Is it time for California’s taxpayers to go on strike?

Tax reformAround California, public school teachers are on strike seeking more pay, better benefits and less competition from charter schools. They are also demanding that the rest of us pay higher taxes. Indeed, as part of the agreement that ended the strike in Los Angeles, teachers forced a concession out of the school district to officially support the partial repeal of Proposition 13 as it applies to business properties. That would have the effect of raising California property taxes as much as $11 billion annually and would surely accelerate the well-documented business flight out of California.

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It’s not as though Californians are currently under-taxed. With the highest income tax rate, the highest state sales tax rate and second highest gas tax in America, it’s tough to make that argument.

So, I’m curious as to what would happen if, in reaction to the teachers’ strikes in L.A., Oakland and Sacramento, taxpayers decided to go on strike? The media seems obsessed with large, public demonstrations of crowds wracked with angst and victimhood. School districts lose millions of dollars when teachers go on strike because it impacts the Average Daily Attendance figures that provide the basis for disbursing tax dollars. But if taxpayers went on strike, how much more would they lose?

The reaction to a taxpayer strike would surely invoke claims that taxpayers are greedy, anti-education heathens. But, in reality, the vast majority of taxpayers are very much pro-education. They just don’t like the product they’re forced to pay for.

Let’s first dispel the urban legend that Proposition 13 “starved” education in the Golden State.

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  1. The ethics of public employee union’s is the problem.
    Eliminate public employee unions and half the problem is solved.
    The other half is for the state and federal legislators to get out of local school business. Only part the state or feds should participate is in an equality of funding, without strings attached! The local community, “parents”, need to be responsible for their schools. Then the other half is resolved. Equality of funding levels the field and then it is up to the parents.
    Amazing! A concept that kicks incompetent, self-serving bureaucrats out of local affairs!

  2. askeptic says

    Yeah, I’m ON STRIKE …. I left CA permanently!

  3. Internet school would save the taxpayers billions of dollars yearly.

  4. I’m in for that! Some teachers and in particular the Union has become so controlling, including trying to control Charter Schools. Competition is one way to get costs down and chose as to the type of education parents believe is best for their child. If a teacher is not performing they should be fired, but that is not what happens. This State is so out of control. It will never be able to keep up with the costs of all the liberal programs and our taxes will continue to rise as long as we continue to do nothing.
    California is a beautiful State to live in, but the corruption and continual tax increases, forced salary increases and wastefulness is more than most are willing to put up with. It is definitely time for the public to say enough is enough!

  5. Teachers are a prime example of what happens with socialism. Government employees who are only good at teaching progressivism demanding more from the public coffers. Public service unions proving every day the adage that power corrupts. Support Charter Schools!

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