Gov. Newsom urges California voters to support Proposition 1

The $6 billion bond measure would create thousands of mental health treatment beds and housing

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Governor of California Gavin Newsom speaks during a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2023, at the Los Angeles General Medical Center to urge support for Proposition 1 on the March 5, 2024 ballot. The proposition would overhaul California’s mental health funding system, and a $6.4 billion bond will expand access for hundreds of thousands of Californians, fund substance abuse treatment, and help get those suffering from mental health crises off the streets and into care. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

Gov. Gavin Newsom made a stop Wednesday, Jan. 3, at Los Angeles General Medical Center in Lincoln Heights to encourage constituents to vote yes for Proposition 1, a $6.38 billion bond measure on the March ballot that supporters say will open thousands of mental health treatment beds and build housing across the state.

Newsom said the proposition would transform California’s mental health and substance use disorder treatment systems and help address the state’s deteriorating homelessness and addiction crises.

“You’ve got to support an initiative that will create 11,000 new units of housing (and) 27,000 new treatment slots in outpatient opportunities that promotes not just solutions but promotes spending billions of dollars specifically for veterans,” said Newsom.

He was surrounded by a group of nearly 30 mental health workers, physicians, veterans, public safety officials, and firefighters. Elected officials included Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, and Los Angeles County Labor Federation president Yvonne Walker.

If passed, Proposition 1 would require counties to invest about 30% of their Mental Health Services Act tax dollars — which is about $1 billion based on last year’s revenue — on housing programs. It would require that counties spend 50% of that money on the chronically homeless or people living in tents. Counties would be allowed to use about 25% of the funding to acquire or build homes for the homeless.

The Mental Health Services Act was passed in 2004 when California’s mental health system was underfunded. In about two decades, the act has generated about $26 billion for county mental health programs.

But today, Luna said, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department operates a jail system that has become the largest mental health institution in the nation. Nearly 42% of its jail population is mentally ill, he said.

“Think about somebody who’s in a crisis, who may be in the middle of a busy intersection anywhere in our county, who needs help, but hasn’t committed a crime. What alternatives are currently there?” Luna said, adding, “It shouldn’t be this way. We need better alternatives.”

Luna added that the proposition “will help allocate funding (for) the mental health facilities, so our neighbors who are friends with mental illness can get the treatment that they need.”

Bass said to anyone who hesitates to vote on Proposition 1, “Just think about how much money it costs to incarcerate people and think about how inhumane that is.”

She added, “When I think of what the sheriff and all the law enforcement have to deal with, somebody who is in an acute mental crisis deteriorating to the point of violence. If we care for that person they wouldn’t deteriorate to the point of violence.”

Bass told the crowd at the press event, “If you have to spend a couple of weeks in a tent, would you use drugs? When your mental health deteriorates? We can’t separate these problems, and it is not enough to get a bed for a person. We can get people off the street. We demonstrated that people are willing to come off the street. But you have to address why they were not housed, to begin with.”

Dave Gillotte, president of the Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 union, said that every day he gets up to ten calls — out of 20 — that are related to the homeless crisis, drug addiction and mental health issues.

“We need drug addiction and alcohol (treatment facilities), mental health and treatment facilities, temporary and transitional housing, and permanent housing for people who need them,” he said.

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  1. Otis R. Needleman says

    Please…if this is run like the train to nowhere nothing of substance will happen. Am voting NO because the CA governor and state government cannot be trusted.

    • Awesome point. We’re already inundated with costs. The time for compassion where money is misappropriated is over

    • What good was accomplished by the 2004 Mental Health Services Act and the 26 billion dollars? That obviously failed, but Newsom says “never mind, just give us more money and we will do better.” On what evidence should we expect success? Exactly where has the State government shown success?

