Free health care will attract more illegal immigrants to California

California is expanding its program to provide taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, though it’s not going as far as many Democratic presidential candidates want the nation to go.

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At the second presidential primary debate, all 10 Democrats on stage said they favored government – meaning all of us who pay taxes – picking up the tab for health care for illegal immigrants with low incomes.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law Tuesday that provides free health care to all low-income young people ages 25 and younger in California, regardless of their immigration status. Previously the state funded health care for people 18 and younger with low incomes, including illegal immigrants.

State officials estimate that raising the age of health care coverage from 18 to 25 will benefit about 90,000 people, although the estimate is far from certain.

It’s surprising that California didn’t go further and allow older low-income illegal immigrants to also get coverage under its Medicaid program, which it calls Medi-Cal, right away. …

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  1. duh? Ya think?

    Newsom and his thumb-sucking, commie socialist are incompetent and contemptible.

    They are teaching us to hate! And, that is sad, very sad, that they would do that for political reasons.

    California is doomed – unsustainable debt – excessive waste of tax revenue and a very unconstitutional state.

    They violate my Second Amendment rights and now they are spending my tax dollars on illegal aliens. If ever there were good reasons for a revolution in California it is starting now in the state legislature.

  2. If corruption were money everyone here would be rich.

  3. Stop and think about what what the benefits will be to Socialist/Commie minded politicians. The goals/agenda of a Socialist/Communist is more Government takeover and expansion. The so called politicians of today do nothing for the people unless there is a real benefit to themselves. They are not doing it for the benefit of Illegals, long term it will mean expanded government an control over the lemmings who have allowed them in office.

  4. ExCaliExpat says

    Is THIS sufficient to warrant RECALL ACTIVITIES, California???

    What’s it gonna take???

    You can’t move away from it… AOC is in New York , Polis is in Colorado…

    When do we finally rise up and say “ENOUGH!!!”

  5. The Captive says

    It’s OTHER PEOPLE’S money so why should Gruesome Newsome care?
    This is how they can scam their way into taking Trillions of dollars from the TAXES -SIMPLY by pulling this stunt and being TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE. Those in CA government love it that way! Do they deserve some germs from, the vomit they cause ? There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

  6. Daniel Wright says

    What illegal immigrants? They are foreign invaders.

  7. Without truth in media we are all whistling passed the graveyard.
    Our best efforts and money for the conservative cause now is only Conservative educational information out on the airways, TV advertisements and bulletins. – everywhere!!! Ignorance is bliss until you see the truth – So post in Spanish too!

  8. Recall Pretty Boy Newsom and things will get better!

  9. Why don’t we just take all the ILLEGAL immigants we are forced to release when they have overstayed their legal holding cell time and send them to all the Sanctuary cities… starting mostly with CommieFornia…? Newsome will be happy to give them free welfare, health, and educational benefits…

  10. Really??? says

    So we will give people who knowingly break laws of the land.

    We will attract more of the people who have little regard for the Constitution or laws of common decency.

    Anyone voting Democrat for any reason?

  11. Christopher M says

    Newsom’s real objective is the White House in an attempt to destroy the US like he will have done by then to California. Right out of the gate Newsom lied about his true intentions with the death penalty and denied hundreds of victims justice for their loved ones. What a dishonest and superficial Governor Newsom is and his wife is equally phony.

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