Coupal: Gov. Newsom’s silly arguments against the Taxpayer Protection Act don’t stickCoupal:

Last week, the organizations sponsoring the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA) filed their response to the governor and Legislature’s lawsuit, which seeks to remove the overwhelmingly popular measure from the November general election ballot. 

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The Taxpayer Protection Act will close court-created loopholes in Prop. 13 as well as providing additional taxpayer safeguards:

  • Empower voters with the right to approve or reject all new state taxes as well as local taxes.
  • Increase accountability and transparency so politicians spend our tax dollars more efficiently, and ballot titles for tax increases are clear and truthful.
  • Stop government agencies from imposing “hidden taxes” disguised as fees imposed by appointed bureaucrats.

The organizations that are sponsoring and defending the Taxpayer Protection Act include the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Business Roundtable and the California Business Properties Association, which collectively represent tens of thousands of homeowners, businesses large and small, and owners of commercial real estate. These groups were supported by several “friend of the court” briefs from over a dozen local taxpayer associations. 

The lawsuit by Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrat leadership, backed by public employee unions, calls for the nearly unprecedented step of using the courts to deny voters their constitutional right to vote on this duly qualified initiative, a commonsense taxpayer protection and accountability measure. They are using a series of political, not legal arguments, to ask the California Supreme Court to remove the measure from the ballot. 

The legal brief from the pro-taxpayer coalition exposed the abject lack of legal merit in the arguments from the governor and his allies in the Legislature. Specifically, the attack on the Taxpayer Protection Act fell far short of meeting the extremely high threshold the California Supreme Court has established for removing duly qualified initiatives from the ballot before voters exercise their constitutional right to vote. 

The lawsuit against TPA is chock full of frivolous political arguments to support their position that California voters should not have the right to vote on future taxes. If the lawsuit proves anything it’s that the tax-and-spend progressives who control California are scared to death that TPA will pass. And that fear is well founded as evidenced by polling showing that its provisions are supported by a majority of Californians. 

Previously, the governor and Legislature’s attorneys complained that “the [Taxpayer Protection Act] reduces the Legislature’s spending power… and increases the power of State and local voters to reject taxes and charges.” 

To which we responded, “Yeah, that’s the point.”

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  1. Thanks to the sponsors of this initiative! Still think the State is too progressive to vote for it, but we’ll see…


  3. I am a 38-year Army veteran receiving 100% VA disability. The VAs has programs that will help the homeless veterans. They only need to apply, but too many are afraid of the “paperwork routine” and the bureaucracy.
    They would have to conform to the VA of staying clean of drugs and be relatively sober. Cities are building homes for them, they are not low standard residences, rather modern, clean and safe.

    One thing this state can do, is cooperate with the VA to assist veterans into the programs that fit the needs of the vets. It seems Newscum, et al, are trying to run a conflicting and maybe competitive program that will harm the other one.

    This program will not be free your taxes will be increased and when that happens, they never will go lower. We have seen in other states that have housing for veterans that they have tossed out the veterans and replaced them with illegal aliens. Don’t think that this corrupt state government wouldn’t do that in CA. They may act like they veterans are of concern but look back at the vile the democrats have spewed against veterans dating back to the 60’s. I have never forgotent this betrayal. This slush fund would likely pay for the “free MediCal” for the illegal aliens.

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