Dirty Tricks Used to Increase Your Taxes

Perhaps California’s political structure hasn’t quite devolved into the kind of despotic regime like we see in North Korea or Venezuela, but that doesn’t mean we’re not headed in that direction. As reported last week in this column, the attack on Proposition 13 is now in full gear as proponents of the infamous “split roll” initiative are on the streets collecting signatures for their new $12 billion property tax increase on Californians.

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The measure, entitled the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020, would remove one of Proposition 13’s most important protections, the limitation on annual increases in taxable value, from commercial properties. Proponents of the measure have made it clear that their ultimate objective is the full dismantling of Prop. 13, even for homeowners. Taxpayers and businesses are ready for a tough battle, but there remains an open question about what happens when the other side cheats. Two things happened lately that reflect the tax-and-spend lobby’s “win at any cost” mindset.

First, with an assist from a politically biased politician serving in the Attorney General’s office, proponents were able to secure a one-sided title and summary to the signature petitions.

The title and summary that Xavier Becerra issued on Oct. 17 begins by emphasizing higher funding for education, a main selling point that is popular among voters. This title differs from the original version of a similar measure that highlighted the tax implication for commercial property — something a recent poll suggests would be rejected by voters.

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  1. If money were the key then the LA school district should be the poster child for success. Is it? NOPE.

    If the taxes increase on businesses who pays the bill? The State of Calif.? NOPE You the consumer.

    This is an indirect tax on every person in Calif. It uses the companies to collect the tax and hides the fact that the State has forced companies to become the tax collector.

    Is Calif. under taxed? NOPE

    So who is the DOPE here? Anyone that would vote to increase taxes and force product and services to go up.

  2. Prior to 1978 the Brown Administration was (much like today) totally out of control grabbing tax increases after increses to no end. Common sense voters voted in Prop 13 to stop the nonsense, Gov. Brown faked “ok” with the passage and went into a closet and SCREAMED “I will get even”. Thus began the almost monthly attack on Prop 13 and a tremendous amount of schemes to trick the voters into voting in way too many Tax and Spend programs over the years to grow Government power over the serfs. By and large they have been more than successful at picking the taxpayer pockets and now they want to run more businesses out of Cali (who employ people and pay taxes). One thing the Socialists are consistent with is that they never look far enough ahead to the final outcome.

  3. Becerra is nothing but a piece OF SHIT WETBACK MEXICAN…He is nothing but TRASH. This is exactly what he did with the gas tax, then hid it in the back of the ballot…One person comes to my door asking me to sign anything prop 13 related is TAKING THEIR OWN LIVES IN THEIR HANDS..

  4. I’m afraid that Prop 13 will become a victim of one of those giant roller machines used to smooth out the new asphalt. This hard-left government, the propagandist educational system and the media who fawn over them have a stranglehold on California that is unshakeable. There are too few conservatives and independents to turn the tide, it’s a tsunami. There is no stopping the fervor of those who believe in the righteousness of taking from the producers to give to those who do nothing but take.

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