Never Mind Never Trump

To do a brief full disclosure, I was a national director of the Super PAC which created the Draft Ben Carson for President movement and, after he officially announced his candidacy, the Super PAC (2016 Committee) supporting that candidacy. After Carson withdrew I wanted to support Marco Rubio, but he imploded shortly after Carson, so for about a nano-second I was the congressional district chairman for Ted Cruz in my Glendale, CA based congressional district.

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That means Donald Trump was my fourth choice for president. He is now my first choice, indeed the only choice that makes any sense. He is the only choice that gives hope that America and her traditional freedoms will not be thrown down the rat hole represented by putting another Democrat in the Oval Office on January 20, 2017.

Since Trump clinched the nomination thousands of trees and millions of electrons have been sacrificed to document the nascent (for UCLA grads that means “new”) “Never Trump” movement among Republicans. There are some well-meaning activists, supporters of one or more of the other 147 GOP candidates for president, among the Neverland folks.  Many newbies to the political process among them, their disappointment is palpable and understandable. They get a pass. What is not excusable is, for lack of a better definition, the “conservative establishment” types who are spearheading and cheerleading for the NeverTrump, Neverland crusaders.

I know most of the NeverTrump/Neverland folks. I’ve worked with some of them. A smaller group of them I consider friends. That said, with very few exceptions the NeverTrump leadership (largely confined to the East Coast) consists of navel gazing, thumb sucking narcissists. Most of them have never run for office or been in a hands-on position in a winning political campaign. I wouldn’t trust them to win a municipal water board campaign in California.

But they are “very important people” and “deep thinkers” – just ask them. In fact, you don’t need to ask them, they’ll tell you…over and over again. They are mad as Hell that the Republican primary voters did not follow instructions. So to punish the GOP plebeians who disobeyed orders and nominated someone outside the acceptable Conservative Caste, these conservative “leaders” are willing to turn the country, and most importantly the Supreme Court, over to Hillary/Bernie/Joe, all of whom would govern as Obama’s third term.

As my dear old friend John Nolan used to say, “stupid, stupid, stupid. I am so tired of stupidity!” (Side note to personal and political friends, John Nolan was Pat’s father).

I am hardly blind to Donald Trump’s deficiencies as the ideal conservative or even ideal Republican. But neither am I blind to the fact that one – and only one – issue truly matters for the future of the country, and that is the future of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Like it or not SCOTUS is where the action is in re: determining the future direction of American governance. For the past 40 years, from Roe v. Wade through Kelo (eminent domain) to gay “marriage” and Obamacare, the left has won its most significant victories in SCOTUS – victories it could never have won at the ballot box. Sadly but truly, SCOTUS has had and will continue to have much more influence on America than any majority in Congress.

The next president is likely to have at last two and perhaps four appointments to SCOTUS. Given the current 4–4 balance in SCOTUS, the next president will set the ideological balance for the next 20–30 years, and that ideological majority will form America’s politics, mores and future … until most of you reading this column are dead.

We cannot be sure what kind of appointees we’d get from President Trump, but we most certainly can be sure what we’d get from Hillary/Bernie/Joe – far left ideologues who would pave the way for America’s descent into a dark, extended nightmare of socialist tyranny.

My NeverTrump-Neverland friends rightfully point out that there’s no assurance that Trump’s appointees would be stellar conservative constitutionalists. They are right of course. SCOTUS appointments are notoriously fickle. Hence Ronald Reagan’s huge mistake in putting Sandra Day O’Connor  on the bench juxtaposed with George H.W. Bush’s enormous favor to America in adding Clarence Thomas to the Court. So who was the better conservative in that trade-off?

Here’s the exercise I want Trump deniers to do. Pick a number between one and one hundred, said number representing what you think are the odds that President Trump would put good judges on SCOTUS. Then pick a similar number for Hillary/Bernie/Joe. This is a trick question, as it really doesn’t matter what number you chose for Trump. His number is going to be bigger than the Democrats’ number, which is zero. That is game, set and match for me.

There are many other issues on this topic worthy of discussion, and I will do my best in future columns to do justice to both the pro and anti Trump viewpoints. I will close with a quote from the always wise Dennis Prager, who recently wrote: “I just don’t understand how anyone who understands the threat the left and the Democrats pose to America will refuse to vote for the only person who can stop them.”

Bill Saracino is a member of the Editorial Board of CA Political Review. 


  1. Ed Olson says

    Saracino and Prager both get it right . Especially important for the Trumpaphobics to read is Pragers’s question . There is no rational answer .

