Gov. Brown Vetoes ‘Fake News’ Bill

jerry-brown-signs-lawsCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Thursday, SB 1424, that would have created a state advisory group to study the problem of “fake news” and make recommendations for intervening in social media to deal with it.

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As Breitbart News reported in April, the original bill was far more aggressive: “The bill, filed quietly in late February as SB 1424, requires all California-based websites to develop a plan to fight ‘fake news,’ to use ‘fact-checkers,’ and to warn readers — including via social media — of ‘false information.’”

The final version was significantly watered down. Still, Brown vetoed it as “unnecessary,” in a statement reported by CBS Sacramento:

This bill directs the Attorney General to establish an advisory group to study the problem of the spread of false information through Internet-based social media platforms. As evidenced by the numerous studies by academic and policy groups on the spread of false information, the creation of a statutory advisory group to examine this issue is not necessary.

Social media companies have instituted a number of mechanisms to fight “fake news,” though conservatives have complained that these are often censorship in another guise.

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  1. Fake news?? what fake news?? Of course this liar and taxer imposes so much fake news that why would he want it INVESTIGATED.?? Look at all the liars in SF -that woman Pelousy ? She just oozes FAKENESS WITH HER LIES. Must be the fumes from all the diseases spread by the stench from all the feces ??? Deplorable- Dianne -she wouldn’t be part of the FAKE NEWS would she? Why doesn’t that dame retire? I DOUBT that an investigation into all the fake CA news would cost much either. jerry brown has his ideas on bigger money these days /

  2. “Whether this is a “short-lived fad” or the beginning of a “cultural phenomenon” also is hard to tell without further research”. One of my favorite quotes. Here’s another: Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” So AG Berserko will appoint a “government panel”? Brown was right on this one for alot of reasons. And how about Jefferson’s quote? And what are our tax dollars teaching in school? Certainly not logic and critical independent thinking, just party line and tribal politics.


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