California’s Latest War on Trump – Gas mileage standards: Jim Lacy discusses on Fox Business

Jim Lacy discusses California’s latest war on Donald Trump – gas mileage standards – and how it could result in two different kinds of cars being produced: One for Californians, and one for everyone else.

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Also talked about: New proposed legislation would exempt California teachers from paying income tax.


  1. True Teacher says

    At first, this news came as a shock. But as I started thinking about it, there is a big push to do the following things:

    Attract more and better people to the profession. Is it not true that teachers in general and California teachers in particular are taking big hits based on student performance?

    Also, liberals make no bones about where they would rather invest money, and it isn’t in national defense or in the private sector. They, unlike conservatives, focus on egalitarian ideas, and to the liberal that starts with education. For too long, conservatives let control of education slip to the other side, preferring instead to rely on elite private education and sexier issues. If this is not accurate, then why are political party education planks and talk about education during elections so rare? I mean, you hardly hear much about the issue in most debates, and on the local level the talks hardly carry a tone of subsidiarity.

    I’ve always argued that a perceived Republican Party indifference was a big mistake because the masses attend public schools, and for that reason conservatives and Republicans were lax in not focusing more energy on an issue that has great influence over so many potential voters.

    If high paying jobs attract people into a profession, then I can clearly see why the legislature is doing this. So, the rubber now meets the road and people who would traditionally forsake becoming a teacher now will think twice about it. And don’t be fooled, the state is not interested in protecting incompetent teachers, for if they were they would not be recruiting those among you who would never teach because “doers” just don’t teach. Well, the state is telling the doers to put their money where there mouth is, and they aren’t giving younger people and career changers much choice in the matter since the public sector is increasingly suffocating the private sector. If you are growing up today and need to decide on how you will make a living, wouldn’t teaching kids suddenly look better?

    We saw under Obama the pure power of an activist government in re-shaping culture and society through politics. This is clearly the game plan in California. If the government is to become our children’s parents, then more teachers and a bigger percentage of the budget to support them is part of the plan. Once everyone is on the state payroll and there are no more private barons of industry, real estate, etc., and just the apparatchiks and governing elite remain, they can then legislate poverty on whomever they wish, teachers included. To the statist, 100% of the population on the public payroll sounds about right.

    Just some thoughts here.

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