Legitimate Lawsuit Against Trump? Or Political Posturing?

donald-trump-2The big news last week was the lawsuit filed by California and 15 other states challenging President Trump’s declaration of an emergency related to border security and the building of a physical barrier on the southern border. The reaction was a great deal of political hyperventilating from both sides of the political spectrum.

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So, after everyone has taken a breath, what should rational taxpayers think about this lawsuit and the dozens of other lawsuits filed by California against the Trump administration?

Let’s stipulate that there are times when litigation is appropriate between states and the federal government. The United States is a constitutional republic with a political structure based on federalism. Brilliantly, our founding fathers (with some intellectual help from our founding mothers, no doubt) devised a system of divided government. Not only was the federal power divided into three branches, but substantial political power was reserved to the states via the Tenth Amendment.

Controversies between the federal government and the states have been bitter and, when one considers the Civil War, they’ve been violent as well. Fortunately, modern disputes between the federal government and the states involve lawyers, not bullets.

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  1. more BS from the left

  2. Gov Cuomo of NY and his AG have filed so many lawsuits against Trump that I have lost track of them all. So California is just trying to keep ahead of the count.

  3. The Socialist/Communist minions of the OFA Brownshirts and the rest of the CPUSA Fronts just keep rolling along.. The POTUS has taken a stand to protect the U.S.A. as he promised in his campaign and that as well as the MAGA slogan got him elected in spite of the NYC and coastal Cali Airheads populations. We can thank God for the Electoral process.

  4. Just more Power Spewing from X!

  5. These dumb ass DEMOCRAPS really think there is no problems at the border? Do they watch TV reporting these migrant caravans? These dumb ass democrates need to lose big time in 2020…They are nothing but GARBAGE

  6. These leftist democrats are showing that they will use our tax money to waste on useless lawsuits. We need to roll over the dam-dems and deplete their use of taxes by getting the money back and on the track to BUILDING THAT WALL! CA is the con-artist state of really corrupt Demo-rats and they need some big blows to crush them!

  7. Some on the need Constitutional Training about the executive branch and its powers. There is a big disconnect in some state AG looking for fame and what the framers of our constitution ha in mind.

  8. This is a Government Coup in broad daylight.
    I do not think this will end pretty. The Dems will want to escalate this to a civil war for power since they have already divided America in every way possible. I predict at the end of the 2020 election, whether they win or lose, the DEMS will cause chaos and civil war. The writing is already on the wall every day. Connect the dots.

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