Governor Newsom Announces New Electronic Vaccine Verification Cards

Governor Newsom announced Monday that a new vaccine verification system would be rolled out by California soon.

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The new system will be comprised of digitized versions of all official vaccination cards, similar to New York’s Excelsior Pass. While more details will be coming in a larger announcement soon, Newsom reiterated that it will not be a passport and that vaccinations will still not be required.

“It’s not a passport, it’s not a requirement, it’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version, so you’ll hear more about that in the next couple of days,” said Newsom in San Francisco on Monday.

While most mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions are to end Tuesdayespecially after Cal/OSHA removed the proposed lengthening of mask mandates for places such as businesses through at least the end of July, businesses can require customers to show a vaccination card to enter their place of business without a mask. However, many businesses have feared that forged or copied vaccination cards could be a simple bypass, with the state concerned with people losing the small vaccination card as well.

An electronic version could help cut back on false cards, although, since a physical card will likely be used, it is unknown how successful the new system would be.

The California Department of Health and Human Services (CHHS) noted last week that businesses can choose to simply ask customers if they are fully vaccinated in an “honor system” sort of way, still require masks, or ask for proof of vaccination.

While the official announcement is still several days away, many businesses are already gearing up for the new systems when the state reopens on Tuesday.

An electronic vaccination card

“Most places will simply have no masks and that’s the end of it,” explained Dan Sherwood, a business health and safety consultant, to the Globe on Monday. “That’s what most are saying. Now some businesses will card, usually more of those higher density places or businesses where vulnerable people who can’t take the vaccine are located. And some will even have bouncers, some being trained the last week on how to spot a fake vaccination card. The state has yet to address what happens in that situation, when the business thinks someone has a fake card and aren’t allowed in, but that will definitely be an issue. Like bars and clubs that check for being over 21, some businesses will check for vaccination.”

“Others that do the honor system are pretty much going to do it that way to not look reckless and just call off all masks, but also want a return to casualness.”

“But the main takeaway from the electronic card is that they are trying to do away with fakes the best they can right now. But we should know more about that soon.”

Governor Newsom also announced the newest in the long line of vaccination incentives on Monday unveiling a statewide drawing for one of six vacation packages on July 1st. Working with California tourism group Visit California and numerous hospitality companies, six vaccinated Californians will be chosen at random to receive a “California Dream Vacations” trip to either Anaheim, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, or San Francisco. San Diego will have two trips offered, with all trips being for four people except for the Palm Springs package.

“As we move forward to a post-pandemic life, our tourism sector is expected to come roaring back – making us, once again, a global leader in hospitality and leisure,” added Newsom on Monday.

The next vaccination milestones are expected to be hit later this week, with the state reopening on Tuesday and 10 $1.5 million vaccination lottery winners expected to be announced.

Evan V. Symon is the Senior Editor for the California Globe. Prior to the Globe, he reported for the Pasadena Independent, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and was head of the Personal Experiences section at Cracked. He can be reached at

This article was originally published by the California Globe.


  1. This is tyranny. Gov Nuisance is way past just evil. Send this tyrant packing.

  2. Really??? says


    Just another reason why Slick needs to be recalled. He dines with his family and business friends while we sit with masks and cannot eat indoors.

    Geez, and you voted for him?

    • I did not vote for him, agree with you comment.

    • Cheryl - The Woman says

      AND! His kids continued going to their school, while the whole state of California schools were virtual schooling! Does this sit right???? I say all parents with kids that had virtual teaching for the past 1-1/2 years create their own schools and hire real teachers that will teach our kids the 3 R’s and our history. And teach our kid how to apply learning skill. Go to back to THE A B C’S learning system! Stop this cancel culture BS! Look onto occupying these empty buildings because of the massive COVID-19 SHUTDOWN! Check out the mother who stood up to the school board that sees over her kids schools. She’s is the type of people we need to CHANGE how our kids are are being taught! I would certainly get involved but I am nearing the 80 mark with almost grown Grandkids! Create our own and old fashioned way of learning!!
      God bless you parents and your kids and families!
      God Bless Our American!!!🇺🇸

  3. I know of one character trait of most Democrats; The lie!

  4. Recall this a$$hole!!

  5. carrie05 says

    “It will not be a requirement” – where have we heard that before? Truly we live in an Orwellian world.
    Any place that will not take my little vaccine card is a place I do not need to go to.

