Migration To California Has Plummeted — From Every State. The Decline Was Especially Extreme For One Region

Every single state in the country sent fewer people to California in the first two years of the pandemic than the prior two years, even as many of those same states saw more Californians move in, according to a Chronicle analysis.

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New England had the greatest decrease in California movers of any region, with Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire among the states that saw the biggest drops.

The findings come from consumer credit data collected by the California Policy Lab, a research group based out of the University of California. The data, called the University of California Consumer Credit Panel, tracks movements of the approximately 90% of Californian adults with active credit information every quarter. It includes Californians (and ex-Californians) that have moved both within counties and to and from other states.

The data goes through the third quarter of 2021. To analyze moves over comparable time periods, we looked at data from the first seven quarters of 2018-19 and compared them to the same period in 2020-21.

The Chronicle has previously used the data to show that “net domestic migration” to California — the number of people moving into the state minus the number leaving within the U.S. — went down during the pandemic. San Francisco also saw negative net domestic migration.

But while moves from California to other states have increased, the data shows that most of the state’s net migration decrease came from fewer people entering the state, not more people leaving. In fact, every state had more Californians enter it than residents of that state that left for California in the first seven quarters of 2020-2021.

Internal migration is down in the U.S. overall during the pandemic, so the number of people moving to any U.S. state likely declined in this period. But data from the United States Postal Service suggest it the decline in incoming residents was particularly large in California.

“It’s more about [declining] Calentrances than [increased] Calexits,” Natalie Holmes, a research fellow at the California Policy Lab, previously told The Chronicle.

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  1. From the Chron webpage: Chronicle retracts story about migration to California
    An article about migration to California during the pandemic, published online on Feb. 26, was based on data from the California Policy Lab, a research group based out of the University of California. The organization alerted The Chronicle on Feb. 27 that it was retracting the data because it contained numerous crucial errors. Because these errors rendered the story inaccurate and the Lab said it could not provide corrected information immediately, we have decided to take the extraordinary step of removing the story in its entirety until we can obtain accurate data.

    So much for the accuracy and validity of any data coming for the UC system institutions!!!

    • The UC & CSU system particularly in Liberal Arts have become mainly tools of the Radical Left.

      They indoctrinate students with little life experience and send them forth as shock troops.

      Dex is right.

  2. Any and all stories from SF Chronical or the L.A. Slides are not to be trusted. My parakeets hate it too.

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