Excessive State Budget Pushed Forward by Dems

BudgetThursday, Sacramento Democrats all voted in support of a budget that has an unknown cost, but is estimated to easily exceed the governor’s record-level budget spending that he proposed just two weeks ago. The Assembly’s current budget proposal is essentially a blank check committed to using record levels of taxes collected for a laundry list of bloated bureaucracies and wasteful projects.

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This new budget proposal hides unilateral government plans to increase fees on every car owner and taxes on every cellphone user in California. Wasteful projects like the high speed rail are rewarded with $145 million of additional largesse. Furthermore, mismanaged bureaucracies such as Caltrans receive increased funding with zero oversight while California drivers experience worst in the nation traffic conditions.

On top of the $10 yearly vehicle registration fee hike and nearly 400 percent cellphone tax increase, some of the other highlights from the Democrats’ “Blank Check” Budget include a $145.2 million appropriation for high-speed rail, $2.1 billion for an “optional” Obamacare expansion, and an additional $3.2 billion for the recently raised minimum wage.
Undoubtedly, the constant flow of high profile businesses leaving California will only accelerate with the Legislative Democrat’s budget proposals. Costly new mandates like the $15/hr minimum wage and highest in the nation taxes have prompted CEO magazine to once again name California as the worst state in which to do business, a distinction it has held every year the survey has been conducted.

Simply put, California voters need to clearly understand that the Democrat agenda of higher taxes, unending regulations, and “blank check” government spending has led California off the cliff and resulted in massive debt, job scarcity, and the nation’s highest poverty rate. June and November elections are coming, and it’s time for Californians to stand up and just say no to Democrats and their free spending ways.

This piece was originally published by the Flash Report


  1. askeptic says

    Headline should be revised to “Dems propose Puerto Rico Budget for CA”.

  2. The Dems just can’t say NO the state employee unions! And they just got to keep giving money to those who don’t belong here!! Fix the roads NO. Give money to illegals YES. To Dams NO. To a stupid train to nowhere. YES. I say Cut their PAY, Take the cars! Take the perks!! And let them live like the rest of US!!!

  3. Where does it stop. The taxpayers gave them more money for seven years to get caught up and all they can do is spend it like there is no tomorrow. We will once again be asked to make the temporary taxes permeant so they can spend more than they have. Caltrans is the worst organization and there are a lot of others that are just as bad. They just keep spending money on organizations and projects that are totally useless. Between unions and stupid politicians we will soon look like Detroit, where Democrats have been in control for ever. The rich are leaving the state as fast as they can so they don’t have to pay the ridiculous taxes. People please elect some people that have at least a little common sense.

  4. Whats’ the deal with everyone still so concerned with the budget? Can we start a conversation about the root of this all? Those of you who know what I’m talking about please comment

  5. Randy Townsend says

    Why is anyone complaining? CA voters made this choice almost two decades ago. Since most people don’t feel the effects of the tax increases, they don’t object. Businesses are not relocating out of state in any number sufficient to cause an appreciable loss of revenue. Folks, as much as we don’t like it, this is CA. Conservatives do not have the ability to change any of it. So, while pieces like this are true, they ignore the reality of what this state is. It will not change regardless of the financial situation the libs put them into.

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