Oil Transition Puts California Democrats in a Bind

The clash that can emerge between two key Democratic constituencies — organized labor and environmental groups — was on clear display Tuesday.

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That’s when a legislative committee investigating October’s oil spill near Huntington Beach held a hearing about decommissioning offshore oil production in California. One key issue: As the state transitions away from fossil fuels, what happens to oil and gas workers?

  • Erin Lehane, legislative director for the State Building and Construction Trades Council: “This talk about job retraining, it’s almost a classist sense that these … men and women will take whatever job is handed to them. Well, that’s just not true. They want to do the job they were trained to do, and they want to do the job that they’re proud to do. … This is their chosen profession. This is who they are and this is how they identify themselves. … That’s why we’re not interested collectively in the sense, of, you know, the quote-unquote ‘just transition.’”

That could pose challenges for Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic lawmakers, who are not only confronting a disappearing workforce but also pouring billions of dollars into programs to “create sustainable jobs in emerging and green and just transition kinds of sectors,” in the words of Dee Dee Myers, Newsom’s senior advisor and director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

  • Assemblymember Mike Gipson, a Carson Democrat: “Do we save the tree or the person under the tree? … It’s just something I have to come to grips with based on where I represent. I represent people, and those people need to have jobs.”
  • Assemblymember Richard Bloom of Santa Monica: “We have to save the tree and the person under the tree. … You’re not saving a human if you don’t save the trees.”

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It’s not that organized labor is opposed to green jobs: Lehane implored lawmakers to cut “red tape” and streamline projects relating to carbon capture, hydrogen fuels and offshore wind, noting that California is far from meeting its ambitious climate goals.

  • Lehane: “We need to get going yesterday. … We need to get these new facilities online and we need to get our members working on these new facilities.”

A similar issue to watch: The powerful Building and Trades Council last week expressed strong opposition to a Democratic-led bill that would codify Newsom’s goal of banning in-state sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035.

In other environmental news: CalMatters has launched a water and drought tracker with daily updates on key data points, including reservoir and snowpack levels and the number of households reporting water shortages. Come back often to see how conditions change over time.


  1. Like the situation surrounding the sudden shut down of the Keystone Pipeline and Oil Wildcating.
    When was the last time you saw an ASME certified Pipefitter welder or a wildcatter putting up roof-top solar panels.

  2. Those bureaucrat fools think they know everything and their “Subjects” should obey their orders because they are not bright enough to think for themselves.

    The reality is that these Leftist bureaucrat fools have only one solution for every problem we face, give them more of our hard earned money because and shut up. They will fix everything! People should ask the question, how well has that worked over the ages?

    I can not think of a single problem of any importance those arrogant and self important idiots have ever fixed over the ages. I always leads to new problems which They will fix for us if only we give MORE MONEY!!!!!

    Were do you think the current batch, Newsome, Pelosi, Garcetti, Waters rate on the IQ scale. Most have been on the public trough their entire life and have never met a payroll.

  3. Attention all LA county residents!!!! Please sign the recall petition for Gascon as soon as possible:

  4. As the idiots in Sacramento continue to bite the hand that feeds them, California residents are leaving the state in droves. So much so, that seats on the national level for congress are being lost. Although taking away some of the state’s power is not necessarily a bad thing.
    California is a failing experiment. We feed the world, yet Sacramento wants to play politics with water where agriculture is concerned. Especially in the Central Valley. Brown Senior had a plan on the books to add water storage infrastructure throughout the state. Yet nothing had been done in decades to increase our water resources, not jut for ag, but the citizens of this once great state. And oil will never be gone. They need it to make the plastics that are polluting this planet from plastic bottles to electric cars. It will still be need for our ships and vehicles of war. What are they going to do, say tie-out, I need to charge my tank?!? Our strategic reserves are in California, yet they want to sell them to the Chinese. What is wrong with this picture? This is about control and creating a population of dependent weaklings that serve those in power. The future is not bright as long as these power hungry, self centered egotistical, greedy assholes are in charge. Look at Canada,…when the Canadians are mad, that’s bad. Their convoys are the tip of the iceberg, They have touched on something that is resounding around the world. Wake up California! Wake up America! This is our country…for the people, by the people. People over party!

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