Gov. Brown Strong on Rage, Light on Solutions to State’s Problems

Photo courtesy Steve Rhodes, flickr

Photo courtesy Steve Rhodes, flickr

What is the state of the state in California? Apparently it’s under siege. Gov. Jerry Brown’s annual address sounded more like a commander rallying his troops to resist an occupying force than an informative report from the state government’s chief executive.

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“The recent election and inauguration of a new president have shown deep divisions across America,” said Brown. “While no one knows what the new leaders will actually do, there are signs that are disturbing. . . . Familiar signposts of our democracy – truth, civility, working together – have been obscured or swept aside.”

He returned to the theme moments later, saying that “while we now face different challenges, make no mistake: the future is uncertain and dangers abound. . . . this is a time which calls out for courage and for perseverance.” He promised that as leader of the resistance, he would provide both.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon set the tone before Brown spoke. He railed about “the threats from the new administration to our state’s values and its people,” then declared himself to be “glad to have Gov. Edmund G. Brown fighting with us and for all of us,” as if Brown were preparing to lead soldiers into battle.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León followed, declaring that the California proposition that “every person should enjoy the right to be exactly who they want to be and have an equal opportunity to succeed” is “now under threat.”

And rather than take a more judicious path, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom continued the theme.

“In the last few months,” he said, “we have announced repeatedly and emphatically that we are unafraid to fight.”

Is this the way that the political leaders of a dynamic and influential state should be conducting themselves? These are the people that Californians elected to run the government and make the laws. Is creating an illusion that the state has to defend itself from invaders the best they can do?

Brown called California the “great exception,” which is what it once was, attracting opportunity seekers and tireless workers from across the country and all over the world. But now it’s the “great exception” because even as the Blue State model has been rejected elsewhere, California won’t let go of the government architecture that has caused breakdowns in Connecticut, New Jersey and Vermont – formerly rich states that strangled themselves with layers of government – and in big cities all over the U.S. map.

Entrenched issues that truly plague Californians were not addressed by Brown. The state’s broken, unreliable, unfair and punitive income tax system wasn’t mentioned. Neither was the pension crisis that threatens the economy; the housing crunch which jeopardizes the future; the high cost of energy and the coming energy crisis; the state’s hostile business climate;; and Sacramento’s taste for free spending.

Neither did the Governor talk about poverty.  As Assemblyman Dante Acosta wrote, “he missed the opportunity to call out his own party which has overseen the state for decades with a policy agenda that preaches compassion, but routinely ignores the problems that truly drive poverty.”

The only bright spot of Brown’s entire speech was his stated commitment to infrastructure improvement. California’s roads are a wreck, among the worst in the United States, and need attention. If the governor believes infrastructure is a priority, then he needs to take on that job. And that doesn’t mean leaning on Washington for more funds. It means using those fuel tax dollars Californians already send to Sacramento that should be applied to transportation projects.

It’s much easier to feign conflict with a nonexistent enemy than it is to do the hard political work of getting California back on track. That would require some grit and an abandonment of the old ideas that have brought the state to this creaky point. It takes less effort to oratorically stir up the masses and peel their eyes off the real problems, and refocus them on imagined hobgoblins.

California’s future is truly at risk, but not because the presidential candidate most voters in the state supported wasn’t elected.

Kerry Jackson is a fellow at the Center for California Reform at the Pacific Research Institute.

This piece was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. retiredxlr8r says

    Look at California’s debt and you will see what path California is on.
    And, let’s face it. Brown and Newsom have to distract voters from the truth of California’s debt.
    Brown and the Federal government are NOT going to lock horns, because the LAW says that California WILL LOSE!

  2. You want to know what’s REALLY wrong with Kalifornia? It is Brown, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, Chiang, Harris, Newsom, de Leon, Rendon, etc, etc. And as long as they are in power we are screwed. I can see no way this State will ever recover.

    • We have to get the Progressive/Liberal/Socialists out of the government….they are like cockroaches…..they have taken over the governor’s office, the legislature and the cities & counties. Their battle cry is TAXES, TAXES & MORE TAXES!!! The voters are “Useful Idiots” who just keep voting them in!

    • Victor Rennes says

      Well said. They are the problem and the only problem. California is deep. In sick nasty liberalism.

    • sweetsuzee says

      I couldn’t agree more. God help us as they are so ignorant they don’t see how much they have hurt California.

    • Recovery!
      We need more government employies to help.
      You just don’t get it.
      The saviours are in control.
      Have faith, but yoiu want to buy a home some where else..