    • If the LEFT runs this vaccine card like they do the state then there is nothing to worry about. They are STUPID when it comes to being RESPONSIBLE AND THIS IS just another way to scam more money into the coffers of the crooks in government now under Mr. Gruesome Newsome! You are gullible to place any trust in these progressive-LEFTISTS! They could care less about your health and care all the more to get their hands on money squeezed out of you for these little cards saying you are PURE AND VACCINATED!
      Thumbs down to this new scam!

  6. Anne Stenehjem says

    What about employees still having to wear masks to appease the public? Retail employees, cashiers, gym workers, bank tellers. They still have to wear a mask so that customers feel “safe”. This is absurd and unconstitutional.

    • FedUpWithThisEmperor says

      How about those who work at amusement parks, like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, and Magic Mountain? All guest facing employees still need to wear a mask, while the customers don’t? The “honor system,” is being used at the turnstiles, as to whether or not they’re vaxxed. If the customers don’t have to wear a mask, then neither should the employees, who are working in hot conditions, and having to deal with so many Karen’s and Kyle’s.

      • If those employees have it so rough, “working in hot conditions and having to deal with so many karen’s and Kyle’s” and having to wear a mask, (omg…how horrible), then they should find new jobs.

        Employer requirements for them to wear a mask are not “absurd or unconstitutional”. Police officers have to wear bullet proof vests to do their jobs and they are extremely hot and uncomfortable. Firefighters wear hot, heavy turn-outs to do their jobs. It’s part of the uniform. If you don’t like it, then don’t work there. It’s that simple.

        Adults don’t complain – they go to work.

        • Maximilian says

          The difference between a mask that doesn’t protect against aerosol viral transmission and bulletproof vests that prevent projectile impalement is profound.

          Educate yourself on the practical matter, or wear a dunce hat before we all are forced to wear our own unique Stars of David.

    • Totally agree. Haven’t we been lied to enough. Recall this menace. Tell people to go to the State Auditors website and if that doesn’t cement his recall try the billions in unemployment fraud that no one is talking about. His corruption runs deep and so does his lies. Talk up the recall. Get involved. We need to make CA a respectable place again. Lawlessness is not the answer.


  8. If it is worthless why spend money to roll out stupidity?

  9. Read the new virus will be much worse, they know who is inventing it, the government supports murder of the people, they
    Are out of control, Trump supports all of this then has the nerve to hold a Bible up! Way beyond evil, people are responding as his handlers had hoped when they put him in power. Sadly people see him as their savior, sad to say he would not die for you.

  10. Linda Diehl says

    I agree with Mel 100% but choose to simply say Newsom’s suggested vaccine card is unconstitutional and I respectfully decline to take either the card or the experimental vaccine. (And no, he does not have my permission to access my medical records.)

  11. This fascist needs to be recalled!

  12. Wow! Another program to be run by the State of CA. I’m sure it will be completely accurate (snark!), just like the roll out of the relief funds that went to criminals and Mexico instead of CA citizens! And typical to claim they are following “science” yet make no provision for those who don’t need the “vaccine” after having covid. Just another Orwellian control device.

  13. mark d young says

    What planet are we living on ? Its like a episode from the Black Mirror on Netflix. Who gave him the kind of power anyway/?? This is unconstitutional.

  14. Patriots need to act up and speak up. Not just protest on computer. Resistence is the answer and Great Resistance against the Dems is the solution. It is not time for citizens to be quiet and follow orders, but to rise up and be heard – en mass!!! To not do so only gives the Marxist Dems more confidence to do more.

  15. Amazing how a state that supports voting without positive ID can create a positive ID system in such short order. Citizens of California WAKE UP, the far left loonies are KILLING KALIFORNIA!

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