Get Ready for Higher Electricity Bills

Is Kevin de León trying to kill off what’s left of California’s manufacturing?

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He must. The leader of the California Senate a couple of weeks ago introduced a package of bills that call for a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use by cars and trucks and a 50 percent increase in energy efficiency in buildings, and demands that 50 percent of the electricity generated in the state must come from renewable sources, all by 2030.

All this earns him the warm applause of his base – he was accompanied by environmentalists, union folks and renewable energy entrepreneurs at his press conference – as he pushes the state’s businesses out into the cold.

Look, Californians already pay 50 percent more than the national average for electricity. Industrial customers, including many manufacturers, pay 79 percent more. As a result of that and California’s other high costs, the state has languished with about 1 percent annual growth in manufacturing jobs since the recession while the rest of the country has boomed at close to 7 percent.

And if these bills pass, electricity rates are bound to become shocking, making the state look even uglier to manufacturers. Of course, the effect doesn’t stop with much higher electricity costs.

“This proposal…is an attack on the petroleum industry,” said Tupper Hull of the Western States Petroleum Association. “It will be extraordinarily expensive and coercive. I mean crushingly expensive.”

How expensive no one seems to have calculated. (Why isn’t legislation like this required to submit an economic impact statement?) But whatever the cost is, Californians may well be all alone in bearing these self-inflicted shots.

“We’re going to oppose this very vigorously and not be apologetic about it,” Hull said.

California already has the highest gasoline prices in the continental United States but hey, maybe we can be twice as high as No. 2. Or three times as high. That’d be great for the economy, no?

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  1. notosharia says

    Soooo what do you think they do with all our taxes?
    Do we REALLY get an accounting? Do we ever see results?
    Only in the pockets of those who impose these taxes that we who work pay . Oh I forgot–there are all those ILLEGALS – they get them! Right?

  2. I feel California legislators will have one hell of a time being reelected in their district because of all this secrecy and non-transparency. Its BS, big time!!!

  3. outta California says

    Damn dems

  4. It’s what the voters wanted.

  5. ‘Ghost Gun’ de Leon is a certified Liberal idiot. He just thinks that magic Rainbow Unicorn Pharts can power this state. I can hardly wait for some really big companies to tell this state bye bye.

  6. We need to start bring all this liberal crap to the people to vote on…like we did the banning of plastic bags. That’s the only way to take our state back and give the power back to the ones who should have it…the people

  7. I just called several state senators to say “OPPOSE” these bills. Ranting on Facebook or Tweeting will not get their attention. CALL THE SACAMENTO POLITICIANS AND COMPLAIN PERSONALLY. ok, I did tell folks on Facebook to call and oppose these bills too.

  8. Why are they always Fixing that are not broken… making them worse?!

    A real SICK bunch!

    Why don’t they pass a law that by next year the Moon must be made of 25% less cheese than it is right now?!

    Now, that would really be of a real benefit to us ALL! 🙂 🙂

    Whatever happened to BRAINS?

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