  3. Keep the faith.
    As the Country becomes educated to our new path and experiences the realities of same, California will succumb by way of critical mass opinion. I hope sooner, rather than later, with our new President’s efforts, things WILL change for the better. To say the least, it will be an interesting four years!

  4. Anziani, I could not agree more. As long as we are in a spiraling death grip of ultra liberal “economist” politicians, we are doomed from the start. There has never been an economy that has taxed itself into prosperity! Maybe in governor moonbat’s dark mind, but not reality!!

  5. Jeebs. He’s insane. Recall won’t work, because California public is just like him. This was prooved when he mandated medically assisted child sacrifice via SB227. Infant vaccinations have a stastical death fall rate of 6 per 1000 vaccinated. The man is evil, and California party culture is LOVIN’ it!

  6. DR Richard Muccillo says

    Baldheaded pecker nose will meet his doom–time to recall this asshole–he can rant and rave but the fed gov will have the last laugh at this troll

  7. We need the Feds to bring the California Government to it’s knees; it won’t be hard.
    Californians (apparently) won’t do it. We put this turd in for 16 YEARS! During the first 8; he stole our water amongst other things. In his last 8 he’s just finishing us off. Has he ever had a job that wasn’t a government job.?
    I say his next job should be Federal…as an inmate:)

  8. I call on Govenor Jerry Brown to resign his position now, he and Kamal Harris are stone cold liberals, and do not reflect the values of many many Californians. We support our newly elected President Trump, who is trying his best to make America Great again. Gov. Brown has proven he has no answers but for the regurgitated retoric of the radicals in California, the Berkeley radicals who loot , throw rocks , set fires and trash public property in the “name ” of “protest” to Our newly elected President and any conservative speakers. President has proven the IF an elected official wants to make progress, he can, even in his first week in office. What has Brown done for the citizenry? Kamala Harris and Jerry Brown actually encouraged the rampage in our state,and TOTALLY IGNORE all the dangers to CA. Legal Citizens, when they have both encouraged radicals in our state to march , and protest, over and over. Therefore we urge you both to resign and let some proactive persons help California, not suggest we turn our whole state in a SANCTION FOR CRIMINALS THAT ARE HERE IN CA. ILLEGALLY,, AND ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO ENTER OUR STATE, AGAINST THE WISHES OF THOUSANDS OF CALIFORNIANS. We are tax payers, and deserve to be represented NOW, that our state is under seige by those who cannot and do not want to follow our state , and American laws. Janice L. Gay, Ca. resident for over 70 years!! born and raised in California, legal citizen, voter and tax payer.

  9. Is there a real expectation that a Brown will ever get California on any track other than the one it’s on? Wake Up California! Sans weather and topography the state would have been bankrupt both financially and mentally years ago (Note, not “decades” ago, “years” ago. The latter is an example of Americaspeak.) The Daleys…the Browns; “Second verse like the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse!” corrupt politicians all. And, backed by a corrupt California legislature Texas becomes more and more alluring to Americans that would have signed the Declaration of Independence and fought their government in 1776. (Which at the time was doing the very same things being done to us by our government today…buying our liberty with our money.)

  10. GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN: I personally sat and spoke with your father on television about the California death penalty, and met personally with your uncle Hal Brown in Marin county while he was a county Supervisor,, and met your sister Kathleen when she was running for a political position for California. I believe Hal died of alcoholism, Kathleen did not make it into office, as she is not the outspoken radical liberal that you are Jerry,,, you have disgraced the office of Governor with such “solutions” like telling us “don’t flush your toilets” to conserve water that you seem to have squandered here in California. For Years I watched Gavin Newsom, B. Boxer, Pelosi, Kamala Harris,Diane Feinstine, literally CHANGE THE FABRIC OF CALIFORNIA TO ITS CURRENT DETERIORATED STATE OF AFFAIRS,, you all turned it into a “radical haven” full of illegal’s,,and Sanctuary cities full of Illegal criminals.

    My own auto was damaged / totally ruined by one of your Sanctioned criminals,Hermena is in our state illegally, no drivers license, no auto insurance, I was forced to foot the whole bill as she demolished my PARKED CAR in Marin county in front of the school where I was employed. She skipped on her “probation” and went to Mexico with a large bogus injury settlement, telling the legal neighbors she was “going to Mexico to buy POT to bring back to sell” and she did, while the Marin Probation dept. LOST her records.

