How California Taxpayers Weathered The Pandemic

While few Californians weathered the pandemic unscathed, taxpayers took a particularly heavy hit, getting stuck for the longterm cost of relief payments, bailouts and fraud while losing earnings during the “two weeks to flatten the curve” that turned into two years.

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If we had known in early 2020 what we now know, it is doubtful we would have shut down the economy as tightly as we did, and we certainly would have taken greater caution about our response to school closures and educating our children. Only now are we starting to comprehend that damage to child development, socialization and learning.

Taxpayers also took a hit by having to pay taxes and fees for services not received. Local governments required restaurants to continue to pay various licensing fees even when they were forbidden to be open for business. Parks, libraries and other public venues were closed to the public while citizens continued to get the tax bill to support those same facilities. Efforts by taxpayers and businesses to seek temporary relief from government exactions were mostly met with open hostility, while members of public-sector unions continued to receive paychecks and, in some cases, got raises even when they weren’t going to work.

But by far the biggest hit on California taxpayers during the pandemic was the jaw-dropping levels of waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars. On Gov. Gavin Newsom’s watch, the Employment Development Department (EDD) failed to process a backlog of claims for hundreds of thousands of unemployed Californians while sending out as much as $30 billion in unemployment benefits for phony claims, including fraudulent claims paid to death row inmates.

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  1. Look, stop calling it government and call it what it is.

    The Socialists that now control Sacramento are intent on total control of all social issues from welfare to housing density.

    They are using any excuse they can…….

    So get over it….if you are a Democrat you are now a Socialist Dictator.

  2. In reality, it was a wealth transfer, in the designed process of erasing the middle class. It had nothing to do with a virus. Now that the virus “crisis” is losing traction, look for the “climate crisis” to be rekindled in earnest. It would not be surprising that our betters suggest climate lockdowns. “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

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