Rejection of Proposition 6 Doesn’t End the Taxpayer Revolt

Gas PricesIt is understandable that many California taxpayers are disappointed with the election results. The defeat of Proposition 6 means that last year’s big increases in both the car tax and the gas tax imposed on us by Sacramento politicians will remain in effect and California’s drivers are stuck having the second-highest gas tax in the nation.

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Tax-and-spend progressives are interpreting the defeat of Prop. 6 as a green light to impose even higher taxes. In fact, some now believe that the iconic Proposition 13 itself may be vulnerable. But this thinking is faulty.

There are three major reasons why Proposition 6 failed and none of them are because voters were enamored with the Senate Bill 1 tax hike last year. First, the ballot label – which may have been the only thing low-information voters saw – made no reference to the tax hike passed by the legislature last year. Rather, it ominously stated that the initiative would “eliminate certain transportation funding.” This non-specific description ignores that, had Prop. 6 passed, California would still have the fifth-highest gas tax in the nation. In providing a blatantly misleading ballot title, Attorney General Xavier Becerra did the opponents a huge favor.

Second, the financial power of the “rent seekers” — those interests which secure financial advantage through higher taxes on the general public – was on full display during this campaign. Big business, including large construction companies, teamed with big labor to contribute well over $50 million in campaign funds. A one-time $50 million investment for $5 billion in tax proceeds every year is a heck of a good return on investment. Moreover, this amount of money dwarfed the approximately $5 million raised by the proponents. With that kind of spending disparity, the disinformation spewed out by the opponents could not be challenged effectively, particularly in major media markets.

Third, opponents engaged in repeated acts of questionable and even illegal behavior. Beyond just the over-the-top threats of collapsing bridges if Prop. 6 passed, there was the well-publicized use of Caltrans-supervised work crews to stop traffic and hand out campaign fliers urging a no vote on Proposition 6. And the full integration of Caltrans management with opposition campaign operatives was an example of real, not fake, collusion. While legal actions are pending on this kind of activity, it is of little solace to California drivers who are being punished every time they pull up to the pump or write a check to the DMV. …

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  1. Did any democrats vote to repeal the gas tax? Any state employees? If you did, post here.

  2. I voted against the tax because it would change the state constitution, taking a power away from the legislative body. I do not like the tax.

  3. I voted for the repeal of these taxes and so did everyone that I know ! I guess when the state has more government employees that private citizens they can pass all the tax hikes they want when the majority of voters wont be affected by the increased burden . They simply get ” cost of living increases ” along with regular raises to cover any increase in taxes , fees etc etc.
    It’s just us ” folks ” who are being driven into the streets by crushing government expenditures .

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    With total Demoncrap control and corruption of the political and election process in the dysfunctional remains of this state, and not so much as a thought by the GOP of joining with the now-totally-shut-out “Minority” parties (Reform, Libertarian, Green, etc) to overturn the “Top 2” primary absurdity that enabled and preserves it all, instead like Lotto addicts, doubling down on the “status quo” hoping THIS TIME will be different (Remember Einstein’s insanity definition ?) every hour I invest in protest (to deaf ears) is an hour I can neither recover OR invest in VOTING WITH MY FEET, the only method STILL WORKING (until the Demoncrap B*sta*ds decide to impose an EXIT TAX !!) I just hope my health holds out until escape is possible. LOW INFORMATION voters have been replaced by NO INFORMATION voters, or how to explain SJW Puppet Gabby Tiresome’s win WITHOUT EVEN a picture or statement in the Voter Guide, and the FAILURE of the Water Infrastructure Bond Prop despite the PASSAGE despite the PASSAGE of all the Emotional Giveaway Props ?? The writing on the wall is past obvious, but overwhelmed by illiteracy !

  5. This constant taxing in very hard times has cemented the vile hate and distrust of the socialists-the commies- the evil control freaks and the level of CRIMINAL CORRUPTION that exists here because of ONE PARTY RULE. This is wrong and so is the 2 highest to vote for. This needs to be abolished and 2 party vote needs to come back . CA is on the bottom of the heap in education and that is the truth in testing. They indoctrinate because of the sharia buy out of jerry brown by obama. They are pathetic and live without guilt because they are indeed sociopaths as well Yes I blame the lib-left for making all forest fires possible because of poor care of forests. These are the excuse to let in terrorists to easily torch and kill animals,people and buildings. Of course the lib-lefts disbelieve the TRUTH!

  6. Tax dollars were used to convince California tax payers that they should continue to pay more taxes for transportation shortfalls. Never mind that transportation funds have been and will continue to be used for “other things.” Sooner or later the evaporating California middle class will figure it out and totally vacate our two class socialist house of cards.

  7. If you couldn’t even rescind a tax that sticks its hand into your pocket each and every time you do any errand, you are doomed to the future awaiting you.
    CA is a Failed State, and will implode economically no matter how many high tech firms are ensconced in SilliValley.

  8. Don’t sweat this. We can come back stronger and next time include language REQUIRING gas tax funds to be spent on new and existing roads and barring it from being “borrowed”against.

    Next time we can organize to fight back against the misleading language. If I remember correctly this is already in process meant for 2020. Instead of an addendum to prop 6 we can bundle it together (Repeal of the tax and limits of the funds use to roads).

    Fight the good fight!

  9. As a concerned citizen of CA. why didn’t you have any ads, all I saw were commercials warning people of bridges and roads were going to fail if the gas tax won. I saw only 1 house that had a yard sign. We lost because the general public did not know how to vote to remove the tax

  10. How much do low information (Democrat) voters really understand about what they are voting for?

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