Porter defends ad highlighting little-known GOP rival in Senate race

Rep. Katie Porter, who accused her main Democratic rival in the Senate race of cynicism for attempting to prop up a Republican in the contest, is now doing the same.

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The Irvine congresswoman, who is battling with Republican former baseball player Steve Garvey to come in second place in the March 5 primary, is running digital ads touting the conservative credentials of one of Garvey’s GOP rivals.

The Facebook ads argue that Eric Early, an attorney and perennial candidate who polls in the low single digits in the Senate contest, is the true conservative in the race.

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“Who’s the real Republican threat in the California Senate race? MAGA Republican Eric Early proudly stands with Donald Trump, while Steve Garvey refuses to tell us who he supports. Garvey claimed he might even vote for Joe Biden. Get the facts,” the Facebook post says.

Though the ad ostensibly criticizes Early, it is similar to other recent Democratic efforts to boost a Republican’s standing in an election, a byproduct of the state’s open primary system. The top two vote-getters in March move on to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. While Democrats dominate California voter rolls, if Republicans consolidate behind one candidate in a crowded field, he or she could win one of those two spots.

If Porter’s ad increases support for Early among GOP voters, that would eat into Garvey’s support, possibly allowing Porter to win the second spot.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) appears assured to win the top spot in the primary based on polling. His campaign as well as a super PAC backing his bid are spending millions of dollars running television ads highlighting Garvey.

“Two leading candidates for Senate. Two very different visions for California,” a narrator intones in a Schiff campaign ad, noting later that Garvey “is too conservative for California” and voted for former President Trump twice.

At the time, Porter denounced the effort as a political ploy.

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  1. Disgusted LEGAL voter in California says

    ANYONE who votes for a Dem candidate is certifiable!!!! Are you NOT aware of what these idiots have done to our state already??? WHY allow them to continue this path of hatred and annihilation??? They are AGAINST tax-payers – they are AGAINST citizens – they are AGAINST children. If you ARE one of these or have kids – you are stupid to vote for CROOKS!!!

  2. Steve Garvey is a sock puppet that the elite oligarchs running the CAGOP put in to counter Eric Early, whom they couldn’t control. Early has been endorsed by 14 county Republican Central Committees, How many have endorsed Garvey? Early is by far the more experienced candidate. Unfortunately, any Republican in he Top Two for the November General Election will be swamped by Democrap voters.

    If Garvey gets enough votes to wind up in the top two, with no chance of election next November, it will free up millions of dollars from the Schiff and Porter campaigns to transfer to Democrat campaigns against Republicans for Assembly. State Senate and Congress. If Schiff and Porter are the top two, they will be spending that money on their own campaigns to beat each other.

    Actually, the way Schiff’s campaign ads are attacking his opponents, like a bull in a china shop, should qualify him for a new moniker, Adam “Bull” Schiff. That way both supporters and hecklers at his campaign events could cheer his message, “BULL SCHIFF, BULL SCHIFF, BULL SCHIFF”.

  3. Republicans should vote for Porter, at least she can give Schiff a run for his money. Republicans will never win in CA, let’s break Schiff’s funding and run her, maybe she can overthrow him or at least cost him millions. Also vote McKinney for DA, get rid of Gascon. At least he is decent even for a Democrat.

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