  2. I knew something stunk with you. All candidates you choose were for the North American Union and illegal immigration. Besides Carson who had zero chance of winning. No wonder California is so lawless. Even those that CLAIM to be conservative are far far far from it. Sad Trump is it. Those that outed themselves as fake conservatives will be out of business…..Been promoting your website for years. That ends today

    • So I guess nothing else but Trump’s claim he’ll throw out 14 million illegals (and their kids, presumably, legal or not) matters to you — not education (which ALL of the candidates were great on), not the economy (spending, regulation & taxes — which ALL of the candidates had solid plans for cutting), not righting our disastrous foreign affairs (which ALL the candidates had a good — or at least a LOT better handle on than ANY Dems), not developing ALL of our energy resources (which ALL of the candidates promised to do), not blowing up the IRS and Obamacare, or building up our military or taking care of our vets — ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS TRUMP’S (embarrassing) claims, ridiculous promises & Dennis-the-Menace hair (are you kidding me — that’s going to be in the White House portrait?!) I’m supporting the guy, and every single thing Saracino wrote is true, but your shortsighted silliness that you’re “through” with CPR is incredibly juvenile. Grow up, let’s unite and WORK TOGETHER to defeat the scourge that the liberals have become. (And btw, Dr., Carson was LEADING in every poll, both nationally and in Iowa, when Trump admitted he “had to take him down” because he was the ONLY ONE that he couldn’t beat honorably by lying about him, questioning his 84 page resume (!) and mocking him. So your blind loyalty to Trump (a conservative — are you on drugs?!) and your antipathy to everyone else is just plain ignorant.

  3. Rottweiler says

    We have to worry about the young dumb socialists they are pumping out at all of the liberal thinktanks like UCLA,USC,CSUN and virtually all of the other schools in this country other that Hillside and some religious schools. Liberals extinguish exceptionalism and these are hell bent on a Soros “Open Society”. Be careful what you wish for!

  4. I wish I were as smart as you, and could be certain exactly how any appointee will vote on any given issue…then I could freely abandon my principles and jump on the Trump bandwagon. But, until then, I’ll just choose not to vote for either of these two idiots.

    Reality check – If Trump and Clinton are the best America has to offer, then there’s really nothing left worth saving, is there?

    • So you don’t think SCOTUS is worth saving? No checks and balances in our entire system for the next generations? No justice for our vets, no getting rid of Common Core, no blowing up the IRS, no slashing regulations, taxes & spending, no entitlement reform, no support for Israel and the rest of our allies — NONE OF THAT IS WORTH YOUR VOTE? Really???

  5. You are correct old wise one. Glad I’m voting absentee tho… because on that day I will be ‘what the hell’ drunk. And I don’t like to be intoxicated on election day, win or lose. I’m normally honest with you, but please, may we not talk about this in public? (You knew I’d come around….)

  6. Susan Kennedy says

    You are clearly on the side of what is best for this country and many Americans share your view. Those who can’t see the big picture will continue down the path of ignorance. As to those pedantic “leaders” shouting at the top of their lungs; let them continue waving their hankies as they faint.

  7. Allen Brandstater says

    Bill Saracino is “spot on”. The US Supreme Court hangs in the balance, and will impact our nation for the next 30 or 40 years. Whoever “Liz” may be, her snarky comments as to “fake conservatives” are totally wrong. I’ve known Bill for half a century,
    since Youth for Reagan for Governor. Saracino is sine qua non in the conservative movement, both in California and our nation.

    • Here here! They don’t get any better. If we just had a few more Saracinos (and Brandstaters!), CA might have a fighting chance. As it is, we’re going to be damn lucky to hold onto our one-seat-short-of-a-Dem-supermajority. Bernie’s really energizing the young Socialists here, so we’re probably toast. But Liz wants to blame it on…Bill????

      • Randy Townsend says

        1) CA is lost, with the influx of illegals being granted DL’s and no assurances of voting legally; 2) The Senate will go Dim in 2017 – they will affirm any candidate a liberal president nominates, regardless of the extreme left wing bent. Ginny, the nation is eroding at a rapid rate. If voting makes you feel better, please do. You should not, however, think the conservatives will have ANY impact in CA, or on the nation as a whole.

        • First – thanks for all the responses…well…maybe Liz’s snark not so much…but reasoned disagreement is always welcome. Also thanks to Allen & Ginny and their kind words. Lastly…Randy Townsend…we can either fight or “relax and enjoy it”…I can’t do so while watching the destruction of the country. I prefer Churchill’s formula – ” Never give in, Never, never, never…in nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Count me in Winnie’s camp.

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