LAUSD’s Punishing Parcel Tax Proposal

LAUSD school busAmerica’s most dysfunctional school district has stepped in it again. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), apparently coming to the shocking realization that there was no way they could pay for the horrible deal they just cut with the unions, has hurriedly placed on the ballot for June a new property tax that leaves no Los Angeles taxpayer unscathed.

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That grassroots taxpayer interests would be opposed to the new levy is no surprise. But several business organizations, usually more tolerant of higher government spending — particularly for education — have had enough. Groups as diverse as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) and the L.A. County Business Federation (BizFed) have all announced their opposition. None of these organizations is anti-education. In fact, all are pro-education as long as there is demonstrable improvement in the education product we are all paying for. On this score, LAUSD falls way short.

At the core of the broad-based opposition is the abject lack of long overdue reforms at LAUSD.

The list of reasons to oppose the tax is long.

First, taxpayers would be wasting millions of dollars on a special election.

The LAUSD Board voted unanimously to put the tax increase before the voters in a special election to be held on June 4, 2019. The cost of the special election is $12.5 million.

The tax would add hundreds of dollars to tax bills and rents and would do so in a convoluted manner. Rather than a flat tax on every parcel — which would be bad enough — the proposed tax increase would be 16 cents per square foot of building improvements on properties within the district.

That’s $160 for every 1,000 square feet. Property owners (and tenants) should be sitting down when they do the math on this one.

Seniors are ostensibly exempt from the tax, but not from rent increases.

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  1. showandtell says

    NO NO NO on this stuff
    More money is NOT the answer to what ails this bureaucracy and in fact usually only makes the situation worse
    Kids are not benefiting from it
    Common-sense management and following models that work is the answer, to the extent that can be achieved at this point with all the monkeys on their back that have been added over the years
    I won’t hold my breath though

  2. Bogiewheel says

    No amount of money will cure the illness of LAUSD; it’s now septic, the bacteria of greed has engulfed this rotten system of Union and Political malfeasance.

  3. Same ol story . Government employees that won’t or can’t do their job demand more money for their failure to do their jobs competently and the taxpayer is forced to capitulate .
    Pretty simple , if you can decide how much work and or what quality work is acceptable then the natural tendencies are to overpay yourself for the least amount of work of crappy quality you can get by with.

  4. The only difference between the norm for democrats: the spend came before the tax

  5. Time to make some wholesale changes at LAUSD:
    On the Board, in the Super’s office, and throughout the rotten structure.

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