Pension Reformer Chuck Reed Will Fight On

San Jose is in the center of the world’s economic pulse, Silicon Valley. By all rights, its city treasury ought to be overflowing with digital wealth.

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Instead it has flirted with bankruptcy because of its burgeoning pension problem — a problem that already was the major cause of the bankruptcies of Vallejo, San Bernardino and Stockton. The pension problem, as everywhere, was caused by the irresponsible pension spiking of 1999-01.

Enter Mayor Chuck Reed. A Democrat, he valiantly struggled with the problem, passing the Measure B in 2012 with 69 percent of the vote. It is being challenged in court by grasping unions.

Term limits are forcing Reed to leave. But Sam Liccardo, who backs Reed’s reforms, just was elected to succeed him — in the teeth of vicious union opposition.

Reed failed to place a pension reform initiative on the statewide ballot this November after Attorney General Kamala Harris forced on the initiative an incredibly biased title and summary. He says he’s going to keep pushing reform, including a possible 2016 initiative.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he ran for governor in 2018. After all, the problem only is going to get worse. And Harris’ anti-reform stance could come back to haunt her in her own bid for the higher office.

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  1. Reed should be elected to “the political Hall of Fame.
    He stood up and shouted a profinaty with his insistence that California Public Pensions (add PONZI) were and are spending BANKRUPTCY funds.
    According to the latest statements fron Cal-Pers there is presently 1.8 working PERSONEL for each pensioner. These tired employees are receiving monthly checks equal to those actually working. I would assume there are more Millionaires in Santa Clara county receiving Cal-Per checks that the actual number of citizens in many California counties.
    Six figure checks are the norm, But. Who is going to pay for it!!!!!!!

  2. As long as the PE unions control the state-wide Prog Party, Reed is an outlier who not only has no chance, but will not even be tolerated.
    Though, it would be interesting to see the ’16 Top-Two be between Harris and Reed – Reed might have a chance under that scenario, one that the Far Left supporters of Top-Two never anticipated, and gives a “moderate” Democrat the possibility of attracting significant GOP vote totals.

  3. Chuck Reed left office with a nice pension and did not have to serve the minimum 25 years that a San Jose Police Officer or Firefighter had to serve to get their pension.

    Pension agreements are a contract between the city ahd the worker. Many times cop, who do not earn as much as the mayor or what people may think they make because of misleading media outlets.

    These are contracts. Chuck Reed and now Mayor Licciardo want to deal with those as illusory promises. In other words, we’ll pay you if we want to.

    Hey Chuck – if you hate cops and firefighters so much – call a crackhead to help you when some street urchin is robbing you or stealing your car or assaulting one of your family. The crackheads get better social welfare than the cops do pensions.

    And by the way – stop screwing with cops that legitimate injurious on the by taking away their ability to receive disability.

    Chuck – you are an Adam Henry of the highest order. The voters of the City of San Jose deserve what they get for passing Measure B and for electing Licciardo as mayor.

    If you don’t understand Adam Henry – call a cop – your local crackhead will not understand.

  4. John Chatman says

    The question is simply, who is looking out for the taxpayers’ interests?!? If the mayor and/or city council are bought and paid for by the public unions, they are not going to adequately represent the taxpayers!!! The public unions have legal monopolies. If the Bay Area Transit Union demand unrealistic wages and benefits, and threaten to go on strike if they are not met, what option does the public have? For years, we have just gritted our teeth and said OK, now we are pushing back and saying, NO MORE!

  5. Makes you wonder how the masterminds expect to keep this sinking boat afloat. No amount of tricks, and smoke N mirrors will be able to hind the budget short falls. They then will want to raise taxes but at the same time they will be afraid that the voters will revolt and send them packin, soooo they wiull kick the ca down the raod. Problem is the yellow brick road ends and that end is coming soon and then what? When the checks start bouncing or they don’t come at all, all the PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN LIVING HIGH ON THE HOG , drawing those six diget “retirement ” checks will go crazy. What will they do? wight their representative? visit the union hall? All those offices, and people will be long gone. Then TSWHTF ! Big time. I think its too late, I dont think this mess can be fixed, the scale has already tipped. Its just a matter of time before the domino’s start falling. And once they do, its gone people, we’ll be fighting for our very lives, when you dial 911 and the line is dead, when you have to have an armed buddy cover you at the store , yep we’ll be on our own. Better have a plan for your family because its going to happen, its sorta like the earth quake we all know is going to happen, This collapse is probably going to happen sooner than the 8.5 or perhaps the 8.5 will trigger it and set the dominoes to falling.

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