Legislature Claims New CA Gun Control Bill Will Help Prevent Suicides

GunMore stringent gun regulations to curb suicides could soon be enacted in California. Assembly Bill 1927 successfully passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee during a hearing Tuesday morning.

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Spurred by recent mass shootings, the legislation, introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and co-authored by Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, would allow residents to “voluntarily add their name to the California Do Not Sell List for firearms.”

“A lot of the political opposition to efforts California has taken to address gun violence is around government telling people what they can and cannot do,” Bonta told the SacBee. “This is different. This is an individual saying, ‘I want to do this. I’m choosing to do this.’ We think it will save lives.”

Of the roughly 38,000 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2016, about two-thirds were suicides. In California alone, there were nearly 1,600 suicides with guns in 2016.

While a controversial topic, the issue of guns and suicide are inextricably linked. Research suggests that suicide attempts are an impulsive act, and firearms offer a disproportionately lethal means.

The bill is not without its opponents, such as the National Rifle Association, with some expressing concern that the law could be abused.

To join the list, a person would provide the names and contact information for five people. These contacts would be informed if the person attempted to buy a firearm. Additionally, while those on the list may not be able to legally purchase a firearm, they would not be liable for “any criminal or civil penalty for purchasing, receiving or possessing a firearm.” Those who knowingly sell firearms to Californians on the list, however, would be subject to penalties.

The law would require the state to regularly add people on the list to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

People on the list would need to wait a year before removing themselves; however, to remove themselves earlier, they could provide testimony from a medical professional that they are not a risk to themselves or others. The state would “expunge records related to the person’s inclusion in, and removal, from, the Do Not Sell List.”

This article was originally published by CalWatchdog.com


  1. Andrew Kessel says

    More bureaucracy to make the sale of guns more complicated. California already has the right to die/assisted suicide law passed in 2016. No good intentions here.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    I’m sick and tired of anti-gun legislators and more importantly I have absolutely NO TRUST in any Democrat, period!
    The Second Amendment is our GOD GIVEN right to protect ourselves, family, and our Nation.
    The Second Amendment is there for two reasons, the militia and tyranny.
    The militia is for the purpose of having a “Citizen” armed force to protect the state and nation from invasion (Illegals?). Even now we see that our government (Parkland shooting) either will not or can not protect us.

    Tyranny? That’s for defending the Citizen against a rogue government. Similar to what we have no in California and our Nation!

    Timing is everything, so when do we take up arms and march against the tyranny we face? Before or after they take our means to protect ourselves and our nation?

  3. Someone with SANITY says

    Are they SERIOUS??? REALLY???

    No wonder our schools are a mess, kids aren’t learning what they should, our roads are a disaster, we have homeless galore – and these IDIOTS are gonna make a law that someone can voluntarily say “don’t sell me a gun”! What about pills, cars, trains, etc?? Someone bent on suicide is just going to do it another way – and maybe take an innocent with them.

  4. TheRandyGuy says

    The state would “expunge records related to the person’s inclusion in, and removal, from, the Do Not Sell List.” Anyone believe that? Once you do this, you’re marked for life. What a stupid idea, but anything they can do to take the guns, they’ll do.

  5. Another sickening attempt to take our rights away from us. They are brainwashing high school kids with this mentality of NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY . IE the evil gun did it not a human being . Some more than just a little queer in the recent mass demonstrations in other countries that , in the past , have been hostile to the US , suddenly gathering by the thousands to ” support ” the high school kids in their misguided attempt to stop violence in the US.
    I wonder if it ever crossed their minds to be nicer to their fellow students instead of harassing and bullying them to the point of a violent reaction but that would put some of the responsibility on them so I guess not.
    Yup, brainwashing our children in school was exactly what Adolph Hitler did if anyone remembers that. Should be no real surprise to anyone that this country is falling because of a corrupt and out of control government and no other reason.

  6. Michael Flynn says

    Elections are coming up! Participate!

  7. our taxing “progressive” left makes me want to end it all. i have a right to be angry if they have a right to be “stoopid”.

  8. Bogiewheel says

    It now appears that California is more than a rogue State and has now
    taken the path of creating a Stasi State along with their Volkspolizei to
    enforce Sanctuary Cities.

  9. vistacharlie says

    i would not trust legislation that a CA democrat brings up. especially when both sponsors are from san fran area.

  10. All that is not specifically allowed is forbidden!

  11. I thought California made suicide LEGAL….you can only kill yourself with drugs supplied by Doctor? got to keep BIG PHARMA involved and be able to bill insurance? OR is this a ‘class’ issue?

  12. Maggie Elvey says

    Another one of those legislators with stupid ideas…What makes you think they can’t find some thing else to commit suicide with! More Trash legislation, fine the waiter if they give you a straw, no more cars that use gas…duh, Girls in the boys locker rooms and bathrooms, boys in the girls locker rooms and bathrooms…Crazy. Juveniles who commit brutal murder after they are 16 can’t spent the rest of their life in prison although the victims never get out of their grave…legislators have taken that justice away from survivors. No telling what else they have come up with. We have some great legislators and some really bad ones…please check out who you are voting for. Check out groups that endorse candidates… Law enforcement, Victims groups, etc. If they are law abiding candidates, they will ask for the endorsement.

    • sweetsuzee says

      Actually, we’ve gotten to the point where if the candidate is supported by law enforcement or fire departments, steer clear. For the most part they only care about their pensions which is financially devastating CA and will only support the liberals who support their unions.

  13. True Teacher says

    1,169 firearm homicides in California in 2014. (Source: K. Harris, A.G.)

    157,350 (estimated) abortion deaths in California in 2014. (Source: Guttmacher Institute)

  14. “Hello? My name is Rob Bonta and I want to put my name on the list of the Do Not Sell a Gun to”.
    “Hello? My name is David Chiu and I want to put my name on the Do Not Sell a Gun to.”

    Who’s going to do this to unsuspecting citizens in order to prevent them from buying a gun. Next, there going to tell us that old people can’t buy a gun because they can’t be expected to make clear thoughts. They will find a reason to exempt everyone from owning a gun. Don’t let this go through!

  15. JLSeagull says

    The Second Amendment was meant to protect citizens from the politicians like Bonta and Chiu.

  16. Mr. Pickle says

    Well, just another Bill from the old “Bill Mill.” These guys are trying to out do each other for their personal “Bill Counts” so they can show their record. that is why literally THOUSANDS of bills appear each year. If the yo-yo authors would put this kind of effort into Cost Savings or Efforts to lower debt, curb taxpayer abuse, focus on BAN agencies that waste our money, then we might have something. Example: No more Drinking Straws. Are you kidding me. Dolts run this state!

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