California Regulator Threatens Trump With `Extreme’ Auto Rules

A top California environmental regulator is threatening to enact tough, new pollution rules — including an unprecedented ban on cars burning petroleum-based fuels — in response to a Trump administration plan to relax vehicle emission standards.

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California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols said the state would be forced to pursue “extreme” requirements to offset the uptick in pollution that would be unleashed if federal vehicle emission and fuel economy standards are weakened.

“If we lose the state vehicle standards, we have to fill up the gap with other measures,” Nichols said at a forum on the issue Thursday. “We will be faced with dramatic alternatives in terms of tighter, stricter controls on everything else, including movement of vehicles and potentially looking at things like fees and taxes and bans on certain types of vehicles and products.”

Nichols did not explicitly outline possible changes at Thursday’s event, which was held to discuss the consequences of the Trump proposals and potential California countermeasures. But in remarks prepared for the meeting, she raised the specter of outlawing conventional vehicles with combustion engines, as well as tougher anti-pollution requirements on everything from fuel to the refineries producing it. …

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  1. askeptic says

    Mary Nichols is suffering from the Leftist Dementia that is found in most over-credentialed, under-educated fools on that side of the spectrum.
    She is under the delusion that wild a** theory is truth, and that scientific facts are the construct. This is what happens when you look at the world standing on your head – which is quite easy when it’s pointed.
    She should be retired to the nearest sanitarium.

  2. tomsquawk says

    Good ‘Ole CA. The Center of the Universe. Wow, more fees and taxes; what else is there in life? Always the solution. Hey, I have driven my 11 year old auto 55,589 in that many years. My last auto I retired after 29 years; it had just turned 100,000 miles. That was less than 5m a year. I can walk to the market and the majority of goods and services are a short distance. I also combine my trips so as to not waste gas which is wasted by the traffic signals every 500 yards that will stop 50 cars for the one car that wants to cross the road. I go at off hours to avoid that. The only distance I drive is 1,000 one way to a cabin in Wyoming. We drive 25 miles to town once a week to shop. What the heck else can I do. Does she even state specifics; what are the relaxed standards? I’m tired of the thieves in Sackatomatoes. Seems like alot of tax dollars get diverted away from their initial purpose or for what nobody wants. And they let themselves get ripped off and pass their mistakes along to us. Do you want to impeach somebody? Try impeaching yourselves Sackatomatoes.

  3. Michael Leipski says

    While most of the rest of the nation lives in the real world Commieforna is living in lala land. They make the rules that us low lifestyle have to follow. But they as the so called leaders do not. Has this lady that is the head of CARB ever ever had a job where you have to produce something?? An people wonder why things are so expensive in CA. Free markets are not allowed in the peoples republic of CA.

  4. How many businesses and people has Ca. driven out of the state? Some people are migrating to Ca. on the other hand. Soon the balance sheet will display wealth left or not.

  5. I am always curious if these idiots ever think about the consequences of these silly laws they want to pass. Take the car ban. First most people can not afford to buy an electric car and/or don’t have any way to charge them. All the car dealers would go out of business beause they would only have one model to sell. There would be no trucks to pull boat trailers so the vacation areas on lakes and rivers would go out of business. No way to transport goods and services from manufacturer to market and no way for the farmers to harvest or plant their crops. It would take hours to get to and from work if you lived more than 15 miles to work. What they want is to go back to the horse and buggy days and you would ride a horse to but then they would complain about the manure on the streets. Stupid people!!

    • Daniel Wright says

      The state would just follow the example of S.F. and hire poop cleaners to hose off the streets and highways. But then the animal rights people would step in citing animal slavery as why we should just walk everywhere.

  6. Daniel Wright says

    Can this woman be impeached? She is an unelected bureaucrat. Isn’t she a “public servant’? She isn’t serving the people of Ca., She is using us as pawns in her childish,political chess game with the POTUS. These “elitists” see themselves as guardians of the “clueless” citizens. Just how is she planning to implement her plan? Imaging her sending CHP,Sheriff’s deputies and city police officers to disable the engines of millions of cars,pickups ,SUV’s and big rigs.Is she planning to activate the Ca. national guard to help if necessary? Imagine blocking all highways into Ca.allowing only the entrance of electric cars into the state. Imagine food shortages and statewide riots. Does she consider the consequences of her childish notions if she actually acts on her threats? Apparently not. It has happened. The inmates have successfully taken over the asylum. Lawsuits would most likely stop her,but imagine the damage it would cause while the molasses speed of the court’s actions took it’s time in resolving this unnecessary fiasco. Just who does she think she is,California’s mother,or just a tin-horn dictator?

  7. Donald Davis says

    Well, we know who is in bed with the governor.

  8. SHANE CONWAY says

    A bark without a bite! Businesses would finally step up and take control. Imagine all the tourists who would not be allowed to drive their gasoline powered cars from Colorado to Disneyland. Or from Reno to Napa wine country I say “bring it on!”.

  9. Don’t tolerate Mary Nichols. Now that she has been exposed. Remove her from any and all government positions. Californians don’t have to put up with her rank madness.

  10. John Galt says

    Last I looked electric cars take ELECTRICITY, something that is in short supply in this insane state and is going to get WORSE. What these idiots don’t realize is that if you rapid charge a car it takes twice as much energy and a slow charge. Watch a major black out at night when 5 million cars are plugged in for a rapid charge on a hot summers night. That is when the entire wet dream comes crashing down around their ears. Oh and Tim Cook of Apple needs to learn something about ‘climate change’ and that dreaded CO2, he’s as ignorant as the guy that runs the local pet food store about it.

  11. its amazeing how many people see these statment as joke californian are a set of people who love more taxes and fees wich are more raxes they will have no problem doing these things californian love it,notice how they voted?

  12. The vintage car hobby/business is at risk here. This Civil Servant (who is neither, in my opinion) has said that collector cars should only be moved through the state on a trailer. Of course, no mention of the tow vehicle, but she, with her over zealous ideas, is going for the early less clean burning cars.
    I think she has a hidden agenda and it’s concealed in the hysteria of CARB.

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