Has the California business community had enough?

There is a particularly nasty YouTube video that made the rounds several years ago where a school punk was bullying another student who was overweight. The punk kept punching the other kid who was forced to retreat until his back was against a wall. After several punches, the overweight kid picked up the bully and slammed him to the ground so violently that the punk literally bounces off the pavement.

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For decades, taxpayers in California have been the punching bag for tax-and-spend politicians and the special interests that consume tax dollars. Periodically, however, those receiving the blows stand up and punch back.  The recall of former Governor Gray Davis in reaction to his car tax increase is a good example.

For the most part, individual taxpayers and grassroots organizations are more vocal – at least publicly – against tax hikes than the business community. Certain business interests, especially large corporations, are more likely to have a “go along to get along” attitude which means that as long as a tax increase doesn’t hit their business directly (or can be passed along to consumers), they won’t put up much of a fight.  The rationale for this is that many of these business interests are vulnerable to arbitrary government action that threatens their interests and it would be unwise to anger the politicians who could, with a stroke of a pen, put them out of business.

But the frequency and intensity of recent tax proposals out of Sacramento and from various city halls is causing pushback from even the business community. In the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Unified School District jammed through a tax increase proposal that is an affront to taxpayers of all stripes. Measure EE, appearing on the ballot in a June 4th special election, would add hundreds of dollars to property tax bills and rents by imposing a tax of 16 cents per square foot of building improvements on properties within the district. That’s $160 for every 1,000 square feet. This would hit homeowners, renters and businesses with a huge new property tax increase.

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  1. Robert M. Mosemak says

    time to recall newsom and others

  2. john hanebury says

    CA would not need to raise taxes if we would stop catering to illegals who cost CA taxpayers a whopping $25,000,000,000/year —– that’s billions folks. For all fifty states the figure is $89,000,000,000! And the democrats would not give Trump a measly $5 billion for his wall. Think about it! Who do these democrats care about and serve?

    • They serve themselves.

      • I moved from CA two months ago after several years of contemplating the pluses and minuses of staying. My family opted to move and leave our high paying jobs for an affordable and peaceful setting. Best thing that I have ever done.

  3. Al Brokenomoné says

    The problem with California is that its too damn corrupt.
    One sided politics controlled by Democrats will never fix our state. GOP in California are just politicians that couldn’t make it as Democrats.

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