Measure EE tax hike for LAUSD fails

A proposed parcel tax ballot measure that would have created a new stream of local funding for the Los Angeles Unified School District went down to defeat at the hands of voters late Tuesday, even as its supporters acknowledged it had an “uphill battle” from the beginning.

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With all precincts reporting following the day’s special election, 54.32% of the electorate —165,294 voters — said no to Measure EE, and 139,027 — 45.68% — said yes, a far cry from the required two-thirds majority of voters need to pass the controversial measure. As the only item on the ballot in most parts of the massive district, low turnout was anticipated.

A total of 304,321 voters cast ballots for or against Measure EE in Tuesday’s election.

The district placed this parcel tax on the ballot — an annual charge of 16 cents per square foot of developed property — to help pay for a labor contract agreement reached with striking teachers and ease its financial burden due to ballooning pension costs and declining student enrollment.

The campaign was quickly launched in the wake of a high-profile strike in January, as district leaders hoped to capitalize on public support for picketing teachers. …

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  1. tremors1 says

    “The district placed this parcel tax on the ballot — an annual charge of 16 cents per square foot of developed property — to help pay for a labor contract agreement reached with striking teachers and ease its financial burden due to ballooning pension costs and declining student enrollment.”
    Smooth moved, commit the money first then try and find a way to cover it. Public employee pensions and benefits are going to sink Commiefornia. As more of the voters understand that the public employees have benefit packages that far exceed anything they’ll ever have a hope of getting, the revolt will happen.

  2. The LAUSD would probably not need more funding if LA and the state would stop with the insanity of supporting illegals. Nationwide, illegals cost taxpayers $135,000,000,000/year —- yes that’s billions! We do not owe the world a living.

    • Good point. California Democrat House and Senate just past legislation to pay for health insurance for illegals. The crazy about this legislation is eve every County hospital already provides every person in California medical care regardless of ability to pay. The millions given to the insurance companies could have gone to LAUSD schools.

    • Anthony G. says

      Holy crap, I can’t believe it. A tax that the voters didn’t vote for. Is there hope for us yet.. Thank you everyone for getting wise and smart for a change. Thanks……..

      • showandtell says

        YES, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?
        Voters are really catching on now to how they’ve been had.
        And the shenanigans apply to other government entities and bureaucracies in California too, not just LAUSD.

  3. Bill moran says

    The Mayor and others from city council try to feed us this crap like before so we feel guilty if we dont vote for it. And they say it wont affect us but it will be passed on to renters who live in apartments and all the little people who are already paying high rent. And why dont they just tell the truth and that its a tax for illegals . They are costing us more than anything in California and send them back

  4. Bill moran says

    Just blame Trump, One teacher was on tv blaming trump for our problems and the mayor even blamed trump for the homeless problem by not giving us more federal money. And our governor just spent 100 million to help people get asylum so the fools who voted yes , remember your rent and property tax will go up

  5. Voters said NO to more money for teachers pensions and healthcare and their corrupt UNIONS….i AM SURPRISED they didn’t pull a Brown/becerra SCUMBAG LIES and just change the wording to something else to ONCE again lie to voters.

  6. What good is a school district in which over 50% of its graduating seniors have a D average (graduation requirements were dumbed down to increase the graduation rate)? This is not education at all but extortion and fraud. It is not the teachers fault however – this is a demographic and social malady that has been fostered by Democrats in this state and elsewhere and total ruin is not only inevitable; it has already occurred and all the left tries to do is put band aids on the wound without addressing the real issues (typical airhead leftists). Let LAUSD implode – hell, half of the students do not even have parents who are legal citizens – go the f*** home!


  8. Everyone’s ready to light the torches but nobody’s got a match.

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