L.A. Port Authority Pushing $14 Billion ‘Zero-emissions’ Plan

Los Angeles PortTwo of the nation’s busiest ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach, released a $14 billion “zero-emissions’ plan Wednesday that could include a regional cap-and-trade system.

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The move came on the heels of the passage of a ten-year extension to the existing statewide cap-and-trade program.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the ports’ plan would go one step beyond the state policy:

The new proposal is being billed as “the largest environmental investment ever undertaken by a port complex” — one that cannot be successful without huge investments from the state and federal governments.

It calls for stricter federal emissions standards for trucks, trains and other leading freight pollution sources, an idea seemingly at odds with the Trump administration’s moves to roll back air quality regulations and other environmental protections.

The plan lays out very ambitious goals, which set ambitious targets that mirror Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade program.

But criticism is coming from all sides, and the obstacles are significant.

John McLaurin, president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, told the Timesthat the costs could put the L.A. ports at a competitive disadvantage.

When asked how they plan to pay for the plan, port officials reportedly say they plan to pursue state and federal subsidies, tapping into the huge revenue stream from the state cap-and-trade program.

Another major obstacle is that “zero-emission” short-haul trucks necessary for the plan to succeed do not exist yet, the Times notes.

For the L.A. and Long Beach ports, which process almost half of all U.S. imports, a change of this magnitude could affect hundreds of thousands of jobs and the economy of one of the most significant regions in the country.

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This article was originally published by Breitbart.com/California


  1. Christian says

    Regulations requiring technology that doesn’t exist.

    This encapsulates progressives today. Its all policy based on wishful thinking instead of real, practical solutions to the challenges we face.

    • That doesn’t matter to them, as long as they can find ways to suck more tax money from hard working familys.

  2. Who cares about jobs and business when your favorite boondoggle can be pushed. CA is determined to drive all business from the state. I am sure other ports are more that willing to take over the LA/Long Beach. Trump has to stop every single US $ to this communist state of fools.

  3. Seems to me that Ensenada would be a prime replacement port. Mexico already has full access by truck to the USA.

    • askeptic says

      Yes, but the costs would be astronomical as there is no rail link to Bahia Todos Santos, and the UP (which is the logical carrier having a rail connection at Mexicali) walked away from the table over the conflicts with Mexican land-ownership laws and specifically The Ejido’s, over a decade ago…..and that’s where it stands today.
      You can’t have a world class port complex with access to the rail network in North America.

  4. retiredxlr8r says

    Hey, I got an idea to save that 14 billion.
    Yep! I sure do.
    Close down both ports, sell off all assets, and demo infrastructure. The Port authority will be the winner with the sale of assets and you can go to private industry for the demo and renovation of the site for recreational, offices, and even high density residential.
    And, all the port business can be redirected to Mexico, I’m sure they would develop the infrastructure to support the influx of jobs and income.
    See, problem solved and at no cost.

    • J. Richards Garcia says

      Retiredxlr8r, great idea! This will be so profitable to Mexico, they will gladly pay for The Wall to get Trump off their back and stop his tweets.
      Of course, we know the wall would actually be paid by looney Angelino enviro-democrats which will give the coup-de-grace their economy after their mental high from being s-o-o-o-o green and s-o-o-o-o smug. If the crazy Angelinos are smart, they will keep this quiet so Gov. Brown won’t steal their thunder, and further demand the twin tunnels of water from Norte California be extended to Mexico in support of their taking the LA port investment off their carbon handprints.

  5. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Un-economical, EMPTY ports generate zero emissions, but when have idiot government spend-o-crats ever seen the OBVIOUS ???

  6. askeptic says

    If you want to see how “planners” can destroy an economy, this is your lesson. Even if they could electrify the entire rail network accessing the LA/LB Harbor (recreating PE, anyone?), where will they get the electricity?
    Will they have to buy it from the nuke plant in AZ (Palo Verde) and how much is that going to cost?
    What’s next, are they going to require all ships entering the harbor to have their hulls washed (above and below the water line) to eliminate any possibility of an invasive species contaminating the pristine waters of San Pedro Bay?

    • No, we can use solar power, each car can have a solar panel, of course they can only run during the day but heck who cares. CA has plenty of power, what we are lacking is intelligence in SackOfTomatoes.

  7. The ultimate diversion is already in place. The third set of Panama Canal locks. Ports up and down the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico have been dredged and rebuilt to handle larger container ships. The high cost of using LB and LA ports as well as the constant threats of labor strikes and slow downs are already driving ships to other ports. Miami alone has spend billions redoing its port.

  8. David Martin says

    What a waste of money. 14 billion should be spent throwing out this globalist pollution returning the port to being a powerful military base for our nation’s defense.

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