    • Rich Handy says

      WE will be paying for those Bonds. The California budget is already in debt too much. VOTE NO on1

    • M V Rentchler says

      Agree about the train to nowhere and distrust of Newsom.
      Also, where is the data for the amount to be collected?
      Is it enough?
      Or is it padded with new bureaucracies?
      Where are the studies of the numbers of mentally ill on the streets?
      Where are the studies of the numbers of homeless due to economics?
      Where are the studies of the numbers of drug offenders?
      No data.
      Just a plea to our good natures.

  2. Sad but since the State has shown time and time again it cannot run anything efficiently I would have to agree with Mr. Needleman on this as it would surely turn into another “take from the people and waste program”.. This administration has the previous administration has proven that their real agenda is to expand government and control over the population. The Country as a whole really needs an effective mental health program that is well thought out and implemented but the government has not worked for the people for several decades.


    • He should also have paid the bar tab at the French Laundry, the extravagant eatery he feasted during the Plandemic.

  4. Why in God’s name would we be willing to back anything he pushes? He hasn’t had the people of California’s best interest since the day or even before he took office…..He is an evil man with an evil agenda that is having very devastating effects on California and her people!

  5. Newsom is just desperate, looking for money via any lie he thinks would get people to vote yes. The money will not go to mental health, or maybe just a token amount of it will be spent on this, the rest will go into the general fund against the huge California deficit. Vote NO on Prop 1, and all the other Propositions with “good intentions” that plan to further mire the State in debt for a temporary gain in dollars.

  6. NO WAY JOSE!!

  7. Fund homeless/mental health programs? Step #1, cancel all funding for the train to nowhere.


    Finally attempting to keep a promise he made 20 YEARS AGO! And actually, IF spent honestly and not awarded to crony contractors in NO BID awards as he usually does and every dollar is accounted for and not “lost” like so many other state programs, then I could actually support this. BUT FIRST cut back on worthless or purely partisan progams that we are wasting BILLIONS on already and clean up the corruption and find the “LOST” monies spent in the UC, and WELFARE, and TRAIN TO NO WHERE, and other lost causes the Dems have gotten us in to and address the current $68 BILLION deficit!! Then and only then ask to spend more Tax payer monies.

  9. To all you people who commented above, absolutely spot on correct. How about Newsome and all the other Ca. politicians give a million dollars of their own money to pay for it. Fat Chance!

  10. Rich Handy says

    The State financial statements need to be audited. California is already in debt several billion dollars. Newsom’s Prop ! bond will cost taxpayers money. VOTE NO on Proposition !. How much of this bond will be given to pay for the illegals medical expenses coming over the border? Wake up California residents. I say again VOTE NO in Newsom]s boondoggle.

  11. PROP 1 is Absolute lunacy but this describes all of the policies of Gov NewScum and his union backed (owned) cronies! There is ZERO proof any of this money will do anything other than putting lipstick on a pig.
    Notice nothing is ever said about the ROOT CAUSE of all of the alleged “mental illness” that is at the root of the crisis .&The reason is that the progressive policies are designed to DESTROY the traditional family unit and to not hold primary education (teachers unions) accountable for picking up early warning signs!
    It’s a sham.
    It’s a union scam.
    Don’t fall for the propaganda.

  12. I will vote for it if every demorat politician in CA checks themselves in for a minimum of the terms they have left in office. No monetary deals, swill and gruel for meals. No booze, ladies of the night, limos or any other bonuses of other people’s money.

  13. Leo of Sacramento says

    Funny people. Funny.
    Regardless of WHO is tracking the money. Regardless of WHAT the money is earmarked for. Regardless on WHAT is supposedly going to be spent on.
    newsome is behind it’s passing.
    THAT, unto itself, is the reason to vote NO on Prop 1.

    Let this lame duck gov, finish off what little time he has left, and let’s hamstring him into NOT causing more trouble than he’s already created.

    Which bills need reversing? What SB’s need to be overridden? What budget items need to be sliced from his budgets??
    There should be ZERO funding for that train to no place, and ZERO funding towards illegal entrents into our Nation.

  14. Boris Badenov says

    I have one simple rule, IF Newsom is for something I’m most definitely against it.

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