Govt. Workers in CA Score Top Salaries

new survey by the U.S. Census Bureau found that California government workers pull down among the highest compensation in the nation. Here’s the map:

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census compensation

Table 4 shows average earnings, for 2013, in California for a full-time state-and-local employee are $6,190. No other state even breaks the $6,000 barrier. Although Washington, D.C. — not a state, of course, but the recipient of our national tax dollars — came in at $6,391.

Even liberal states were lower:

  • Connecticut: $5,739
  • New York: $5,706
  • Illinois: $5,231
  • Massachusetts: $5,222

The national average was $4,603. That means California’s average earnings for state-and-local workers of $6,190 was 34 percent above the national average.

But doesn’t California have the highest median income per capita? No. It’s only 15th (for 2012), at $44,980. That’s just 5 percent above the national median income of $42,693.

To recapitulate: California’s state-and-local government workers make 34 percent more than the national average; while our people who pay the taxes for the government workers make just 5 percent above the national average.

Sure, the state is incredibly expensive. But it’s incredibly expensive for everybody. It’s just that one class, government functionaries, is living much better, in comparison to their fellow government workers in other states, than everybody else in this state.

And what do these highly paid bureaucrats do?

Mess up our lives.

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  1. WOW! But not surprised. Several years ago an expose’ was written concerning the huge costs of Cal Trans and the costs to maintain the States roadways compared to the rest of the U.S. It was laughable huge and out of control. Since the State Politicians are bought and paid for by the Unions the whole article was ignored and the disaster continues to this day. They have one contractor that they seem to use in emergency’s only (CC Meyers) that appears to have the ability to get in, get the job done right and on time but do not see them out on construction or repairs outside of emergency situations. Would really like to see an honest study done on cost overruns the past 45 years compared to the years prior to that when the major new system of highways was put into service in California. It appears that there is a real chance that the total costs are being padded. Huge example being the newest bay bridge that the powers to be in California transformed from a basic “get the job done” bridge into a “Pretty” somewhat dubious constructed hugely over run on costs to the Taxpayer and huge delays (many years) to the users. Any investigative reporters out there want to take this one on?

  2. It’s incredibly expensive for everybody….thanks to government.
    BTW, bought a dozen eggs lately?
    I guess those ‘chicken condos’ are coming home to roost.

  3. Why is anyone surprised. Nepotism is alive in well in California politics. Imagine if you had the opportunity to not only determine the amount of your paycheck, but the amount of that paycheck that your will receive upon retirement. Human behavior demonstrates that most people will opt for the most generous compensation. California employees get 90 percent of their highest earned pay upon retirement. Not bad. The only solution is to outlaw unions for government employees much like the Federal government does for our military. In fact, State and Federal Empolyees should not be allowed to form into unions. As a tax payer, I have no say in their compensation. This is not right. The government grows and grows, and we the people go without. Insanity.

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    More salt in the wound, Donald – On top of all the costs for State payroll, wasn’t the Bay Bridge ultimately bid out to a CHINESE company?

  5. Why not send a copy of this to OUR LOCAL SENATOR & ASSEMBLY person? Then ask them to answer by way of THE Local Newspaper preferably the Letter to the Editor.
    We the idiots who voted EJEATS into office should start making demands.

  6. Gotta Gedada Displace, I believe that only parts of the work was outsourced to Red China. As I recall someone involved in the construction process determined that their were not enough qualified/certified welders available here so they outsourced. The comedy of California goes on and on…

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