Democrats release plan to make California public college free

College debtCalifornia Democrats are making a push to offset the cost of higher education, releasing a sweeping plan to increase student aid that would be perhaps the most favorable in the nation for students – but one that may be unfavorable for the taxpayer.

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“Lower-income students … are able to many times, through our great programs in California, get help to pay for tuition. But they’re still graduating with a tremendous amount of debt,” said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento.

The plan, unveiled earlier this month, would cover not just tuition but living expenses as well, making it different from other similar proposals in states like New York.

“California is taking the boldest step in the nation for making college debt-free,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, said in a recent press conference.

The cost for the program would come at a price tag of $1.6 billion per year, phased in over five years, and would be paid for using money from the state’s General Fund, lawmakers say.

Proponents say existing tax revenues will cover the cost, but other projections to provide universal college came in at a much higher cost of $3.3 billion annually.

Some lawmakers are skeptical of the effectiveness of the plan, especially as California confronts a wide range of other issues like infrastructure and entitlement spending.

“I think it’s well intentioned,” Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez said of the plan. “But I don’t think it recognizes the economic reality or really addresses the challenges we have to address.”

Additionally, the plan comes at a time when the effectiveness of Cal State schools is being called into question due to poor graduation rates.

For example, under 20 percent of full-time CSU freshmen graduate in four years, much less than the 34 percent national average for public universities.

The “Degrees Not Debt” program would affect around 400,000 students at UC and Cal State institutions.

It’s just one of over a dozen student-aid related bills already proposed in Sacramento this year alone to offset the cost of college, as the average student loan debt per graduate in the Golden State is $22,191.

For example, Assembly Democrats last month pushed forward a plan that would grant in-state tuition for individuals in the state as refugees.

Currently, around 60 percent of Cal State students and about half of University of California and community college students already have their tuition fully covered by existing grants and aid programs.

Student aid and college reform has come into increasing focus, partly spurred by former Democratic Bernie Sanders’ push to make all at public universities tuition-free.

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  1. College tuition free? Then if ya get a college education and have a “degree” then that and 50 cents will get ya a cup of coffee at the food wagon. They will just guarantee that all of our street dwellers are better educated to beg for handouts!

    • I have absolutely no problem with giving these snotflakes their education for free (on my dime) IF they will also agree that once they have graduated and landed that cush job, they will work for FREE for their entire career.
      That’s only fair, right?

  2. More liberal handouts at the expense of the taxpayer. And how much more will the 65,000 millionaires in this State stomach? I would have left years ago. And of course people like Rendon, TaxdeLeon and Jerry the Dimwitted never consider the 1.5 trillion that the State is in debt. And the sheeple just keep electing these dim bulbs because they can’t tell a spreadsheet from a bed sheet!

  3. Why in GOD’S NAME should the common tax-payer make such an investment —when there is no pay-back –just higher taxes. Those rich liberals will not be responsible -that’s a given. Those instructors and professors make very good wages –do they do anything for those wanting everything free? Doubt it!
    This is another scam –by the CC CROWD who are BRAINWASHING THE kids in schools today -k-12—so these people will end up OBEYING THEIR MASTERS !

  4. Well since it’s already been established that an Education (brainwash) in California is expensive and if it will be offered to potential voters for the Demo/Commie party for free HOW will it be paid for?
    The Left wing supporters seem to believe that it will really be free since they think “The Government Is Paying For It!). News flash, the government doesn’t earn money, “they take” from the taxpayers and “redistribute” in this case to the pied piper followers of what was once a great state!

  5. That which is personally paid for has value, that which is free does not.

  6. “Democrats release plan to make California public college free”

    This is 2017 California, not the 1950s California of Governor Pat Brown, which was then the fifth largest world economy and flush with money to pay for its ambitions.

  7. To teach them what?!!! All I have seen coming out of those colleges is lucky to know how to tie their own shoes….drink and party….oh yeah, and don’t forget their ‘Safe Spaces with their little coloring books’!

  8. There They go, the HACKS for the New World Order Gang——throwing candy bars into the POTENTIAL VOTERS—that They will commence to totally betray by opting for “open borders/ Communism, by NEWSPEAK terms” and CHEAP LABOR—keeping the population both un-educated and on welfare————but continuing to vote for self slavery. WOW.
    Gov. MoonBeam stated no less than FIVE TIMES whilst being interviewed/propagandized on radio—thought it was a comedy act when Jerry commenced to say the 30 FOOT WALL was to keep people in, like the BERLIN WALL THAT RONALD REAGAN HAD TORN DOWN—‘dummyKeep people in ? Now Jerry Brown I know You ate the 1960’s—whatever was going around;BUT????To keep people from escaping the United States—–Jerry Brown, the N.W.O. “hack” does want uncontrolled borders and that is a betrayal of : 1st the poor Negro, that L.B.J. replaced with the ILLEGAL MEXICAN/ whomever can pass as such
    #2—the Mexican’s that are to be replaced with a new “sub-culture”====YES I’VE SET IN THE SESSION ROOMMSSS
    the mass migrations from anyone that can pass the race bar—
    Passing the “race bar..(basically anyone that is not male and caucasian)”
    —and a promise to elect nothing but democrats—-free everything—-up to the eating at MceeDees———;but, do not try to enter above Your Cast.

  9. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Should I laugh or scream ? What is the appropriate response to a “free college education” plan from morons who themselves have demonstrated by their actions they have hardly a third grade level of math or financial literacy, if ANY ? ( No insult intended to third graders )

  10. True Teacher says

    The Democrat Party finances its voter enrollment agenda with taxpayer dollars.

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