    YOU liberal radical politicians seem to be ABOVE the laws,and actually encourage ALL THE RADICAL RIOTS AND PROTESTS,, THAT HARM INNOCENT CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA and damage property, are you proud of this???. I recieve emails from Senator Kamala Harris for instance, urging the “work” as she calls the riots, picketing and protests by many people in California who don’t even vote,,,,, for them to “keep protesting and disrupting our California Airports, public places and schools” , where “students” are transported to these radical events, by whom? in large chartered buses??? It is so evidently corrupt and evil it shows to all who SEE. You all need to resign in disgrace for your wasting of California Tax dollars,resign from your evil policies that actually support the MURDER AND DISSECTION OF INNOCENT BABIES, CUTTING THEM APART FOR SALES OF SAID PARTS,, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE TO ANYONE WHO “SEE’S” WHAT YOU SUPPORT ,ENCOURAGE AND CONDONE.

    RESIGN PLEASE, thousands of Californians are against your politics and policies. We also support our newly elected, fairly elected President Donald J. Trump,, end the “reign” of your evil work in our state, let this state never become a “SANCTION FOR CRIMINALS” across our state. Do you ever think of all the lives of those you are harming in our state?

    Sincerley,, Janice L. Gay, CA. legal resident since 1944 , born and raised here- voter (I also believe there is much voter fraud here in our state or you would not be in office~!!!.)

  11. The deep divisions and destroyer started with Obama.. and The New Leader President Donald J.Trump stop the destruction of the NWO..The Illegal Aliens and the Refugees are because of Obama and Hillary to flood into America soil are the puppets of Obama and Hillary to bring the chaos and confuse the blind people of America to be passionate to these heathen that flooding America…

    Jerry Brown is the YES man for the Illegal aliens and refugees…to keep him in power… the illegal aliens vote for him b/c he promise to set them free to live freely as citizen… California need to vote moon bean out and vote the Latino leaders, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, out of office… there plan is to take California back they claim belong to Mexico…

  12. The Jefferson Formation committee is preparing to sue Kalifornia for lack of representation and dilution of vote. It is time for a dramatic and fundamental change. The time has come for the counties of Northern California to separate from the liars and crooks in Sacramento. The time has come for 51 states.

  13. All the libs keep saying they will fight. what a joke. I am a CA native and 70 year resident. I have fought for my country and now what a fight is. These people have no idea. Lets not forget that the majority by a large margin outside the large cities are conservative. CA is not the toilet it is made out to be. The real problem is there is no ability to vote in anyone other than a democrat based on state law. the only choice is between bad and worse.

  14. “Sorry to have Gov. Edmund G. Brown fighting against us and against the people of Ca” There fixed it for the idiot.

  15. Gary Von Neida says

    California had the best highway system paid for by fuel taxes,until, the WISE GUYS in Sacramento started stealing highway funds to support Their Globalist ( Progressive, Liberal ) Agenda and ,of late, Sanctuary Cities. Diamond Lanes changing into “pay to ride” lanes along with increased fees and fines are paid for by the working poor to support Those “on the dole”. —I could go on about the ruined healthcare system where a simple visit to the emergency room can cost $10,000.00 for a Day to make up for all Those that don’t pay. The co-pay was $3,000.00 for a dog bite victim———California needs to straighten up and fly right and no longer encourage illegal aliens to VOTE. Wake up Governor Moon Beam.

    • Brown is doing exactly what he want the total and complete destruction of CA. Read that hilary will be the next gov, our elections are rigged, remember prop 8, we voted no twice then brown decided to pass it on his own, Ca has more criminals on the streets, they are the apple of Browns Eye!

  16. Maybe he should stop worrying about murderers and rapist and start
    being the governor to the hard working citizens!!!!!
    I wish I would have been able to hear what he had to say to the Stenile
    Family about the loss of their daughter!!! Oh wait he didn’t even acknowledge the murder!! Goes to show what can of man he is – a very little man!

    • Rumor is all manufacturing will be gone by 2020 no cars on the road by 2025, once you understand Brown does not give a hoot about any of us, many who lost loved ones at the hands of illegals have reached out to brown who refuses to acknowledge their loss, as long as the illegals can live off the slaves/citizens brown is happy

  17. Jerry Brown’s idea of utopia is socialism. Just look at the jewels of the socialist world: Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba. If this is California’s future God save us!

  18. This is, after all, the Governor who said (40-years ago):

    Sometimes saying something silly is evidence of a mental disorder.

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