in this. “By any means necessary” is not the mantra of decent, sensible people, okay?

  3. The Captive says

    This state screws every dollar it can tax out of the people. Why would a person let them estate tax you into DEATH INSTEAD of giving it to your relatives or anything but a tax? Yes , they are STUPID!!

  4. askeptic says

    Don’t tax thee, and don’t tax me, tax that man yonder behind the tree.

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