George Gascón’s Policies Endanger Public Safety

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has enthusiastically embraced radical, pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement policies to fulfill his misguided and dangerous ideology. His policies have ratcheted down punishment to its bare minimum and significantly reduced the prosecution of crime. Murders, gang shootings, organized theft and crime rates have skyrocketed.

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Gascón’s destructive policies are not only unnecessarily costing innocent human lives, but they have resulted in increased economic devastation for families and businesses, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to large retailers. Gascón’s devotion to his ill-informed criminal justice agenda has created a public safety crisis, as well as an economic sinkhole. People have been impacted and traumatized by violent crime, and some businesses have been forced to close stores altogether due to organized shoplifting.

The claim there is no link between the recent crime wave and the enactment of the most radical and far-reaching criminal justice “reform” measures ever implemented is shameless gaslighting, or at best, extreme ignorance. Gascón’s policies increase the recidivism rate, and his adoption of a no cash bail system — which has failed miserably in other states — is causing additional harm to needless victims.

Gascón’s blanket policies in the courtroom abandon victims by prohibiting any sentence enhancements or special allegations. At one point, he attempted to eliminate the charging of enhancements for hate crimes. This “one size fits all” approach eliminates the opportunity for judges to impose appropriate and lawful sentences. Gascón’s orders to his deputies not to seek appropriate bail, when the public has voted overwhelmingly to retain a bail system, is another example of a policy that endangers public safety.

Gascón has also abandoned victims’ next of kin at parole hearings. Imagine the trauma of the mother whose son was brutally beaten, stabbed, shot, stripped naked and left in the middle of the street, being forced to have to confront her son’s killer. Under Gascón’s twisted agenda, the mother is left to present the crime scene photos at a parole hearing all by herself. She must go alone against her son’s murderer and his attorney paid for by tax dollars. This is a real case. This is unacceptable.

The California Constitution mandates prosecutors to attend such hearings. The mother of the murdered victim, as well as the people of Los Angeles, have been abandoned by Gascón. Retired and former deputy district attorneys now assist victims in asserting and protecting their rights because Gascón’s policies are inherently averse to victims’ rights and concerns.

The justice system has plenty of advocates for criminals, including the public defender, the alternate public defender, the ACLU, the Innocence Project, Youth Offender Parole Clinic, Habeas Corpus Resource Center and various political front groups established by special-interest donors seeking to spread this same dangerous version of criminal justice. While always protecting defendants’ rights and upholding the Constitution, the elected district attorney should be an advocate for the people and committed to public safety. Gascón is neither.

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    If Orange County residents want to avoid having the county morph into cesspools like pro-criminal cities (Los Angeles and San Francisco), they MUST re-elect Todd Spitzer!

  2. Soros financed the elections of the SF and the LA D.A.’s. He is probably behind many others in the USA.
    He and his son need to be exiled or ………

  3. Taken to its logical extension, DAs such as Gascon and Boudin would be out of jobs. If they have no interest in prosecuting any alleged law violators, we could shut down the entire criminal justice system and see how that works out. Why have courts, why have judges and their support staffs, why have lawyers, why have jails, why have police, why have bail bondsmen? Think of the money society could save on this completely dysfunctional system if it just disappeared altogether. The problem, of course, which Soros, Boudin, Gascon and their fellow travelers fail to acknowledge while they talk about injustices inflicted on bad actors, centers on the inherently bad people who plague any society throughout history who can’t live with others and are intent on violence and bad acts. Do we allow such people the freedom to live among us and cause an unending amount of mayhem, such as the accused in Kenosha who had a long, long history of violent behavior?

  4. Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón welcomes shoplifters!

    San Francisco, and now even Los Angeles County, have decided to NOT prosecute low level crimes such as graffiti and low dollar theft. They have initiatives that changed six low-level, nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. These included simple drug possession and petty theft offenses under $950 in value (petty theft, shoplifting, receipt of stolen property, forgery and writing a bad check).

    It is working in San Francisco and LA County, as both have “raised” the bar for criminal tolerance by deciding to NOT prosecute low level crimes such as graffiti and low dollar theft. Now our Democratic policy makers want to make it Statewide so we can all watch the state go into the toilet!

    Shoplifters are just abiding by the new law, but the results are that by NOT prosecuting the low-level crimes, “raising” the bar for tolerance motivates those that want to steal or do graffiti can do so with no reprimands from law enforcement!

    Whoever thought California would “legalize” shoplifting, with no debit or credit cards required to shop. The new “norm” will be tough on businesses and the communities that can only “watch” their cities go into the toilet!

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