California Republican Wants Warning Labels on Guns

evan p. cordes / Flickr / C

evan p. cordes / Flickr / C

California State Assemblywoman Catherine Baker, R-Dublin, is pushing legislation to require that warning labels accompany all firearms sold in the state.

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Baker’s bill, AB1525, would also raise the passing grade “for the issuance of a firearm safety certificate” from 75 percent to 85 percent.

The text of Baker’s bill says that firearms packaging and “any descriptive materials” that accompany firearms sold in California shall contain the following warning:

The presence of a firearm in the home can significantly increase the risk of suicide, homicide, and unintentional shootings for household members. Firearms must be handled responsibly and securely stored to prevent access by children and other unauthorized users. California has strict laws pertaining to firearms and you can be fined or imprisoned for failure to comply with them. Visit the web site of the California Attorney General…for information on firearms laws applicable to you and how you can comply.
The warning also states:
Children are attracted to and can operate firearms that can cause severe injuries or death. Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison.

The Firearms Policy Coalition reports that the warning label push is the result of Baker and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence working together for more gun control in California.

Baker is the only Republican representing the San Francisco Bay Area, and serves in a highly contested East Bay seat.

The “warning label” push was anticipated well in advance by gun rights advocates. On May 8, 2013 — less than a month after Senator Joe Manchin’s, D-WV, post-Sandy Hook gun control bill went down in flames — Breitbart News asked, “Is Gun Ownership the New Smoking?” The point of the question was to examine whether desperate gun control groups were about to go after guns using the same tactics that anti-tobacco forces had employed to go after cigarettes.

During a Sep. 10, 2015 appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts confirmed that her gun control group planned on defeating the NRA by going around Congress to put “policies in place” at various businesses “just like they did with tighter [laws for] smoking.”

Assemblywoman Baker and the Brady Campaign are now calling for warning labels similar to those printed on the outside of cigarette packs and cartons.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at

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  1. STEVEN LEWIS says

    I really don’t see how a warning label will do any good such as reducing shooting deaths. And I have to question whether this Assemblywoman, Baker, is a conservative. It’s the same old liberal rhetoric that’s blind to the fact criminals don’t obey laws or care about warnings.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    the audacity of ignorance!
    Ms Baker is NOT a Republican, I don’t care what’s after her name, she’s a left leaning liberal without a doubt.

  3. As I posted on another forum, this IDIOT hasn’t been within 10′ of a firearm, much less a new one. Having had the pleasure of opening a few new boxes there are ALREADY warnings in them. Plus in the ‘free’ state of Kommieforniastan, you have a ‘mandatory’ firearms handling session with your new purchase AND of course the MANDATORY illegal permitting processes to purchase it. All of which already cover firearm safety and safe handling procedures. There is more emphasis on safety of firearms than there is in those 2 ton projectiles called automobiles.

  4. THE CAPTIVE says

    How ignorant and stupid! Just another way for LIBS- to get more money to skim and scam off to GOD KNOW WHERE!

  5. Another RINO in action. She belongs in AZ and the John McCain camp.

  6. Are these people mental? Do they seriously think even for a moment that a sticker will make a difference?
    What about the vast majority of buyers who already have guns at home? Everybody gets a sticker. Wow! Just like at the dentist.

  7. If only we had legislators that knew what laws were already on the books…..but that would mean they’re smart and informed, and would be terribly overqualified for their position.

    • I doubt seriously that anybody has a clue as to the laws, both legal and illegal, that are on the books. The VERY first thing they SHOULD do is…research but that doesn’t get them votes to keep the gravy flowing. Seriously exactly how many laws do we need to say that murdering someone is not a good thing?

  8. I find it hard to find anymore words to describe idiots. The previous posters say it all. Lord save us from the ignorant.

  9. David Beckley says

    If they get this, it’s only fair to put one on car doors that warns against operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It would be just as effective. She doesn’t take into account the fact that most people who unlawfully use firearms can’t read.

  10. Is there any way to use your Constitutional RIGHTS and still live in California? Do “progressives” intend to create a totalitarian society where everything is illegal except for what they specifically sanction?

  11. Skeptical says

    “Baker is the only Republican representing the San Francisco Bay Area, and serves in a highly contested East Bay seat.”

    For you animal watchers out there, the California RINO looks like other RINOs and prefers Constitutional violations too, but actually brays. No foolin!

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