FDA Regulations Could Wipe Out 99 Percent Of E-Cigarette Industry

e-cigaretteThe e-cigarette industry could be all but wiped out thanks to regulations coming down the pipeline from the Food and Drug Administration.

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Most damaging of all, e-cigarette makers will have to retroactively submit marketing applications for all their products, with the costs running into the millions.

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes could also be banned from advertising the reduced risk from substituting smoking for vaping unless they can convince the FDA otherwise.

In 2009, e-cigarettes came under the purview of the FDA and may face many of the restrictions placed on the tobacco industry, such as issuing health warnings and stopping sales to minors.

The e-cig industry is still relatively young, with the first e-cigarette invented in China in 2007. Despite there being close to 20 million Americans regularly using e-cigarettes, the FDA’s regulations could bankrupt the vast majority of producers.

Speaking to The Hill, Jan Verleur, co-founder and CEO of VMR Products, said as much as 99 percent of the industry could be wiped out. “This makes it so any product released after the grandfather date would require premarket approval,” said Verleur.

He added that ”the process could cost us half a million to million dollars,” per individual product. With more than 500 e-cigarette products, VMR Products would have to pay five times the company’s revenue.

His comments echo those of the president of the American Vaping Association Greg Conley who told the L.A. Times Monday that 99 percent of the small businesses in the industry could close their doors.

There is as of yet no fixed date for when the rules come into force. The FDA has said it will give companies two years to submit their applications and they will be able to sell the products under review during that time.

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Originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation


  1. Personally, as someone who went “cold turkey” 45-years ago, I couldn’t care less about the e-cig industry.
    The hypocrisy of The Left in not banning tobacco products so as to enjoy the revenue stream from the taxes they lard onto them is something to behold. Now, with the opening to Cuba, we will see further hypocrisy as these “movers and shakers” access Cuban cigars once again (legally).

  2. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    Let’s not forget the hypocrisy of legalizing marijuana. Any time you inhale particulate matter into your lungs you are risking your health. Inhaling particulate emissions from industry smokestacks is an “environmental justice” issue because lower-income folks tend to live near industrialized areas. That’s a problem. Middle-class or upper-class schmucks smoking weed? Meh, that’s just a “lifestyle choice”. But, tobacco is useful as long as it brings in tax revenue (shout out to First Five California). Marijuana is cool, so make it legal and smoke more… cause you’re about to become another major source of tax revenue feeding the greedy government maw.

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